This is the original viking name, meaning "the strong one". Luighseach – (LOO-seh or LEE-sak) “bringer of light”; feminine also can be Lugh, and name of an early saint.

Morrin. Elatha – (AHL-a-hah) An old name meaning “art or craft”; a female or male name.

on the ark. Eibhilín – (eh-y-LEEN) “light.” Eveleen, Eileen, Aileen, Ellen. Casidhe – from a word meaning “clever.” Casie. One might assume that she died in childbirth, being a young woman, but I suspect that as a warrior, she was more likely to have died either in battle, or on a hunting expedition. Such details were just not seen as important. As a child, his care was entrusted to his aunt Bodhmal and another woman named Liath Luachra. This scratch-off game gift revealer works on all cellphones and computers. Aimilíona – (a-mil-EE-nuh) “industrious.” Amelia. Aina, Anne. They disappeared with him into the forests of the Slieve Bloom mountains to keep him safe from his father’s killers. And frustrating. Modern Irish Meadhbh. I guess virility was linked with power and strength, even among women. Sibby, Sibi, Siobaigh (shuh-BEH). Finally, I couldn’t draw this post to an end without mentioning Brigid. And if that’s not kickass, I don’t know what is. That’s devotion for you.

Medb – “intoxicating” or “she who makes men drunk.” Medb, Maedhbh, Meadhbh. Of course everyone has heard of the Morrigan, the triple aspect female deity said to preside over war-mongery, strife and sovereignty. Anglicized Gobnet.

So here we have a fine example of two high-born women of skill so exceptional, they made their charge into a famous hero, and yet all we know about them is their names. Ranait – (RAN-eh) “grace, prosperity.” Renny. The mother-to-be will be so surprised to see each gift from each person and love it!

Colleen – derived from the Celtic word for “girl.”. Of course everyone has heard of the Morrigan, the triple aspect female deity said to preside over war-mongery, strife and sovereignty.

Which meant that ancient Ireland had its fair share of warrior women, and some of them were quite kickass, by all accounts! Síle – (SHEE-la) “blind.” Cecilia, Cicily, Celia, Selia, Sheila, Sheela. Bernadette – (fem. Muadnat, Muadhnait (MOO-uh-nit). Scathach (Ska-ha) was a female warrior who had a military training academy, Dún Scáith meaning ‘fortress of shadows’ on the Isle of Skye.

Nora, Honora.

Four abbesses of Kildare also had this name.

of Edwin “happy friend.” Edwina. Moninne – a version of the name Blinne. Ainsley – “one’s own meadow”; occasionally used as a female name; probably originally a local name, either Annesley in Nottinghamshire, from Old English An “one, only” + leah “wood or clearing”; or Ansley in Warwickshire, from OE ansetl “hermitage” + leah. Brianna – also can be Brian; “the strong.” Briana. //-->, Books

I guess she had a pretty big ego, that she was prepared to risk so many lives for her pride; either that, or she was made to look like an evil cow (sorry, pardon the pun), an example of what can happen when women get into power. Bairrfhionn – “fair-haired.” Barrfind, Bairre, Barre, Barron. Despite being the High King’s daughter, and married to Fionn, she clearly wasn’t important enough to bother mentioning the manner of her passing. Muireann – (MEER-an or MOHR-in) “of the long hair”; from Old Irish muir “sea”, may also mean “sea-white” or “sea-fair.” Wife of Finn mac Cumhaill’s son Oisin.

Ryann – feminine version of Ryan, “little ruler.”. Muirgen, Muirenn. Fand – a goddess of healing and pleasure in Ireland and Isle of Man, who married the sea god Manannan mac Lir.

Even so, when it comes to researching women in Irish mythology, there’s a bit of a black hole. I suspect she was pretty nifty with a  weapon, too.

Dallas – “wise.” Dallys, Dalishya, Dalyce. Celtic - Powerful, strong; Exalted One; Form Of Bridget, From Be;enus a Celtic Sun God, mens Brilliant, bright woman, Celtic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Noble and Bright; Pale Green Gemstone; A variant of name Barrie.

Alva – Irish anglicized also can be Gaelic name Almha.

Tara – (TAH-ra) “tower”; Old Irish=Temair. Orlaith.

Riomthach – one of the five sisters of Saint Colman of County Cork.

8 years before Birgitta, Birgitte, Brigitta and Brigitte and all of the other forms.

Toiréasa – (toh-REH-suh) Irish also can be Teresa “harvester.” Theresa, Tessie.

She was particularly well loved for her kindness and gentleness. If we’re honest here, it was rape at knife-point… nothing heroic about that. Her. Celach – “bright-headed”; more commonly given to males.

For me, she is the epitome of mythological womanhood; not only did she embody all the much sought after female attributes, including fertility as the Goddess presiding over Spring, but she could conduct herself with skill and aplomb in the forge.
Mona – (MOH-na) Old Irish=name Muadnat, derived from muad “noble, good.” Saint Muadnat of Drumcliffe. Siobhán – (shuh-VAHN) “gracious.” Joan, Hannah. He was conceived after she swallowed a star that had fallen into her mouth while sleeping. She deceived Fergus out of his throne and installed her son Conchobar upon it, whereupon Fergus went to Connacht to join Medb and became her lover. Kelly – “warrior woman”; “farm by the spring” Kellie, Kelli, Kaley.

Create it yourself using scratch-off templates, or have it created for you. And indeed, the only way Cuchullain can enter is by leaping across a deep ravine, thus risking death. He kills her father, and carries her off in triumph, only to be confronted by an army led by another warrior woman, Scenmed, Emer’s sister or aunt, who attempt unsuccessfully to rescue her.
traditionally the patroness of those with mental illness and nervous afflictions, but has lately been adopted (in light of her personal history) by victims of incest and other sexual abuses.

Sile – (SHEE-la) “blind”; Irish= Cecilia.

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7064226711837177"; Fedelm Noichrothach (Fedelm Nine-Times-Beautiful) was the daughter of King Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster, and a woman warrior.

Aella. Affrica – (Gael) “pleasant, agreeable.” Name of a 12th Century queen of the Isle of Man, not from the continent.

Aifric – (A-frik) (Celt) “pleasant”; Afric, Africa, Aphria. Rigru Roisclethan – the queen of Been Edair, a place in the Otherworld.

Siban, Shibahn, Siobhanin (shi-VAWN-een). Subsequently, she becomes pregnant with his son, Connla. of Elizabeth. Modern Irish Aoibheann. Even her menstrual cycle is mentioned: “Then her issue of blood came upon Medb and she said: ‘Fergus, cover the retreat of the men of Ireland that I may pass my water’. When Cuchullain completes his training, he returns to Ulster to claim Emer as his bride. As a child, his care was entrusted to his aunt Bodhmal and another woman named Liath Luachra. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7064226711837177"; Sláine – (SLAH-nye or SLAHN-nuh) “good health”; used in medieval times by the MacNamaras and O’Briens. Benvy – “Lady of Meath.” Bean Mhi (BEN-vee). She established a community at the foot of Slieve Gullion in Killevy, County Armagh.

Winifred – from Wenefreda, Latin= of Welsh Grewfrwei, “blessed reconciliation.”, Withypol – might be from English withy “twig, willow” + poll “head.”.

On the other, we have the helpless heroines such as Etain, Deirdre, and Grainne, who seemingly did little but lure men with their beauty into tragedy and catastrophe.

Women were also entitled to enter all the same professions as men. Caitrín – (KAT-reen) “pure.” Caitriona, (kat-TREE-nuh) Catherine. A prophecy said that when she married her mother would die, therefore she was guarded by monsters. Andronika. ALASTRIONA: "defends mankind." Eibhilín – (eh-y-LEEN) “light”; Eveleen, Eileen, Aileen, Ellen. Cahan – from cath “battle” or “a warrior.” An abbess of Kildare.

Airmid – (AIR-mit) daughter of a physician Dian Cecht who was one of the Tuatha De Danann, an expert in the use of herbs for medicinal purposes.

Which meant that ancient Ireland had its fair share of warrior woman, and some of them were quite kickass, by all accounts! Eachna – (AK-na) Old Irish=ech “horse.” Early legend has a Connacht princess named Eachna who was one of the loveliest and cleverest women in the world. Irish (Gaeilge), also referred to as Gaelic or Irish Gaelic.

Anglicized Alby, Albert for males. She got rid of Etain by using magic and turning her into a fly. Lil – pet also can be Elizabeth. Sina, Seena, Sheena, Shena, Shana, Shauna, Shay, Shona, Shonda, Shawnda, Shonta, Shunta. Her place of martyred death is marked by a monument in Gheel, Belgium, where she had fled for her life and virtue, as her own father (an Irish king, as the story goes) was determined to wed her, his own daughter, following the death of his wife and queen (Dymphna’s natural mother). In Hebrew it means Father of many, Irish - Pleasant; Agreeable; Pleasing; Woman from Africa, Celtic - Beauty; A great warrior woman of myth; It is variant of the name Aoife, Celtic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name Alana, Celtic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name Alana; Serene; Dear Child, Celtic - Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A variant form of the name Alana which means precious, serene; Fair Maiden or Beautiful Maiden, Celtic - Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; Lovely; Germanic - Of a noble kind; A variant of Alana and Aline, Embodied with celestial wisdom they are dainty like feather are the first born and full of rushness, Oath; pledge; one who is like the oath of God, Beautiful bird who is filled with life and charm. She had 22 brothers and 2 sisters, and her father, being fair-minded, divided Ireland into 25 portions allotting one to each of his children.

Often, even really key women, as you will find out, are only mentioned in relation to the male hero of the tale, rather than in her own right. Nick names can … Agata – “good”; variant of Greek name Agatha.

I have mentioned Medb loads of times in this blog, so I’m not going to go into any great detail here.

Labhaoise – (LAU-ee-shuh) “holiness”; Louisa, Louise.

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