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me too. However, sharp throttle changes still can cause an engine fire, so it requires a degree of caution. It comes alongside the S.E.5a which was considered the ‘ace maker’ plane for the Entente powers and flown by several famous aces including Albert Ball, Billy Bishop, Edward Mannock, and James McCudden. Can you tell I’m excited? I’ll let Han tell this part of the story: And another screenshot shows a new particle-based effects technology inside the cockpits in the first-person view. ofc so is the P-47 and we've seen virtually nothing from it in about a year. Same for the D-15, since war thunder’s taught me that 51D’s have an excellent negative elevator authority and some fantastic off-runway acceleration! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not much I’m sure though at this point it may be fairly easy for the team to drop it in.

234/2 Puma, and Sd.Kfz.251. He didn't really review it as much as offer thoughts on his short experience and interpolate those into how he expects it to play out in the game. Attention after will turn towards three critical Allied aircraft – the P-51D-15, the P-38J-25, and the Tempest Mark V (Series II). For DCS World, we are happy to bring you the most accurate and realistic simulation of the Spitfire LF Mk IX ever created. Wonder when I get my Spit Mk. Why not? This feature will give multiplayer servers the chance to have a team commander role which can direct the battle on both the ground and in the air. I suspect that smoke in the cockpit is just one of many effects that the team might be able to offer.

( Log Out /  For our project, we have chosen the updated variant of this engine which had a modified valve that made the throttle controls more trouble-proof. Also interested to see the instabilities and causes of them for both. One thing not yet in the Sherman is the crew but 1CGS is now adding them to the tank (literally putting the crew in Tank Crew) giving this near ubiquitous American tank animated crew members to drive this tank. Same here!! We are also continuing to develop the P-47 and Me 262, as part of the original Kickstarter plan.

hey shamrock have you put any time into the AV8B? Looks like you need some steps to fire up the engines and then make them work. First, flying the 262 is completely unlike anything else in IL-2 thought it does feel a bit like some of the early jets I’ve flown in DCS. "First, just starting up and taxiing to the runway is more involved than most IL-2 aircraft".

Recreating this piece of aviation history has been a multi-month long process for 1CGS with a lot of focus and attention being put into it’s flight model and its jet engines. If I hadn’t invested so much in DCS I could think about it but…. May 1, 2015 @ 6:24pm It's planned :) As part of DCS WWII project. This is not a full on reprimand-you-for-having-your-navigation-lights-on-when-you-shouldn't-have type outfit here. ( Log Out / 

No idea when it would arrive since there's P-47 and Spitfire expected before that. Can’t wait for the 262, interested to see how different flying and managing a jet is and how hard I can push it! In the medium term, we also plan to use this technology for airplanes: Tank Crew once again offers 1CGS to offer cross pollination of technologies with smoke and fire effects for Tank Crew eventually making their way into the aircraft of the series. ( Log Out /  How often will it get used? I get what you're saying rlaxoxo, but in this case the writeup was clear that it was "first impressions". Otherwise these toys are going to feel like fishes out of water at the moment. I know they just tacked on mountains and angle of bank for aviation sprinkles but my eyes automatically cross-checked and saw 500 km/h wings level horizontal flight with zero rate of climb. Because us old people desperately do not want to watch another video review. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  According to the this developer diary, we’re due to see screenshots of the Arras map for the first time soon. In the meantime I guess I can settle for IL-2. it's supposedly otw. If you have more issues PM me some details and I’ll report it.

The problem with Mr Shamrock is that nothing flight-sim related ever gets him down , What can I say, I’m a optimist most of the time! Of course the P-51D, P-38J, Tempest V, and B-25D (AI only) are all in various states of development along with the Bodenplatte map, the Arras map, the Bristol Fighter and Halberstadt CL.II, and more tanks too.

The iconic jet fighter had a number of variations and 1CGS is characteristically doing their best to add as much flavour as possible to this aircraft.

IL-2 is a great series to get into offering a different take on things than DCS. With a pull start cord same as a lawnmower - that's why there's a hole at the front of the fairing, for the cord :). looks sick but I hope this doesn't ruin wwii combat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Whenever I go between DCS and IL-2 I rediscover all of the great things about both of them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

EZ 42 gyro gunsight with automatic deflection calculation. The interior of the 262 is actually an interesting one from the viewpoint of how simple it is. The P-51D-15 is expected to be next in line and we’re hoping to see that June/July timeframe. As with most revolutionary technologies, it came with some early downsides and the 262’s throttle was notoriously twitchy and difficult to work with.

me too. This is more of an irrational thought on my end where the most advanced jet fighter of the time “should be more complex” but in reality its actually quite a simple and straightforward aircraft – exotic (for 1945) powerplants with troublesome reliability aside. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Yep, the AV-8B is my second most flown DCS module in time spent next to the F/A-18C.

The Me262 is expected to arrive sometime in May along with two Flying Circus Aircraft (the Albatross D.Va and S.E.5.a) and two new tanks to Tank Crew (likely the T-34 model 1943 and PzKpfw IV Ausf.G).

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