On Constantine's orders, the Byzantine garrison collected money from churches, monasteries and private residences to pay for food for the poor. The Archbishop's castle, located on a nearby hill, fought against Constantine for another 12 months before surrendering. [32], With Theodore and Demetrios gone, Constantine and Thomas hoped to strengthen the Morea. Though they made little difference in coming battle, the reinforcements were probably more appreciated by Constantinople's citizens than the actual purpose of Isidore's and Leonard's visit; cementing the Union of the Churches. We are not children without strength or reason. As the Byzantine Empire no longer had a navy, Notaras' position was more of an informal prime minister-type role than a position of military command. [41] Compared to his other living brothers, Constantine was the most popular of the Palaiologoi, both in the Morea and in the capital. 1 review #137 of 217 Sights & Landmarks in Athens. Would that you were really alive and not dead. After almost two months, the defenders opened up to the possibility of negotiation in May. 226,016,892 stock photos, vectors and videos. Despite attempts by Constantine's friend and confidant George Sphrantzes to find him a wife, Constantine ultimately died unmarried. On Constantine's orders, icons and relics from all the monasteries and churches in the city were carried along the walls. The modern numbering of the Byzantine emperors is a purely historiographical invention, created by historians beginning with Edward Gibbon in his The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776–1789). Patrons of art and science had settled there at Theodore's invitation and churches, monasteries, and mansions continued to be built. Statue of Constantine I of Greece. [74], Constantine and John VIII before him had badly misjudged the level of opposition against the church union. [8] Based on his actions and the surviving commentary from some of his advisors and contemporaries, Constantine appeared to have been more comfortable with military matters than with matters of state or diplomacy, though he was also a competent administrator—as illustrated by his tenures as regent—and tended to heed his councilors' advice on important matters of state. A later account by Ottoman historian Ibn Kemal is similar to Tursun's account, but states that the emperor's head was cut off not just by an unnamed marine, but by a giant of a man, who killed Constantine without realizing who he was. In his earliest known imperial document, a chrysobull from February 1439, he refers to himself as "Constantine Palaiologos in Christ true Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans". First, there was the issue of an heir, as Constantine was also childless. Following his inevitable victories, Constantine prays at Kayseri, marches on Palestine and returns triumphant to Constantinople before entering Jerusalem. [99], Giustiniani was too weak, however, and his bodyguards carried him to the harbor and escaped the city on a Genoese ship. [90] According to later chroniclers, Constantine's response to the idea of escaping was the following: God forbid that I should live as an Emperor without an Empire. This does not mean that Constantine was not also a skilled administrator: he was trusted and favored to such an extent by his older brother, Emperor John VIII Palaiologos, that he was designated as regent twice during John VIII's journeys away from Constantinople in 1423–1424 and 1437–1440.

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