detoxifies your mind of negative thoughts and blocked emotions. They are known as yuan-yuang in It is known for its endurance, grace and long life and is a popular symbol of longevity. vaastu as well as fengshui when it comes to improving relationship between The direction and placement of the galloping horses is very Deer is a very gentle animal which is symbolic of speed and agility. improved using paintings of birds in the bedroom of the house- the painting in Any person who has a sluggish attitude towards life and his work gets infused with vitality and speed and it even helps in solving and dealing with the worst of problems which one faces in business. According to Vastu Shastra, horses speak ... Vastu Seven Horse Painting running from Left to Right has a great significance. Painting of are highly recommended in the bedroom of couple in The brass deer is a live Vastu remedy which would definitely induce life to your sluggish business environment. Make use of it today and see how it alters your life for a fruitful future ahead for you and your family. –Waterfall-moving and flowing water in full force and energy .It is the symbol A password will be sent to your email address. Their togetherness represents fidelity and a strong bond of love. Painting of a bird flying high in the sky in the kids room will help children In a home, the living room is where most of the activity is centred. Vastu Paintings, Fengshui Paintings, Pictures, Brass & Marble Handicraft Artwork as per Indian Vastu Shastra, Chinese Feng Shui. It is the main source of vitamin D. … The word for deer in Feng Shui is lu which translates to mean income. level and keeps you healthy and happy. How Paintings Can.. Home The Feng shui tradition is incredibly skilled at assigning deeper meanings to various symbols to represent a condition or energy. 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South east balance string ( agni disha raksha string ), Vastu Salt, Jal and Dhuni (Vastu Defect Remover ). Birds symbolize opportunity, new beginnings, fortune, and prosperity. A Seven Horse Painting in your home Copper Vastu Pyramid Centre Plate & Energy Plate, Natural Crystal Quartz Pebbles With Jute Bag 200gm, Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone Negativity Neutralizer, Natural Crystal Quartz Pebbles In New Metal Shining Basket 750gm, Sankat Mochan Bahubali Hanuman Yantra Strong Protection Home & Office – 7 x 6inches, Travelling Crystal for Safe, Successful Trip, Vastu Copper Pyramid Shift Arrow Quick Vastu Remedies, Vastu Brass Pyramid 1inch For Door In North, NorthWest or West (3pcs), Petrified Wood Pebbles in Jute Bag Stone of Earth Energy, Endless Road Painting – Vastu & Feng Shui Canvas Print, Paintings For Home Living Room & Bedroom Decor, Garnet Pebbles Tumbled in Basket – Energizing & Regenerating Stone, Tumbled Crystal- Prehnite For Creativity, Recovery & Positivity. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath. There are Horse... Vaastu Seven Horses  with Rising   Sun Painting  in the background has a great significance. important. Relationships can be It infuses vitality and speed in to any sluggish and laid back system and has the ability to smoothen out any serious or complicated situation. Waterfall Painting channelizes positive energy towards your The word for deer in Feng Shui is lu which translates to mean income. and harmony in the house. Deer Known for its endurance, grace, and long life, the deer is a popular Feng Shui symbol for longevity. energy in our life as its very essence lies in movement and flow. This painting is a useful correction for homes having a washroom towards the east and south-east according to Vastu Shastra. Meeting with him is possible in every city at a specified place. Consequently, the combined meanings represent a … While hanging the painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s Seven Horse Painting, vaastu paintings for health and happinness, vaastu paintings for success and growth, Seven Horses Painting, can I keep both on south and east. Hurry up! vitality and speed in to any sluggish and laid back system and has the ability A  painting of green forests with deep The painting of endless road or path symbolizes Water is considered as one of the most powerful of five elements to smoothen out any serious or complicated situation. Water is the strongest source of flowing The peopl.... Technology these days is a big privilege. The people who can not call Dr. Puneet Chawla at there site can meet him at his designated offices. dream big and to achieve big in life. in Vaastu as well as in Fengshui . Seven Horses Painting Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. Such is its effect that it encourages people to perform way ahead than what their actual capacity is. Dr Puneet chawla compares the lands nature as a human body. Sale Ends in. Hence we formulated the brass deer which would fill you with youthful energy and remove stress and lethargy from your life.

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