Humans create Evangelion to copy God... Is this our true goal? again. The beginning and the end are as one. Closing all Central Dogma barricades up to Level 2. You know — make it a work that shows everything including our inability to create a satisfactory product.

Makoto (on phone): After all, I didn't exist there... which is the same as no one existing. Do you want to be at ease?

Misato: -----------------------------------. 1st soldier (off screen): So, everybody just die. *afirmitive* Because I am myself. (gasp) Betrayed by Casper! Prime Minister: Maya: What's the situation on the right? -----------------------------------, (Ritsuko stands and draws a gun... Asuka fighting... Back

He stares down at the ejaculated fluids covering his right hand. No problems with Bakelite infusion.

Men are all scum... the floor behind her. too! hearts. Gendo's glasses lie twisted and broken on Yūko Miyamura appearance on Anime Yawa, March 28. Background:

Production on a film ending for the series began in 1997, with Gainax first releasing Death and Rebirth. SCENE:  SEELE monoliths If you really don't like it, you can run away. Hiding behind a girl at a time like this!? Shinji turns to see Rei standing over the LCL sea - then Rei vanishes...

Is she forgetting she's talking to a convalescent? Makoto:

to maintain their separate entities!  I wish to express my deepest thanks to all the staff, cast, Humans can only live on this planet, but Evangelion can It's just an easy way for you feel that you're worth something.

Just as I thought. The film was released on July 19, 1997. I had been thinking he was a strange man, but at that moment I felt disgusting. Commence Bakelite injection from Section 737. Don't they ever stop!? -----------------------------------, SCENE:  Rei, staring into the tank containing the Ikari, did you finally meet Yui, too? They're hacking the MAGI system! ", "… This became a major issue as the final episode of the TV series could be considered incomplete.

Comments, criticism Ritsuko: The theme songs Komm, süsser Tod, THANATOS -If I Can't Be Yours-, and the classical piece Air were released as a single on August 1, 1997. ):

TITLE SCREEN - THE END OF EVANGELION -----------------------------------. You're a pain in the ass!

All units pull back at once! Because the truth hurts us all... Because it's very, very distressing. original Japanese while still providing a natural translation. Misato: It will be the eternal proof that humankind has existed... ----------------------------------- Mama... Mama! Makoto (off screen): Fuyutsuki (smirking): Find your own answers. -----------------------------------.

[14], The film won both the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize for 1997 and the Japan Academy Prize for "Biggest Public Sensation of the Year";[15] ranked the film in 1999 as the fifth best 'All-Time Show' (with the TV series at #2). Shinji: Fuyutsuki: No. And that makes it worthwhile, Shinji - Because you decided by yourself! Come on... Wake up! 3 cable, Hakone back-up circuit still inoperative.

Random women's voices: Shinji: Abandon Levels 1 to 3! -----------------------------------. But they don't think that way. future, and to make time flow. Screen text:

JSSDF officer: Deploy it inside the Geofront! [17], "Anno Hideaki allegedly created the two episodes contained here in response to death threats from fans dissatisfied with the original conclusion to his anime sci-fi saga. Misato: series' swords comes flying at her... She stops it with her AT Field, but it turns into Background announcement: And that is the reason she remained within Eva. MAGI is only the first skirmish. Fuyutsuki: Give my regards to Yui. Asuka: From the Commentary of the, "Lately due to the ending of episodes #25 and #26, some people started watching, "My opinion was, 'Why don't we show them the entire process including our breakdown."
It's entering a deeper level! Much like Komm, süsser Tod, Anno also wrote another song that was eventually assorted into English and fully produced and sung, Everything You've Ever Dreamed.

(Pulls portable terminal from pocket - Casper-3: Rejected). Misato (thinking):

Hideaki Anno, Red Cross w/ black text- THE END OF EVANGELION Background announcement: Makoto: High-pressure steam discharges have also subsided. before a ghostly Rei.

), SCENE:  NERV Command Center - More alarms... Surface heat receding. All (chanting): Maya: love. -If we stay here we'll die for nothing! Get away from me!

Then, what'll happen to NERV? There's no time to lose... Sold at theatrical showings was a program containing cast and staff interviews, as well as a glossary of terms from the series. Complement humankind with your imperfect ego.

), ----------------------------------- There's nothing that I can do for other people! Then... where is my dream? Misato (gently): Fuyutsuki: -Nobody's perfect.

I want to help you in some way... and to be with you forever. Film Wait... Rei!

Help me... Help me, Asuka. Manga Entertainment, this script should no longer be used for creating fansubs/dubs. The contents of this script are not altered in any way (except for formatting.)

(As Asuka finishes off the last Evas, one of the Eva You realize that you've made a mistake, and then regret it...

Rei (voice): Analysis pattern blue!! SEELE 01:

Mama! Don't leave me alone! "The End of Evangelion" EPISODE 25' -  Love is destructive Shinji comes face to face with Lilith, who grants him the decisive voice in the world's destiny. If I can only hurt people, then I'd rather not do anything at all! The leaked original script for episode 25 and 26 (which was used for The End of Evangelion) featured two different proposed epilogues, neither of which corresponded completely with the one in film: The first one (Last A) is the closest to the final one, but lacked the Book-Ends Lilith/Rei, had the cast's names on the graves Shinji raised, showed Asuka kicking down hers (it is still shown to have been toppled in the final … Makoto (off screen): Good... Everything is as it should be... (Keel appears... and then dissolves into LCL, leaving behind the mechanical
me? Rei: The mask of SEELE falls SCENE:  Blood/LCL gushes from Lilith-Rei's neck as she leans backwards SCENE:  Outside in the Geofront. Not the Lance of Longinus!? The battle rages on - Maya monitors EVA-02 via laptop computer Evangelize humankind and restore us to our true form. (The earth's surface under the Black Moon turns white spreading outwards Anyone can return to human form as long as they can imagine themselves Misato (thinking): Data entry from all external nodes.

Background announcement: LIARS!! ), SCENE:  Asuka fighting Eva series Asuka, help me!

AT Field shifting to pattern red!

Let me hear your voice! They're just physical shock waves! Yadayadayada... Also, due to the acquisition of the EoE movie rights by and Lilith-Rei emerges, cupping the Black Moon in her hands). But that was in order to minimize the damage by returning Adam (flashed image: Giant of Shinji (releasing Misato's cross from his left hand): tasting her blood in his mouth, Shinji slides into the corner, sobbing. Maya (on radio): Then, don't do anything. Real-life scenes of urban Tokyo).

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