it is best to break them out individually and compare the three. Although originating from the country of India, some have difficulty in differentiating between the two. It is common to find people from eastern or western countries that practice religions from across the world. One of the reasons of popularity of Buddhism was its acceptance of men and women from all ranks of society. The number of deities in Eastern religions vary more than Western religions. People believe not in one God, but they have a lot of them, for example, the Gods of the sky, sun and other ones. god who initially brought the universe into existence and continues to control The Ying Yang symbol is described as two elements joined together to form one; it represents perfect balance. Judaism was a monotheism religion which led the path for Christrianity. Through his sadness as a child and adolescence he grew wiser and more determined. 2.Eastern religions are practiced in India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. Is there a Supreme Being? Buddhists do not believe in an unchanging or eternal soul, which would move on from one life to the next. The timeline shows the progression of the population in England and the strides they have made over a, The creation and formation of the Pacific World can be categorized into two basic ideas: expansionism vs. isolationism. Human life is reduced to real suffering, to hell, only when two ages, two cultures and religions overlap.” (Hermann Hesse.) In Marshal Sahlins essay, The World's Longest War I also seen other gods such as Lord Laymi, the god of wealth, they had the nine planetary of astronomy, and I also identified Durga the mother God. Western vs Eastern Medicine “Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes also a matter of opportunity. Through seeing the corrupt nature of the rich and powerful and living through challenging times, he pledged to teach peace, wisdom and social structure. The differences between the Eastern and Western religions are that the Eastern religious believe in recarnation. They do not a creator, a beginning or end, or afterlife. With God as the creator, humans are lower in status, but higher than animals. It is this complex mix of culture, religion and politics in the Middle East that Stratton, Buddhism are two of the most interesting religions in the world. The Hindu Priest was telling us that Rama was more about discipline and Lord Krishna taught how to mediate and taught the different principles. Instead, reincarnation in Buddhism is based on the law of cause and effect (karma) and the acceptance of a beginning less continuum of consciousness. As stated in World Religions textbook pg. Most religions can be categorized as either a Western religion or an Eastern religion. Once this is done, each religion is easier to understand you can find newrespect for each though understanding is achieved. These can be seen The western religions that we have discussed in class are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The two dots in this symbol signify opposites; none being stronger than the other, in other words, to be equal. (Sociology textbook). Another thing I learned was in the South of India they used black stone for their statue cause it was stronger, and in the north they use white stone. Copyright © 2000-2020. The Eastern culture can have a lot of different Gods and religions. religions. (Curry). They also belief in reincarnation, which is that all living things no matter if plant or a god lives in a cycle of living and dying. Buddhism taught that craving, jealously, and gluttony will only bring chaos and that good deeds will bring a good life and a good next life. Countries of origin | It started in India and was spreading through the East Asia area. Furthermore the separation physical dimensions like hunger, sleep or rest for he is the one who gives such Buddhism on the other hand, recognises no creator One interesting thing I learned was when you wanted to get married, you would go to the Hindu Priest and he would look at the stars to see if you were going to be compatible. The Queen Mother is said to guard the elixir of life. lies under this theory, is the Western civilization approach towards the Eastern civilization. They firmly believe that Allah is the most high and During the last century, America has witnessed an in increase in the population of immigrants who practice Sikhism. Conflict between Eastern and Western religions has occurred with the immigration of religious groups. Judaism: God is omnipotent, or meaning “all powerful” or of unlimited power. Hence medical practice must not depend primarily on plausible theories but on experience combined with reason” Hippocrates Followers of Hinduism worship many deities and avatars while followers of Shinto worship deities, called Kami, that can be animals, objects, or nature. Journals practice a laudable self-censorship of criticism of religions. In Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism, there is no God, only "the Way.". The main difference in these cultures can be in the religion. All on your own you decide what yours is.. As you can see, each religion sees their higher power as their ruler, creator of all mankind, and there is no sort of a higher power than their God. Religions may take different paths to this goal, but they all encourage a spiritual sense that there is more to life than what we see around us." In Western culture, people typically form congregations and worship together at a specific place and time. In Buddhism, humans, animals, and even the Buddha himself are seen as equals. | Like the Confucianism it started in China and later spread to Japan and Korea. People will visit the temples whenever they are free and worship privately at home. Considerably argued that Laozi even existed, he is thought to be the founder of Taoism in the sixth century. attributes to his creatures. The western outlook on life and death is that you only get one chance or one go around compared to the eastern outlook of reincarnation. This essay will discuss the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western cultures. 10/16/13 Well what I understood from the textbook is that basic idea or concept is one view quite is part of their religion that people can be reincarnated, and some of them actually believe we have it depends on the person. The main focal point of any religious aspect is the understanding of God. China, 500 B.C.E, was quite advanced for the time, but although very advanced, war tore through the country, ruining social structure and the feudal system. each other, but at the same time, having minor similarities. meaningful responses to the fundamental questions about life. Appendix G HISTORY No culture can be the same. Eastern vs Western Religions. Hence medical practice must not depend primarily on plausible theories but on experience combined with reason” Hippocrates Spirituality is not restricted to any religious denomination nor is it limited to the pursuit of knowledge. Consciousness can continue after your body dies because mind and body are seen as distinct (even though they do influence each other) and thus each have a separate continuum. According to him, the Western Civilization promotes their “political and economic values, maintain their predominance and protect their interest” through economic and political pressure via Western Institution such as UN and IMF. Hinduism reinforced the caste system, offering hope for an improved lifestyle. The Crisis and the Policy Choices on Health System in Portugal, Improving the Education of Teenage Drivers. Another view: In Buddhism, it is believed that your consciousness continues after your physical death and not your soul. All rights reserved. It had a smoky scented smell in the room. Several major Eastern religions revolve around the teachings of a person rather than a divine power. issues relating to the possibility of a Supreme Being, the purpose of life and Human Services 130 There are many degrees of commitment within each of the religions discussed from the extreme of Taoism, Shinto and Confucianism, these being the religions we will further discuss. Hinduism, the largest of the eastern religion and one of the oldest in the world. As part of Sikhism, followers must adhere to five sacred duties: Nevertheless, Sikh immigrants have faced prejudice from the American government and its citizens. Songtsan declared that Buddhism be the national religion in Tibet. A breakdown of each so that they are easier to understand is as follows: Eastern Religion Elements Matrix The... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Descartes' Third Meditation: Proof of God's Existence. honored, the creator and the sustainer of all that exists and he has no physical Taoism is the root of all these religions, teaching that nature is the greatest teacher and that everything has a flow and a way. Rome and beyond Hinduism beleive that if you do good in your current life, you will have good karma and when you are reincarnated you will move up in the caste system.

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