--color-secondaryDark: #e5e5e5 ----name: 14k Gold 1.0mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 22 Inches View and rotate any diamond under 20x magnification. amzn_assoc_linkid = "aec4526f0f551d9785c83683df865d20"; --homepage_featured_products_count: 4 -----children: [object Object],[object Object] --optimizedCheckout-buttonPrimary-borderColorHover: transparent -----tax_label: Tax ----url: https://www.sarraf.com/products/14k-gold-2mm-italian-diamond-cut-rope-chain-18-inches.html -----number: 3 -----name: 14k Yellow Gold Bracelets Sterling Silver is a mixture of 92.5 % pure silver (925 parts) and 7.5 % metal alloy. -----number: 6 They have square links instead of the typical round links you see in the other different types of chains.

--color-greyDarker: #333333 } ----brand: [object Object] lol im hooked on how good this was. :), is a wheat chain Gauge: 025 a good chain for a pendant ? P.S. -----2: [object Object] Lightweight hollow chains will clink together and sound like tin. ----1: [object Object] -----1: [object Object] var cleanName = name.replace(/[\[]/, '\[').replace(/[\]]/, '\]'); --count: 16 -----name: Charms -----2: [object Object] I’ve been looking and it is a bit overwhelming especially when you don’t know if these chains being sold are actually quality. -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/landing-pages/diamond-earrings/ -----image: [object Object] Thanks! Diamond cut rope chain is a regular rope chain with the sides cut. 14kt is the most common type of gold in the US. -----alt: 14k Gold 2mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 16 Inches if (!productIdMap[productId]) { ----images: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object] ----category: 14K Selection/14k Yellow Gold/Chains/Rope (Diamond Cut) ----has_options: false ---inbox: /account.php?action=inbox --brandpage_products_per_page: 12 ----image: [object Object] --selected: ----code: USD

Our secret? Sarraf.com guarantees that all our 14k gold items are 14k or above. --optimizedCheckout-orderSummary-borderColor: #dddddd ----price: [object Object]
---name: Platinum ---details: /account.php?action=account_details The Cheapest .50 CT Diamonds ---image:
-----saved: [object Object] -----value: 1 -----count: 0 -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/14k-selection/14k-rose-gold/ -----annotation: ----1: [object Object] --show_newsletter_box: 1 --color-grey: #999999 xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json'); -----name: 18K Rose Gold ----name: 14k Gold 1.5mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 24 Inches ---id: 5249 this._trackTrans = gaTrackTrans; Thicker mariner chains are popular with men, the more delicate ones are popular with women…You are probably seeing a trend here. Monday-Friday – 11 am to 7 pm ----add_to_wishlist_url: /wishlist.php?action=add&product_id=126360 --fontSize-root: 14 Depending on the finishing of a curb chain, it is typically not difficult to fix. --show_payment_methods: false ----category: 14K Selection/14k Yellow Gold/Chains/Rope (Diamond Cut) -----id: 5607 ----brand: [object Object] The Singapore is made of twisted and braided fibers. --card-title-color: #333333 -----3: [object Object] ----sku: 25-RP10-24 ----weight: [object Object] -customer_group_id: 0 ----low_stock_level: The Figaro chain is one of the most popular of the different types of chains. -----2: [object Object] -----0: 14K Selection/14k Yellow Gold/Chains/Rope (Diamond Cut) Rope chains are chains where small links are manipulated to avoid calling attention to their appearance; instead, they are linked in a twisted pattern to resemble a genuine rope. That’s because the inside of the chain is hollow to reduce price. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; They crash out on the couch. ---id: 5653 -----data: https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-8mvvgj1pds/images/stencil/{:size}/products/150583/241823/Y-RP0015-M__49541.1596995168.jpg?c=2 ----qty_in_cart: 0 ----26: [object Object] --button--default-borderColor: #cccccc ----add_to_cart_url: https://www.sarraf.com/cart.php?action=add&product_id=126357 -----0: 14K Selection/14k Yellow Gold/Chains/Rope (Diamond Cut) Hi, My nephew died almost 3 years, he was 33 years old. That’s a great chain to wear everyday, for life. ---count: 0 ---name: Landing Pages amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; -----2: [object Object] My daughter wants a singapore necklace with a pendant. --optimizedCheckout-backgroundImage: ----low_stock_level: ----add_to_wishlist_url: /wishlist.php?action=add&product_id=143505 -----1: [object Object] ---name: 18k Selection Sarraf.com guarantees that all our 14k gold items are 14k or above. ----0: [object Object] } -----tax_label: Tax ----images: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

:) -Richard. Does the chain have a trade-in policy? Made In Italy. -----rrp_without_tax: [object Object] For a cheap price of this service plan, you can get your chain covered if it breaks or snaps, but most importantly, it will also cover the clasp in case it breaks. --navPages-color: #333333 Or do you want it to hang longer, near your belly? --optimizedCheckout-contentPrimary-color: #333333

The thicker ones are pretty strong and won’t break easily. Hi Adrian, I think both the Wheat Chain and the Franco would work fine, it’s usually the rough edges of the Rope that tends to wind up hair. Fixing a Rope Chain.

----0: [object Object]

----pre_order: false -----name: 30 Day Returns and Exchange Policy ----availability: Usually Ships within One Business Day -----image: [object Object] -----0: [object Object] --homepage_featured_products_column_count: 4 Rope (Diamond Cut). It looks much too thin for a 1.5 K diamond pendant. -social_media: [object Object],[object Object],[object Object] ----has_options: false -----image: [object Object] -----alt: 14k Gold 1.5mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 18 Inches --optimizedCheckout-header-borderColor: #dddddd -----count: 0

---url: https://www.sarraf.com/benchmark/ this._addTrans = gaAddTrans;

---name: Valentine Special -----count: 0 Log in, November's Designer of the Month

---index: /account.php

----name: 14k Gold 1.5mm Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain 28 Inches

-----name: Rope Bracelets -----3: [object Object] --pdp-price-label: --color-textLink--hover: #757575 That being said, because of the pattern of the chain, you can not simply remove a link, you need to replace it or repair it. ----add_to_cart_url: https://www.sarraf.com/cart.php?action=add&product_id=134705 fbq('track', 'ViewCategory', {"content_ids":["134700","134701","134702","126356","134703","134704","126357","143505","126358","126359","134705","126360","126347","150582","150583","126348"],"content_type":"product_group","content_category":"Rope (Diamond Cut)"}); -----image: [object Object] I would skip 10kt, stick with 14kt and you’ll be fine. Other chains that hold up well are rope chains, and box chains. --body-bg: #ffffff --blog_enabled: true ----id: 134701 -----count: 0 Made In Italy. -----url: /14k-selection/14k-yellow-gold/chains/rope-diamond-cut/?sort=priceasc&page=5 --tax_label: Tax ---12: [object Object] // Lead events start -- only fire if the shopper subscribes to newsletter

-----url: https://www.sarraf.com/valentine-special/test/ Which would be stronger? ----low_stock_level: -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/10k-selection/10k-white-gold/ No lightweight, this chain! Between the uniqueness and the stability of this chain, you really can’t go wrong. --restrict_to_login: false ----3: [object Object] -----1: [object Object] ---notice: Joseph had a chain of gold placed around his neck (Genesis 41:42) and Daniel was promised one (Daniel 5:7). Men typically get a thicker cable chain while women prefer a thinner, but you will see both men and women wearing thick cable chains made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and silver. -----retail_price_range: [object Object] -----name: 18k Yellow Gold -----1: [object Object] -----image: [object Object] -----name: Privacy Policy --show_product_rating: true ----add_to_cart_url: https://www.sarraf.com/cart.php?action=add&product_id=134701 -----2: [object Object]

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