Once she learns to believe in herself, she draws upon the power of her loved ones — and the moon — to unlock the Legendary Silver Crystal‘s full power. Among her many other badass exploits, Major uses her wits and unfaltering poker face against ace sniper Saito in a one-on-one gunfight. Although Hikari is a little too eager to compete and take on any challenge without even hearing the conditions of the challenge, she makes for a fun protagonist in Special A. Most badass moment: One of Mikasa’s earlier moments showing just how badass she is comes in Episode 6 of Attack on Titan‘s first season. The anime girl name Haruhi is a Japanese name meaning spring day, though there are various ways to write out Haruhi. From ferocious females to lovely vampire anime ladies, they’re all here in this list of the best female anime characters found on TV and in film.
Did you know that anime is a relatively old medium? Hio Shizuka is also known as the Mad Blooming Princess and is known for her violent tendencies. This list includes the best female anime characters in history. FANDOM is the ultimate destination for celebrating your love of anime.

A name is quite important. Anime girl names can have meanings revolving around things … Anime characters broken down by various qualities, including personality, family role, career, and more. As one of the most popular anime girl names, Yuuki is a Japanese name which means snow, though there are different kanji used to write out Yuuki. Along with all of the anime girl names, you'll see which TV show or film they appeared in, their powers and abilities … See more ideas about Female character names, Character names, Names with meaning. She goes in with full force, first destroying his weapon, and then slitting the Beheader’s throat. So what about me? Powers: A powerful wing that delivers high-speed attacks, pseudo-electrokinesis, speed, durability. Female names tend to have softer meanings than masculine names do. Not only does she prove herself as a highly proficient fighter in killing an abnormal Titan running at a crowd at the base of the Wall Rose, she also threatens to execute a merchant selfishly blocking the tunnel for the people’s evacuation. Quote: “Maybe someday your ‘maker’ will come, haul you away, take you apart, and announce the recall of a defective product. The Japanese word ko is usually written in the kanji that means child, which is very popular for girls names.
By January Nelson Updated June 19, 2018. Female names tend to have softer meanings than masculine names do. Most badass moment: Sailor Moon may not have the swords and guns of other women on this list, but her influence on anime and the way women were represented is the reason any of the others are here at all. Has anyone else been in a class with 3 people with the same name? Logs 03:47 pm endy1298 added an extra detail 11:30 am twoonght uploaded a character 10:53 am rpgguy999 new character Noma 10:52 am rpgguy999 uploaded a character 10:43 am rpgguy999 new character Zhao Hongming 10:42 am rpgguy999 uploaded a character 10:36 am rpgguy999 new character GM6 Lynx 10:36 am rpgguy999 uploaded a character … Unsplash / Jerry Kiesewetter.

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