As a young girl, she played Little League baseball, rec football, the only girl on both teams. For most women boxers, Holewyne points out, Martin opened the door to imagining boxing as a viable career. But I never for one day thought I was going to stay.". At the weigh-in, when I got off the scale, I said, 'Good luck, Martin,' and she said, 'Good luck getting knocked the f--- out.' James Martin, who faces up to life in prison, will be sentenced on June 26. As he neared 70, she felt she had become pretty much his entire life—his companion and his source of income. "Her mother has tried very hard. "Hurry," Martin beseeched. But I had no idea. "I was f---ed up all the time. The gun was pink. "He wouldn't allow me to find friendships," Martin says. She'd seen tape, knew that Holewyne was no joke. And in her court battles, Christy’s ex-husband Jim Martin was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years of prison time. The blade's that sharp. Martin saw herself as a puncher first. Grading every NFL trade deadline deal as it's announced. “It’s been too long,” Salters tells him. The couple, who wed in 2017, proposed to each other in a hotel parking lot. They knew what they wanted. Seeing an opening to get away, Martin tries to heave herself off the mattress but stumbles, falling at the foot of the bed, where the pair wrestle until Jim pins her and begins beating Martin's head into the floor and on a nearby dresser. "What you are, what you really want to be. "She babysat my kids," Elliott recalls, then drops her voice to a whisper. She fought her demons and came out victorious living her best life yet. In November 2010, Christy suffered–and survived–an unthinkable attack on her life while in her Florida home that she shared with husband (and assailant) Jim Martin. She grew up playing basketball in Itmann, W.Va., home to hardly 500 and the inspiration for her boxing nickname, the Coalminer’s Daughter. She played various sports as a child including Little League baseball and all-state basketball. Jim was sentenced to 25 years, the mandatory minimum sentence, which would make him 93 years old at his scheduled release. Martin was born in Mullens, West Virginia with the name Christy Salters. "A tiny little speck of a nothing town. "I had some schoolyard fights," she recalls. "That's what you do when you already know that's how it's going to end," she says. "My mom didn't want me to be gay. She begged him to let her suffer through the final 51 seconds—“Please, please, no,”—but he ended the fight. She signs T-shirts, poses for photos with fans. CHRISTY SALTERS MET James Martin when she was 22 and he was 47. In a tearful postfight interview the 30-year-old announced she’d had her fill. The first fight is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Martin likes an early start. When she later tries to escape his controlling grip she finds herself in a fight for her life. To say this champion has had a remarkable life would be a major understatement. “I said, ‘(Expletive), you cannot kill me, and I meant it,” said Salters. Her testimony finished, Martin hopped down from the stand. The twists and turns during her five decades of life on this planet have been so unbelievable and dramatic that there is a feature film about her life currently in the works. She was happier to believe what Jim said than to hear the truth from me. The spotlight hung for the ring beams in her eyes. A female boxer enters into a relationship with her trainer. And if anyone deserves peace and happiness, she does. Didn't shoot her. Hollywood moguls making her movie will have a bottomless pit of storylines to choose from. The attendees clamored to meet her and wanted selfies with this remarkable lady. "But I'd want to ask him: 'How could you do that to somebody you love?' Gogarty split Martin's nose open in the third round, but Martin never flinched. ", "Itmann was a coal camp," Martin says. The exposure led to an offer of a professional boxing bout. Christy Martin was planning to leave her husband for Lusk, prosecutors said. It was Jim. She’d earned at least $4 million over her career, but that money had quickly disappeared. Where was Christy Martin born? Perhaps the pugilist has come full circle. But still she keeps the list. I was in love with how I felt being me.". Christy fought eight more times until her contract with King ended in 2001 and it became clear that she was past her prime. Christy Martin now calls herself Christy Salters. Martin was born in Mullens, West Virginia with the name Christy Salters. When she held a gun to her head, Jim would say, "Chicken, go ahead, pull the trigger." He insulted her appearance, her intellect. Martin stood up, dragged her lacerated leg across the floor and limped out the front door, down the winding driveway, past the palms and oaks swathed with Spanish moss. "They were worried Jim or someone would come in and harm her." Martin prays on it but remains wary of forgiveness. The smaller you get, the happier those who see you as a source of ignominy become. Her “Chatter Box” column covers a variety of subjects in both professional and amateur boxing, and features exclusive one-on-one interviews, recaps of fight events, shows and tournaments, book/film reviews and much more. Holewyne, now in the construction trade, says she met Martin when "she punched me in the face." In March 2010, a Facebook alert popped up on Sherry Lusk's screen. Back before she was defined only by the fight, by the punches she withstood. Martin thinks Katie Taylor is "pretty good." It's just how he was.". "I beat the s--- out of the girl," Martin says. “He shot me 4 inches from my heart,” said Salters. They sewed the lacerations on her head, her side, reattached her ear. "Domestic violence is about control. You unleash so much violence on yourself you barely recognize when the violence comes from somewhere else. James and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg are among those who paid court fees to allow nearly 13,000 Florida felons to vote. And that’s when Jim shot her in the chest, leaving her to die. You convince yourself it's what you deserve. To say this champion has had a remarkable life would be a major understatement. "At some point during the attack when I was getting shot and stabbed and praying to God to help me, I guess God's spirit did get in me and changed the way my heart felt," Martin told the court, explaining to the jury that though she was prepared to die, she decided she wanted to live. The WBC champ retired from the ring after her 2012 versus Mia St. John. Their fetishization in popular culture as evil geniuses belies a far more pedestrian truth: Their one real skill is sniffing out anguish and capitalizing on that discovery. Salters said on the stand that her husband Jim Martin was a puppet master in her boxing career and that he supplied her with cocaine. Other times, Jim would follow Martin to the La Ti Da, sit in the parking lot and stare through the car window as she got her cut and color. She left her daughter's bedroom just as it was when Martin moved away from West Virginia. "No one had ever done something so nice for me," Martin says. And now this strong woman who inspires all the underdogs to gain strength and courage. She'd talk, but it didn't sound the same, you know? I really don't know what I could have done. She opened her eyes, swiveled her body to look for her husband's shadow reflected in the bathroom tile. “I had told him where I was going when I left so there was no surprise, he said he would kill me as I walked out the door and I said do what you have to do. ", Joyce was relieved when she learned Martin was able to speak. Christy was married to former ring rival Lisa Holewyne on November 25th, 2017. Sometimes a voice in her head said, "Just overdose, overdose, overdose.". "He told everybody I bled like a stuck hog. And then there was the severed calf. MMA, boxing and wrestling are all facing a major issue: a cracked combat sports pipeline. “I’m ready to move on with my life,” she said. Sometimes he showed the photos and DVD recordings to his friends. She did have this Smurfette poster in her room that said 'Girls Can Do Anything!'". A display that put Martin on the radar of renowned boxing promoter Don King. Her fight fee skyrocketed from $15,000 to $150,000 nearly overnight. "I didn't want to be a good woman fighter. Martin had gotten one shoe on before her husband strolled into the room, his face frozen, his hips shifting in a coy dance that obscured whatever he'd hidden behind his back. Pink. King and Tyson presented Christy with a white BMW Z3 straight out of a James Bond movie. James Martin responded with threats and later attacked his wife. Some will get hung up on the salacious details; others will find a new respect for the quiet substitute teacher. Salters, 48, has been a full-time substitute at Vance for nearly two years, but only a handful of her coworkers know her story. A two-hour operation turned into six hours, and when the anesthesia wore off Christy could not talk. For those struggling with substance abuse, mental illness and depression, gender identity, physical and emotional abuse and more, this world champ says that one can find light at the end of the tunnel.

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