Your goal is to move as fast as possible, so skip the optional paths.

If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below, Your email address will not be published. Usually it’ll be a piece of gold, but sometimes you can get food. I know it’s tempting to unlock as many weapons as you can, but really consider focusing on some of the big ticket items in the store as they come up. These are essentially weapons like swords, bows and traps that, once unlocked, will appear in the world randomly. Enemies will drop double cells while you have at least 2 Stem Cells active, or triple cells if you have 4 active. One of my favorite builds is going for fast Brutality weapons, and grabbing both Stun and Ice Grenades. Enemies can drop food very rarely, but they’re more commonly found in secret wall runes. It’s not a tool or weapon of any kind, but instead it will unlock more items whenever you visit vendors. If you’re looking for a faster method, and you’ve unlocked some equipment / permanent upgrades, so you’re prepared for a speedier run, then we’ll move onto the real strategy. On the other hand, the Toxic Sewers biome doesn’t seem to scale as drastically with the difficulty. 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The Heavy Turret is a deployable sentry that inflicts 110 DPS on its own and provides a nice distraction as they shoot up your enemies. We’ll show you how to survive this hellish Metroidvania rogue-like. Kill every enemy on the map. Something to note, though: Traps require “power.” All that means is that you need to be somewhat close to a trap for it to fire. Unfortunately, the owl does unsummon if the player takes damage, so kiting enemies and using things like Rampart help keep it in play. This concludes our Dead Cells – Cell Farming Guide. Specifically: swap dodge to the left bumper and put your health button on the far-right face button. Outside of weapons, Mutations are also unlockable once you’ve found their blueprints. Where the weapon really shines is when it strikes an enemy that already has bleed or poison as it’ll deal a critical hit worth four times the base damage, meaning 187 in one hit and reapply the bleeding. 2.1 You will need the following. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. "Beating" the game awards you a Stem Cell, which you can use at the start of the game to increase the difficulty. While you do still get health fountains during certain level breaks on 1-cell, the rest of the difficulty levels in Dead Cells completely remove them, and your only source of healing will be from your starting flasks and food you can find. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. But where it really shines is the two and half seconds of invincibility that’s triggered whenever the player successfully parries an enemy attack. Use this to open the door, traverse the secret tunnel, trigger the hidden pressure plate, and above the initially locked door in a hidden room is the blueprint. The blueprint for this weapon drops from Cannibals that appear in the Clock Tower, the best place to farm. You may feel overwhelmed by the options of where to spend cells when you first reach the blueprint vendor. Early on, you’ll sometimes find gold doors with cell containers. Unfortunately it takes a bit of grind to find them thanks to a .4% drop rate from Slashers. Have you found vertical areas you can't reach? Use skills that help you avoid getting hit, and your runs will go much smoother. Really, you’re just adding items / skills to the random number generator, but any mutations you unlock will instantly appear on your roster.

Skills, which cause a variety of effects but must cool down between uses. Some of the gear is, frankly, kind of awful. Below, we have detailed where to begin and what sequences you have to go through to complete a speed run and how much time it takes in each region. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

RELATED: 7 Games Being Ported To The Switch In 2020. So, you’ve beaten Dead Cells on 0 cell mode and you think you’re pretty good at the game. But rather skip enemies and sprint to the next exit of each biome. Search every corner for locked gold doors. Tal. It's available on all current gaming platforms. Unfortunately you can’t simply unlock every General Improvements right from the jump. First and foremost there are runes which unlock special, Metroidvania-esque abilities, letting you explore new areas. For more about runes and how to unlock them, check out our Dead Cells runes guide. This subreddit is here for anyone wanting to discuss the game. Found in the post-boss passage.). Break the door and move on yes you csn break the door he says cannot be opened without spending all your cells. It’s arguably the most helpful of the bunch as it lets you run up, hang and jump off any wall.

The cells do not normally start pouring in until you reach Tier 5 and Tier 6 Biomes, which are the Clock Tower and High Peak Castle. Some of them require you unlock X number of items before you can invest cells. What’s cool about traps is that you can abuse enemy AI but dropping to the level an enemy is, leaving a few traps, and then retreating while they do the work. Enemies will drop double cells while you have at least 2 Stem Cells active, or triple cells if you have 4 active. Here’s where the strategy comes in. The Infantry Bow grants critical hits when you use it close up on enemies, whereas the Blood Sword always nets you bleeding damage.

The cells do not normally start pouring in until you reach Tier 5 and Tier 6 Biomes, which are the Clock Tower and High Peak Castle. If you don’t know about this handy little trick already, you can actually break the door past the Collector to proceed through the level without spending cells. Like any rogue-like it may seem downright impossible but if you spend the time (and the cells), you’ll find yourself the master of this world in no time. The Prisoners are people who were locked away by The King due to suspicion of infection by the Malaise. Hokuto’s Bow is a great reference to the classic anime Fist of the North Star and a great weapon in the game. But even then you’re probably missing some of the nooks and crannies of the world, not to mention putting yourself in riskier scenarios. You can also avoid getting hit by stunning enemies before they can make a move. While you can certainly find that out for yourself, we’re more than happy to take on some of that burden with a handful of tips for beginners to enhance their skills. They are only found in Astrolab if the player has 5 BSC active. 1 In-Game 1.1 Encounters 1.1.1 Prisoners' Quarters 1.1.2 Toxic Sewers 1.1.3 Promenade of the Condemned 1.1.4 More Than One Biome 2 References Scattered throughout the world, The Beheaded can find the bodies and the desperate writings on the walls of the prisoners. So you’ll need to start buying some other things. They can also grant points to Brutality, Tactics or Survival. Following this path, you’ll get about 260~ cells per run. Kill every enemy in the map. The blueprint drops from the creepy Arbiters which are only found in the Cavern. Clear the whole Ramparts, you should be easily able to clear it and kill The Incomplete One under 17:30 mark for the final timed door. The trick here is that I want to earn cells fast, with minimum fuss. NOTE: To complete the speed run method, you need all four movement runes. This run is most useful after you’ve already unlocked Boss Cell 1/2 difficulty, and you’re only playing Boss Cell 0 for easy cells. Stick to the main hallways, and top level of biomes. You do not necessarily have to be a speed runner to farm cells in this method. Dead Cells > General Discussions > Topic Details. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As you continue playing, you’ll start to learn enemy patterns and use your dodge roll more effectively. As you play more and become more familiar with the earlier levels you may find that you can zoom through things much quickier. As you’re working to unlock your General Improvements, you’ll need to unlock some gear. It would rank higher, but it fires rather slow so careful aiming and timing are key to get the most out of it. All that said, if you end up unlocking something that you really don’t enjoy using, it’s not the end of the world. Get 1% Heal Modifiers on Your Main Weapon: Because healing is so limited as the difficulty increases in Dead Cells, one of the best ways to keep your health topped up is by getting the modifier that causes you to take 100 percent more damage, but heals 1 percent of your HP with every strike you land. More risky but not difficult this nets you around 80 souls at the first blacksmith and being the first boss.

On 1 and 2-cell difficulty, we found that it was easier to take the Promenade, Ramparts, Black Bridge route to the Concierge boss. They appear in the Prisoner’s Quarters, Ramparts, Ancient Sewers, Ossuary, Graveyard, and Forgotten Sepulcher. Which mutations you prefer will vary on your playstyle. Even the weak ones — there’s always a chance they’ll drop a cell. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Once unlocked you can select them from a vendor between levels, which removes a lot of the randomness. All in all it takes less than 30 minutes to farm at least 260 cells in a run which is the most amounts of cells you can get. Between each area (or biome) you’ll find a Cell Forge — in exchange for Cells, you can unlock items or permanent upgrades. If you’re on 4-cell difficulty, however, you’ll need to be a lot more careful with food. Spend your money re-rolling your perks before entering the castle, and try to get as much synergy between your weapons as possible so you’ve got a final build for both the castle and the king. Ignore these. Kevin Thielenhaus / They can lobbed to where you want them to be deployed and when standing next to one you’ll receive a nice 15% boost to damage and a 25% damage reduction.

Legendary Forges are unique locations, which can be visited while playing Dead Cells.

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