He did all this without making much of a peep. A host escorts him through a secret door, past the kitchen and into a private room called “Graffiti Alley.” The brick walls are covered in art commissioned by Brooklyn graffiti artists; ’s Princess Jasmine is painted with a red banana over her mouth. Heaven or Hell, Toliver’s first crack at a full-length project, is the drop that showcases the peaks and valleys along the rapper’s meteoric rise. Tonight he’ll play his debut album, Heaven or Hell, for the first time at a private listening party at Electric Room in New York’s Meatpacking District, but for now, Toliver’s mind is still in grind mode. , Toliver delivered the zany Bobby Womack-homage mixtape. © 2020 Interview Magazine. Traffic is heavy on the way to the Electric Room, and before the driver can even point to the aux cord, Toliver has it in hand; he quickly hits play on—what else?—his own album. A choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza, Heaven or Hell manages a splitting range of emotions, giving the listener room to experience the project in multitudes. “Isn’t your album release party in a couple hours?”, “Me and La Flame [Travis Scott] were just talking about that—you overwork yourself. “The music has done so much for me, how could I not wanna stay locked in?” he says. This website is an entertainment website, jokes are created by users. The cover is graced with a Matt McCormick painting, a sort of metaphor for Don’s world: a deserted road with two pathways. It’s real brolic.”, Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer on The Burden of Representation, Dylan Sprouse Returns to the Hotel Suite—This Time, in a Pink Dress, Sway House Demands Your Attention, for Better or Worse, Ask a Sane Person: Jia Tolentino on Practicing the Discipline of Hope, “It’s Going to Be Mad”: Anya Taylor-Joy Gets Back to Work, Kim Petras Says It’s Okay to Be Sad in the Club, Travis Scott’s “Can’t Say” Video Reminds Us of Madonna, Mario Kart, and Plus a Few Other Purple Fantasies, Sheck Wes shows us 7 NYC locations that shaped his debut album ‘Mudboy’, Cardi B summons Old Hollywood glam in new “Bartier Cardi” video. Work-life balance feels like a breached contract these days, but Toliver seems to be managing just fine. The OG Houston rap legend Chedda Da Connect got wind through local clubs, and signed on as his manager. They discuss what the night might entail as game plans and invitations are finalized. “Me and La Flame [Travis Scott] were just talking about that—you overwork yourself. Where Toliver might lack in lyrical storytelling, he makes up for in melodic measure, infectious ad-libs, distorted instrumentation, and an idiosyncratic tempo. He doubled down on his efforts to attain perfection on Nav’s latest album, Good Intentions, showcasing consummate range and impressing his contemporaries, once again.

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