Well, you got trouble my friend.

Well, my height is 5’11 so I’m no Napoleon. THERE HE IS. And then I think about all the amazing coincidences that almost happened, but didn’t…because one guy went down the canned food aisle just as the other one went down the baking goods aisle. Just a minute, gentlemen. I’m a coward. Can you imagine? (Pause). June 1, 2018, 12:04 pm, by Joseph Kisiday

Kailey Hansen And what of the dear ladies? Clicking a link will take you to a PDF version of the monologue.

Much faster than we realize. But if you are naughty and idle you shall sleep in the back kitchen amongst the black beetles, and be walloped by Mrs. Pearce with a broomstick. LOVE, Trending

And for a couple of months you stare at the alien form in the bed beside you and you think to yourself “Who are you? Enough; no more: ‘Tis not so sweet now as it was before. Is he the one I’ve waited for?

There may be seventy-six auditionees vying for a role, but only one will be cast!

These words, spoken by the role of Benedick, is a great choice if you’re looking to find a monologue that showcases old English and can be performed in approximately one minute. (then) Know what else I think about that’s weird?
It was a crisis, a crisis. On the other hand…I can’t tell if she’s looking, until I take it off! Savannah Parker Chronicling a goofy duo of ‘has been’... 2. She’s not looking at me! Not me. June 28, 2018, 10:04 am, Nerdy Yes, I’d hoped to be hip-deep in diamonds, but they’re a poor substitute for what I really crave: a bona fide hero to help me feel whole.

LOVE, by (he removes his sack) Whew!

Tonight he went running off through the woods after some highland hot-head who was gonna make all the people disappear by crossing the wrong street. Fast.

Then, during her adolescence, she took a tragic turn.

Well after a while, Jeff thought he saw a bird perched low in a tree, and he shot at it. You can’t quite make out what she says because someone drops a cane.

Lying there and thinking about all the stupid things I’ve done during the day. [… … …] So, one day […] you say “I love you” and you basically phrase it as a question, but they accept it as fact and then suddenly there she is standing in front of you in a three thousand dollar dress with tears in her eyes, and her nephew made the huppah, so what do you do? 183k Views.

…Lunchtime is among the worst times of the day for me. I love, I sue, I seek a wife! Dread prince of plackets, king of codpieces,

It’s not even worth arguing about. Nail your audition with an excerpt from this Peanuts-inspired script.

TheatreNerds For without a hero, what am I? On the other hand…it’s very hard to breathe in here. Yessir, the boy Dermish himself, lying there looking all dead….Now to kill somebody somewhere else in the world would’ve been an awful thing, but you see, Harry was a citizen of the little town that wasn’t there, and he probably never lived in the first place. Like to see some stuck up jockey boy sitting on Dan-Patch? I’m not 5’9. Kailey Hansen

Angry Sole imperator and great general Hot Nerdy It was too big.

[…] You choose to live. Jasmine Middleton

Katelynn Johnston But, if she isn’t looking at me, then maybe I could take it off quickly and she’d never notice it. I fear there can be no possible doubt about the matter. Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Headshot, 5 Hacks To Create Your Own Performance Work On A Budget, 10 Creative Ways To Learn More About Acting, The New YouTube Musical Theatre Channel You Need to Watch Now, 10 Reasons Why You Should Expose Your Child To Theatre, 25 Spooktacular Musicals To Listen To For All The Halloween Feels, 10 Broadway Actors Taking Hollywood by Storm, Waiting In The Wings: The Life of An Understudy, Swing, Standby or Replacement. This signor-junior, giant-dwarf, Dan Cupid, Hot OMG That’s because it was made that way.

TheatreNerds But being watched that it may still go right! She began to change whiskey into milk. Continuing his disgraceful deception, he succeeded in the course of the afternoon in alienating the affections of my only ward. this man….

In this minute-long monologue, he reenacts an overly theatrical conversation. And wear his colors like a tumbler’s hoop! There’s that cute little red-headed girl eating her lunch over there.

Comedic monologue for men from the play Goodbye Charles by Gabriel Davis. “I would like to say something your honor…” – Leo Bloom from ‘The Producers’. In this scene, a melancholy Charlie discusses why lunchtime is his least favorite part of the day. “O, she misused me past the endurance of a block!

This afternoon during my temporary absence in London on an important question of romance, he obtained admission to my house by means of the false pretence of being my brother. This monologue from Professor Henry Higgins sums up ‘My Fair Lady’ in a nutshell. LOL First time theatre producer has an ego trip and believe he knows exactly how to direct a scene better than the director himself. Something fell to the ground. I was…. A witch she is and a witch she’s always been. Nerdy All I know is that whatever it is, it’s got nothing to do with me and nothing to do with you!

“I’m sorry to have to say it to your face, Lucy, but it’s true. You’re a very crabby person. Do you have a knack for the dark side? All I have to do is stand up…I’m standing up!…I’m sitting down. Nerdy I consider that the hours I spend with a cue in my hand are golden. If it’s a choice between that and helping you colonize space? Simple. I can feel this planet, Gloria. Than whom no mortal so magnificent. Of trotting paritors — O my little heart! I mean with someone else, I never sang a song with someone else before. February 15, 2019, 8:40 am, by Is she so great, and I’m so small, that she can’t spare one little moment?…SHE’S LOOKING AT ME!!

(silencing gesture) Quiet, Woody, I’m doing the right thing. I mean, whom has he really hurt?

Your honor, whom has Max Bialystock wronged?

Max Bialystock, who made them feel young, and attractive, and wanted again. In this contemporary piece, Derek might have a bit of a “Napoleon complex.” Put your unique spin on his character with this unique monologue (available on monologueblogger.com) if you’re looking for something new and modern. Always having to sit here alone. Regent of love-rimes, lord of folded arms, And never going aright, being a watch, I suspect him of being untruthful. You shall find her the infernal Ate in good apparel. Listen: “Lorraine has just left us in a cloud of Chanel Number Five. Look at me. Why shouldn’t she look at me? It’s a man’s world in this short monologue from Gabriel Davis’ ‘Dreams In Captivity.’ Find your distinct inspiration for Barry, a Lazy Boy salesman who has a thing or two to say. But, what about his friend Jeff? Some psychiatrists say that people who eat peanut butter sandwiches are lonely…I guess they’re right. It always made me think about what an extraordinary tourist attraction the world is. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-box-3','ezslot_11',107,'0','0'])); If you’re looking for an audition piece that’s comedic or dramatic, we’ve got some great monologues for men to choose from! Well, I guess I’ve said about enough. Now friends, let me tell you what I mean. That’s the design of how that company makes that style shirt. “Perhaps you think…” – Black Stache from ‘Peter And The Starcatchers’. This man…. If you don’t see one you like, keep checking back!eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dailyactor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',156,'0','0'])); Disclaimer: Daily Actor at times uses affiliate links to sites like Amazon.com, Masterclass, streaming services, and others. You’re a very crabby person and you’re crabby to just about everyone you meet. (Seeing by Eliza’s reaction that she has understood every word he turns to Pickering, his former tone instantly changed to one of good humor) Now are you satisfied, Pickering?”. aah! It is the latest report from London on the winter maneuvers of Miss Lorraine Sheldon against the left flank — in fact, all flanks — of Lord Cedric Bottomley. Not me. I have wide shoulders. I would to God some scholar would conjure her, for certainly, while she is here, a man may live as quiet in hell as in a sanctuary; and people sin upon purpose, because they would go thither; so indeed all disquiet, horror, and perturbation follows her.”, This particular Shakespearean declaration of love is a tad dramatic (and can be a fun monologue when auditioning for a comedic role!)

Comedic monologues for men from published plays for auditions and acting practice.
A very beadle to a humorous sigh, July 18, 2018, 2:39 am, Nerdy Practically no one is betting on the Derby this year; we are all making book on Lorraine. Some men must love my lady, and some Joan.”, Pack your bags and take a trip to Brigadoon with this monologue. I think about all the incredible events that have happened that history never knew about. How can it when you don’t understand it?

Kailey received her B.A.

A woman that is like a German clock, What? With two pitch balls stuck in her face for eyes.

LOVE, by “You know why men are constantly fighting instead of working together to survive? Liege of all loiterers and malcontents, She told me, not thinking I had been myself, that I was the Prince’s jester, that I was duller than a great thaw; huddling jest upon jest with such impossible conveyance upon me that I stood like a man at a mark, with a whole army shooting at me. June 25, 2018, 9:24 am, Nerdy I wonder why she never looks at me? Ya got one, two, three, four, five, six pockets in a table. If you’re good and do whatever you are told, you shall sleep in a proper bedroom, have lots to eat, and money to buy chocolates and take rides in taxis. Sharon can also change a black man into a white.”. A critic, nay, a night-watch constable,

(standing up from his seat) Look. How wrong you are. Then there’s the night, too. LOL And we are constantly adding more and more every week. Peter and the Starcatcher Disney Editions, 2014.). "Dear God" - Short Monologue - Male (3-4 minutes). (sits on the ground) Being out back at night, looking up at the sky.

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