Here are the dates for the Free2Play version of ArcheAge:October 1 – 13: General access for "Shadows Revealed" on PTS F2POctober 15: Major Update “Shadows Revealed” on Live F2PContents Do I still have to get Patron Subscription? In ArcheAge: Unchained there is no longer a subscription model. As ArcheAge: Unchained has a different business model, it will be implemented like a new game with a new server environment. Just keep trying. Working on consistency with saving my UI settings. Bypassing these restrictions can result in disciplinary action taken on the accounts in question. In ArcheAge: Unchained there is no longer a subscription model. *Some topics discussed in this FAQ may be revised prior to the official release of ArchAge: Unchained. There will be no additional bonus if you switch from the F2P version. We are opening PTS world 2 to all players on October 7th. One of the "intended" mechanics (according to Trion / XLgames) of the old Archeage that I really disliked was the troll players that would bounce around the trade pack merchants, in the hopes of someone accidently clicking on them instead of the merchant. Old labor potions will be discontinued in favor of the new Labor Restorers. ArcheAge: Unchained will come with a 3 Accounts per Player (not household) restriction. We will reveal more information in the upcoming weeks. Anyone have any new/updated updated info on this? Having been continuously updated and expanded on in the past five years, the three large continents of ArcheAge offer a myriad of areas, cities and dungeons for the player to explore. Your email address will not be published. Posted October 4, 2019 I hit level cap two hours ago. Find the game you have been looking for! You can try contacting support to purchase a Gold or Archeum pack instead though.Will the titles and badges from the Chainbreaker Packs also be delivered to the Free2Play account? One way the game aims to keep things fresh and fair is by changing a few mechanics. Several changes have already been implemented in the original ArcheAge version such as the Hiram gear, the implementation of exchangeable mounts and pets for Manastorm Crystals and the Merchant’s Favor tokens in crates. While the big names have all soldiered on with new, It's time to share our picks for the top 5 best buy to play MMORPGs of 2018! Additionally, you will not be able to run multiple clients at the same time. Items of power that are available for purchase in the free-to-play version of the original game can now be earned by all players. 7 DAYS TO DIE - Alpha 19 B-157 Experimental Released. 3. There is no need to register a new account. The premium track of the pass, only obtainable via purchasing an Upgrade Token for Credits for 1500 Credits, contains cosmetic items such as costume images or dye tickets. Another big change to Unchained is with its Labor system. The main difference between these versions is an opportunity to buy the game just once and exclude all pay-to-win content and a monthly subscription for the in-game store. “As ArcheAge: Unchained has a different business model, it will be implemented like a new game with a new server environment. Will there be a landlock? You will need to complete missions in order to level up your passes and unlock the next tier's rewards. We've changed entirely its monetization which was simply not possible to this great extent with the already existing ArcheAge F2P version. Pre-Registration should be tomorrow at 10am he said., " Heya, New Content updates will be applied on both versions.What are the differences between ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained? We are super excited about this update!Follow our social media platforms for regular updates! There’ll be more information in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!Why didn't you change the monetization of the original ArcheAge F2P version and instead make a new game out of it? There will be no subscription in ArcheAge: Unchained. Torchlight III 2020: Gear N Goblins What’s New Guide, Gamigo Halloween 2020 Guide: How and Where To Celebrate, 3 Major MMOS From Pearl Abyss Worth Waiting For, Neverwinter Infernal Descent Is Now Live: Here’s What It Features, Here’s Why We’re Excited for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Next Year, Ashes of Creation: Daystriders Reveal and Background, The MMORPGS In 2019 That Need Classic Servers, The Lowest And Worst MMORPG Moments Of 2018, Top 5 Best New Features in League of Angels 3, Why ExitLag Is Amazing For Reducing MMORPG Ping. When I restart the client and create a new character they begin with a default newbie UI. Further regular updates and patches will be identical to both game versions. Find the game you have been looking for! Let's just say that the community was unhappy with the direction of the game. Here’s all the information we have right now. With the ‘Shadows Revealed’ update, you can create a character and start with the Swiftblade Skillset immediately - like Malediction was handled in the past.When are we going to have the Shadow’s Revealed PTS? There will be no additional bonus if you switch from the F2P version. Me personally is not an expert of Warhammer Fantasy's lore, hence if any of these weapon doesn't fit in with the universe then humor me. We are focusing on fairer gameplay which is why we decided to change a few monetization features for ArcheAge: Unchained. For the already existing ArcheAge F2P version, Shadow’s Revealed will be available on PTS world 1 on October 1st, 2019. I love going /afk. There is true interest out there. We will reveal more information in the upcoming weeks. I haven't been able to log in yet, still getting a queue on PTS2, though I see they added a PTS3. If you suspect a player is abusing alts by using multiple clients on the same computer or unattended automation, that is not permitted and may be reported to support by including their in-game name, server, and screenshot/video of the incident.2.4 Game Related Questions Is ArcheAge: Unchained changing the housing system? ArcheAge: Unchained is coming soon (September 30th, 2019), and in some recent livestreams, the developers have discussed it in greater detail. This was a solid game years ago, now with the reboot it appears to be only better. When you save your character appearance it is saved to: c:/ArcheAge/Documents/User/Custom/"race_sex__character name" and this seems independent of server so it should be easy to load regardless of what server you are creating characters on. ~The ArcheAge Team ". Will test further tonight but there has to be a better way. Unlike the live version, again most of what you can get are cosmetics. Your feedback over the years encouraged us to provide a different game experience for you, our community. What are the differences between ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained? There will be no additional bonus if you … ArcheAge: Unchained is a new way to play the game with a different business model. There are 3 different Founder Packs, but there will be no additional Collector's Edition.Can I upgrade the Chainbreaker Packs? However - If there is a need for more servers we’ll release more!

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