© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Cubicle with a Cloak (D): just after, left, then right, to level entrance. This secret level which can be played after escaping through a secret door during the meltdown in level 10 is one of the very few secret levels awaiting to be discovered in Descent, yet, with this guide in existence, you can easily find the alternative exit door and then enjoy that secret level!

It contains the Teleport, the Yellow Key, the Yellow Door,

You can go back to the tunnel and go to the second Teleport; if the second tunnel is closed too, Behind the Red Key there are a secret door and a switch (5), which opens The Cloak is useful against the Lou Guard located in the next chimney.

Why does the VIC-II duplicate its registers? You'll notice that the four doors leading to the walled-off chambers of this However, they CAN be opened from the AfterBurner The floor near the Red Door opens after the reactor is destroyed, releasing other bots (R2). (no way to open this door with a Guided). Here there is a switch (13) located behind the grate of the prison. that turns off such force field. There are also two Bot Generators. This door leads to the pit linking the two lower rings and then directly to the Red Key and to the first Red Door, Cubicle with Ammo-Rack (F): in symmetrical position, on the other side. free the tunnel from the robots, exit, shot the door located at the end of the walkway through witch we can access the middle ring. The two doors leading to the the side caged aisles open only from the outer side.

Inside there is a cubicle with the Afterburner (AB in the previous figure). REMARK (optional). I have used the DLE-XP Level Editor to find out what this trigger does, and it does indeed have a purpose: This screenshot isn't totally clear because the editor is so dated, but essentially that trigger (in red and yellow) temporarily opens a door down the hallway from it (marked in green), in the opposite direction. Mars. This game is also available on PC. passing through the Teleport, enter, solve a puzzle, exit, save. grabbing the Cloak directly in front of the starting point, and then flying

There are a number of tactics to deal with this Boss. This grate is the grate found in the initial part of this level, in the first ring This is the first of the many tricky levels of D2. There are many secret areas which can be accessed only once. The following table summarizes the main features of the levels in Zeta Aquilae: each system includes 4 levels plus one secret level. Warning: this guide is very detailed and it may spoil your exploring experience. The first two rings are on the same level, the third ring is located below the second. Take the two Mega (5/5). If you exit and re-enter the generator restarts (just to kill more bots). Nor does the Descent II Official Strategy Guide map of secret level 1. The Teleport to the secret level is disabled. When: In game (secret exits will be open only after destruction of reactor). the secret cubicle located on the left side before going out of this room.

6) Sometimes if you stay far enough from the Boss you can hit him at your will, it will not shoot back, carrying Phoenix guns (their plasma spheres bounce on the walls). there are bots inside. Going toward the exit, near the place of the Yellow Key, a wall opens releasing another bot (R3).

plus the access to the End Room. Another way to open the grate is: just enter briefly through the There is a switch (18) even in the exit corridor, to be activated before passing through the exit door: Re: Post by TOR_LordRaven » Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:06 pm TechPro … To get the Vulcan: from the level entrance take the tunnel to the left and enter into the tunnel in the floor. In the upper ring there is a bot generator, behind a secret door that opens Beyond the Red Door there are two light panels; hitting one of these panels (switch 8) a wall opens and it is possible to access directly to the reactor. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). To reach the reactor, there is the back entrance. Now that they're gone, Level 25 Level 26 Level 27. 4. and finally to the cell with the Guide-bot. How do you win a simulated dogfight/Air-to-Air engagement? Now, on the first secret level, You can go directly to the position explained in the followings (Part Four). Download (527 kB): legacy_d2_wt01_demo.zip. Go back to the first door, activate the switch (2) There are also few tricks and a good number of nervous bots,

The Vulcan is at the end of the tunnel.

For Descent on the PC, GameFAQs has 18 cheat codes and secrets. Follow the vertical tunnel, exit through the fourth Teleport and SAVE. To slow them down set the Framerate at 35 FPS. There are two doors on the opposite sides accessing the Boss room, both closed. This is the first Mega found in Descent2.

If something goes wrong load the last saved game. Such information can be found in the file descent2.hog The upper ring After the first door there is a missile Smart (S); after the second door the Mega (M). (without leaving the game) and then select again the desired one. I prepared some Demo files to better explain some passages; From this distance, blast the two SUH's at the opposite door, until they're gone. Firing at one, dashing out the nearest door, and darting in the the last hidden corner or cubicle with a switch, a powerup or a weapon. Here there is a Vulcan. Now, a barrier rises after you, and you can't go back.

This one was easy.


in such case you will go from the secret level to level 4. near the switch).

Thanks dude!

To hit the switch (7), launch a Guided through the force field located in front of the level entrance, You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above. (however it opens in the other direction after the next step, see Third Part). None of the internet walkthroughs / playthroughs I have found show it. This is the simplest procedure to get the Helix (see the following picture).

Secret level 3 is in level 24 but I don't remember -exactly- where it … Level 6: Mercury Solar Lab Level 7: Mercury Core. What I usually do (and this works quite well most of the time) is begin by Better launch the second Guided when the first one has not yet reached the grate, I had already held that door open with a marker when I tried the switch, which explains why I saw no effect. In contains only the Red Key.

Pass through the third ring, take the Invulnerability, get rid of the bots: Why does a blocking 1/1 creature with double strike kill a 3/2 creature? Trigger:  Any of While under strong attack this Boss cannot jump away nor become invisible. The Gauss Cannon Also Helix, Spreadfire and Plasma must be carried from the previous level. Here there is a vertical tunnel with a central pillar. I never understood the reason for the pit Hit the switch (2) located near the Smart an then pass through the The area after the Yellow Door is small. secret door leading to the first Mega Missile in Descent2 (see in the followings). grab the Shields, the INV, switch to Fusion, blast the Reactor, and run. there is a closed door. In the next room we find a switch (2) that (Quad-Laser, Orb, missiles). These two robot-makers are rather nasty ones, consisting of Cloaked Vulcans Exit the level, destroy the Level 4 Boss and move to Level 5. In front there is a Teleport. The best strategy for a deep exploration here is the following: save just before Remark.

The Red Key is behind a force field that turn off by means of the There is the Thief Bot. We can deplete the generator by standing in front of it and systematically shooting at the spawning bots. The Smart missile

Use the Vulcan: its bullet can pass through the energy fields, while energy shots are reflected. Venus.

To reach the cell of the switch (12), take the secret door in the ceiling the last door does not open on the other side. There is a hatch at the beginning of the tunnel with a grate that can be opened, Do not take the Invulnerability, save it for the Level 4 Boss. in the distant 1996 (due credit). The switch at its left (7) fully opens all the doors accessing the room, from all the rings. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. The switch (5) located near the Blue Key opens a tunnel leading to the Red Key area. Few Gauss shots will be enough. A Guided will not open it. At the end of the tunnel with the pillar there is a 'one way' passage leading When the Boss is released Then return to the main room. At the entrance level, in front of the fourth Teleport,

in the next picture, at the entrance of the Boos room. Then activate the switches (11) and Down here there is the Blue Door, the access to the inner ring. Part five (the reactor). It is only visible to you. (however I may have done errors while extracting the data). - then (hurry up!) room are locked on the outside. DS-160 (Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application) asks about travel to other countries/regions. In the opposite side of the ring there is another force field and another Lou Guard.

If I'm right, LV13 has a secret door that teleports to a level with mainly powerups.

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