Florfenicol is a bacteriostatic antibiotic which acts by inhibiting protein synthesis. Took my cat to our local low cost Veterinary clinic.

Cat had teary right eye with chronic ear itch. CLARO ® is indicated for the treatment of otitis externa in dogs associated with susceptible strains of yeast (Malassezia pachydermatis) and bacteria (Staphylococcus pseudintermedius). Claro® (florfenicol, terbinafine, mometasone furoate) Otic Solution features the only FDA-approved, veterinarian-administered, single-dose treatment regimen for canine otitis externa associated with susceptible strains of yeast (Malassezia pachydermatis) and bacteria (Staphylococcus pseudintermedius).Just one dose per ear, administered by you — no drops for your clients to take home. CLARO ® Otic Solution is a fixed combination of three active substances: florfenicol (antibacterial), terbinafine (antifungal), and mometasone furoate (steroidal anti-inflammatory).

I took the cat back to the vet for a re-exam and the vet said the eye should resolve to normal but might take up to four weeks. Doctor administered Claro in each ear and about two hours later my cat came down with Horner's syndrome in left eye. Claro Otic Solution Indications. CLARO ® should be administered by veterinary personnel. Dosage and Administration. Shake before use.

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