Light, magma, or rumble).)

Mostly Combat


First of all, awakened flame has both the medium range to keep a safe distance from the dough user (Assuming if they don't have mink) and the damage capacity to kill the dough user, it also has flames that break observation.

They are an all-rounder kind of fruit, meaning you can use it both for ranged and close combat. The player creates a strong gravitational force in front of them that launches enemies backward and displaces the ground in front of them. 25 minutes ago. Ace Regenerating from the anime ). This is one of the most foolproof methods, as Dough's range, in general, is close-ranged, while Phoenix can easily fly up in the sky and just heal up. Purpose: (Still can damage players even if they have logia), Recommended to grind Magma Ninja instead of they since they have a lot of stun moves. Well, for starters, you must have the Barrier Tower move unlocked, or otherwise, you're screwed. Purpose: Currently, there are 8 Logia fruits in the game, (Smoke, Flame, Ice, Sand, Dark, Light, Magma, Rumble). 4. Paramecia Type This move requires the user to be on the ground. Lastly, awakened quake is amazingly good for damage and easy combo's. Devil Fruit. If the dough user has mink (Almost every dough user has mink), they can quickly cover ground and catch up to you and you hardly can't escape. For both Ice awakened and regular Ice, they stun for about 5 seconds for it's V move which allows you to easily stun the dough user to escape or use combo's. There are currently 11 Paramecia fruits in the game ( Bomb, Spike, Chop, Spring, Gum, Barrier, Tremor, String, Paw, Gravity, Dough and control ). 5/5 There is an exception however, due to the Dough-Dough being both a Paramecia and a Logia by activating Observation, it has not been confirmed if it belongs to a new unknown category of hybrid Devil Fruit. Although Phoenix lacks the burst DPS to heavily injure the Dough user, (Assuming he has Max Defense and DF), it can use Hit n' Run method, where they activate Full Body Transformation Mode (V), spam Z and C move, then fly away, press X and heal-up and fly back to the battle-field before the dough-user combat-logs and continue this until the Dough user has been weakened enough to be finished off, or the Dough user, (Most frequently) just straights up ragequits. Definitely recommended for High-Level, Devil-Fruit oriented players who are to lazy to grind for fruits like Buddha or Tremor-Tremor, Fun fact: Although they are the rarest fruits in the anime, they are very common in the game. If you have more info or tips, please add it to this page.

(This includes Swords, guns and all melee abilities.

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