Else: The [HAB.GetAdjective] Emperor, [HAB.Monarch.GetName], is calling in [HAB.Monarch.GetHerHis] debts in order to fund [HAB.Monarch.GetHerHis] war against [emperors_enemy.GetUsableName]. Find below a list of all event IDs in EU4. [HAB.Monarch.GetSheHeCap] demands full and immediate payment. Landshut creates a personal union with Ingolstadt. 2.1 Transfer the Palatine Electorate to Bavaria? This page was last edited on 25 July 2020, at 15:29. The year is between 1520 and 1560. event “Transfer the Palatine Electorate to Bavaria?” - option "Long live the Elector of [From.GetUsableName]! Hidden effect: Landshut gets the event “Ansbach Purchases Claim to Wittelsbach Inheritance”. Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Munich or The Palatinate exists. ", Please help with verifying or updating this infobox. This page was last edited on 24 June 2020, at 01:57. The country tag for Bavaria in EU4 is:. My first two were quality, then admin. event “Regensburg's Debts” - option "They must pay their dues.". Our Colony Has Been Struck By Roman Fever, Fear And Loathing Removal On Ruler Death Ontriggered, Wilhelm Iv Invites The Jesuits Into Bavaria, The Incorporation Of Prussia Into Brandenburg, The Prussian Brandenburg African Trade Company, The Enlightened Reforms Of Frederick The Great, May Release Previous Owner Provinces In Hre, The Count Of Charolais And The Edict Of Blood, The Rivalry Of The Mac And Trinh Families, The Creation Of The London Stock Exchange, The Decree Of Indulgence And The Bill Of Test, Adam Smith Publishes The Wealth Of Nations, House Of Lancaster Wins The War Of The Roses, Voltaire Publishes Lettres Philosophiques, Constitutionalism And The General Estates, Statholder Office Is Made Hereditary In Oranien Dynasty, Administrative And Social Reforms Of Mathias Corvinus, Rhodians And Other Greeks Accepted Into The Order, Royal Reaction On The Polish Liberum Veto, Install A Vassal Ruler On Cyprus James Ii, Emissaries Going Through Mamelukes We Can Decide, Turkey Gets Chance To Eliminate Them For Good, The Strategic Decision After Zheng Hos Journey, The Commissioning Of The Saint Peters Basilica, The CounterReformation And The Reformation Of The Catholic Faith, The Nieszawa PrivilegesConventiones Particulares, The Pacta Conventa And The Henrykian Articles, The Sejm Refuse To Allow The Mobilization Of More Troops, Governor Martim Afonso De Sousa In Brazil, King SebastiOs Expedition To North Africa, The Treasury Reform And The Abolishing Of The Kormlenije System, The Russian Orthodox Church Declared Independent Of Constantinople, Full Serfdom Enforced By Sobornoj Ulozjenije, The State Take Control Of The Russian Church, Major Road Constructions In The Highlands, Torquemada And The Expulsion Of The Moors, The Centralization Reforms Of Gustav Vasa, The Military Reforms Of Gustavus Adolphus, The Coup Detat And The Enlightened Despot, Persians Take Advantage Of Ottoman Instability, The Legal Reforms Of Suleyman The Magnificent, The Decentralizing Effect Of The Provincial System, Chance Of Being Triggered When An Heir With A Weak Claim Succeeds To The Throne, On Action Hre Prince Released By The Emperor, On Action Hre Prince Converts To NonEmperor Religion, On Action Hre Prince Converts To Emperors Religion, On Action Hre Member Annexed By NonHre Country, On Action Hre Member Released From NonHre Vassalage, On Action Emperor Coming To The Defense Of A Hre Member, On Action Emperor Not Coming To The Defense Of A Hre Member, On Action Hre Member Takes A Hre Province From An Outside Country In A Peace, People Angered By Our Failure To Wage War, Our Armys Lan Strikes Fear Into The Enemy, Generals Concerned By Our Unmanly Tactics, Popular Enthusiasm For Our Navy Diminishes, Tawaf Arafat Muzdalifah Ramy AlJamarat Eid AlAdha Tawaf AlIfaadah, Policy Changes Ban Alcohol Coffee And Tobacco, Muhammad Salih Tahtawi The Celestial Globe, The Introduction Of New Diseases And Exploitation, Attempt To Convert The Natives Protestantism, Attempt To Convert The Natives Catholicism, Spread Of Diseases As New Colonies Are Established, High Infamy Patriots And Nationalists Seize The Day, Cessation Of Church Functions To Nobility, Prestige Formerly Cultural Tradition Gain, Stability Formerly Cultural Tradition Loss, War Exhaustion Gain Or ArmyNavy Tradition Loss, War Exhaustion Loss Or ArmyNavy Tradition Gain, Relation Boost With A Random Neighbour Country, Church Elders Think The Apocalypse Is Coming, Intolerant Society Large Number Of Heretics, Civil Disorder About To Devolve Into Chaos, Our Mercantilist Policies Strengthen Trade, Merchants Worried About Lack Of Protection, Get A Claim On A Neighbouring Richer Province, Get A Pretender Rising If Low WarExhaustion And Not In A War, Event To Get A Heir Killed And Pretender Rising, Bad Relations If Overlord Is Not Having Strong Aristocracy, Bad Relations If They Have Bad Reputation, Cultural Establishment Resist Westernization, Government Officials Resist Westernization. The command to kill the ruler of Bavaria is:. [KOL.Monarch.GetName], a member of our ruling family, has been appointed Archbishop of Cologne. Emperor is Austria. 1 with 1 trait, *1. just google for eu4 event ids there is a page with all of the event ids and you can ctrl+f keywords of the event so you can find the right ID. These are: Landshut; München; Nürnberg Gains a new discounted Artist (skill 3) named "Agostino Barelli", Ruler has the modifier "The Pleasures of Marriage", Pretender rebels (size 3) lead by "Maximilian von Wittelsbach" rise up in revolt in lesser partner's capital. ", event “Transfer the Palatine Electorate to Bavaria?” - option "The Electorate shall remain with the Palatinate.". User account menu. all owned provinces have either our religion or have a different religion group. This website is not affiliated with Europa Universalis IV, or Paradox Interactive. It exists in game starts from the 1st of December 1503 to the 12th of August 1704 and after the 7th of September 1714. Close. The Protestant reformation happened less than 10 years ago. For the areas, see Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and East Bavaria.. Bavaria is a formable nation in South Germany.It exists in game starts from the 1st of December 1503 to the 12th of August 1704 and after the 7th of September 1714. We must either pay up or default on our obligations as a Free City. tag BAV. Has the country flag wittelsbach_will_pay_for_regensburg, event “The Emperor Demands Payment” - option "Very well, we shall pay up. The year is between 1470 and 1520. event “Regensburg's Debts - Austria emperor” - option "They must pay their dues.". ", event “The Emperor Demands Payment” - option "We cannot pay these debts. Found the Royal Order of Saint George for the Defense of the Immaculate Conception. The year is at least 1470. This is a compilation and strategy article for Bavaria.Mechanics and flavor content are transcluded from other pages. Hidden effect: Set country flag REG_warned_of_debts. The cheat to add Bavaria to your country's interest is:. This article has been verified for the current version (1.30) of the game. BAV. The command to play as Bavaria in EU4 is:. The Protestant reformation happened. add_interest BAV. The year is at least 1521. event “Regensburg's Debts - Austria emperor” - option "We will forgive their financial transgressions. For countries with Bavarian primary culture. EU4 Cheats is an up-to-date, searchable Europa Universalis IV console commands list with detailed help and examples. https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Bavaria&oldid=126609, Munich (65), Landshut (64), Ingolstadt (2955). This Eu4 Emperor guide, specifically for eu4 1.30 bavaria is going to teach you how to form Bavaria as soon as 1447 with any of the three Bavarian minors, Ingolstadt, Munich or Landshut. This is a list of all Bavaria's events:[1]. EU4 Event IDs Find below a list of all event IDs in EU4. The Protestant reformation happened more than 50 years ago. This means a new era of Bavarian influence there. 1 Events. It was last verified for, The Duke invites the Jesuits into Bavaria. Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Munich or The Palatinate exists. Transfer the Palatine Electorate to Bavaria? First country between Landshut then Munich then Ingolstadt then The Palatinate that match the criteria: Regensburg gets the event “The Emperor Demands Payment”. ", event “The Emperor Demands Payment” - option "Accept [From.GetName]'s offer.". Get a new ruler with same dynasty, culture and religion than us. Palatine Electorate Transferred to [Root.GetName], Ansbach Purchases Claim to Wittelsbach Inheritance, The Religious Mandate of [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] [Root.Monarch.GetName], [bavarian_lesser_union_member.GetName] Chafes under Denmark, [regensburg_fromfrom.GetName] Intercedes on Behalf of Regensburg, /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorBAV.txt, The Death of Ludwig VIII - Ingolstadt notified, The Death of Ludwig VIII - Munich notified, https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Bavarian_events&oldid=124151, Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes, gets the opinion modifier “Bavarian Archbishop” towards.

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