One set of supplies. Don't worry, this build will farm any part you need reaaaal quick.
I get that playing ranged would presumably be the best tactic with Repeaters, but it actually isn't. Yes i said range but i dont necessarily go very far from the behemoth hehe also thank you for the tip regarding the crosshair beong red! how many times have you stood before a double behemoth fight with the coice to get pact of might and you had to go for things like breath of life or torrent shield or garbage amps like squad goals or torg amps (except the rare one). I still use Lucky and Precision but Tactical is better overall. This is where Thraxes are known to feed. Also repeaters work best in parties because Captain's grip provides a 20% DPS buff to everyone if used while charged, and +6 Conduit provides a 15% DPS buff to everyone. If you do so, you might be the decisive factor for your groups' defeat, as the Behemoth is scaled to be fought by 4 players, but only 3 are actually damaging it - assuming you stay too much out of range and the rest keeps in range. If you just want build references though, the ones I use most are: If I'm trying to be a bit sweatier,, If I want to relax because I pretty much can't die, Spend them at the Lantern Attunement Device (LAD) in Ramsgate to upgrade your amps and unlock rewards. Perks. Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. If that gets too expensive over time you can switch Catalyst for Conduit. If you look closely you can actually see me using it in a few of the clips. If you're looking for max damage, this is the build for you.►Creator Code: XANNYPHANTOM►The Twitter:►The Twitch:\r►The Discord:►The Boys:OhDough:►The Build: #DauntlessPartner #CatalystBroken Repeaters are good at supporting teams even if you aren't good at killing you can use this build to stay safe and constantly buff teammates with conduit and captains grip. The Agarus armour set draws its strength from three built-in perks: Fortress, Sturdy, and Parasitic — a new perk that delays a portion of damage taken and instead deals it over time. Here it is. While you take delayed damage, you also gain lifesteal — giving you a chance to win back your health before it ticks away.

Discipline helps in teams that use healing amps.

Isn't this like, the only build? Repeater build for easy blaze escalation for people struggling to get to Torg and not be a burden on your team. Earn 25 talent points in Shock Escalation to unlock the Malkarion ultra armour — a cosmetic upgrade set with additional shock details. i have run escalation solo with this build and maybe i haven't had the fastest runs i also didn't get a brain tumor just because i got clapped once from off screen magma balls.
This only works in Besca tho, so if you wanna do Sesca you should try to go for something like this if you have a lot of trouble to survive and this if you are at least half decent at dodging.

If you want to fight an Escalation's boss, you'll need to prove that you're up to the challenge.

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