The Bill Brasky sketch might be the greatest SNL bit of all time. Like the Brasky Buddies' stories, the sisters' descriptions of Willoughby steadily grow more and more bizarre, and they recount even the most repugnant facts ("His teeth are like sharp pieces of corn!") I’ve noticed that it seems to happen every time he has played David Letterman earlier in the night. — Another particularly great line about Brasky, as told by all three of the guys: “He hated Mexicans…” “…and he was half-Mexican…” “…and he hated irony.” Then he takes off his beard and says, “There’s no Santa ’cause I ate him. Fourth Friend of Brasky: That’s them, That’s them. Bill Brasky stares down at the gang in the skit, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday,, Articles lacking sources from December 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A character on SNL during the early ninties that seems to have quite a Legend. This sketch was cut after dress rehearsal and never made it into the live show. Bill Brasky stares down at the gang in the skit, ✪ Brasky's Buddies at Chuck E. Cheese - SNL, ✪ Bill Swerski's Super Fans: Thanksgiving - SNL. the miniseries features an as yet undramatized natural disaster, — At first, I thought this was a real NBC commercial that was left in the copy I’m reviewing of the live version of this episode, until I recognized Will. SNL Transcripts: Danny DeVito: 12/03/88: You Shot Me! After the sketch ended, there was an impromptu 45-second shot of the SNL band to fill time, before the last commercial break and goodnights. Third Friend of Brasky: We certainly are. Willoughby!" Second Friend of Brasky: Brasky’s a son of a bitch. — Pretty weak Top 10 list from Alec’s DeNiro so far. Third Friend of Brasky: Have you guys ever worked with a guy by the name of Bill Brasky? Bill Brasky is an unseen character who is the subject of a series of sketches on the television sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live. host goes backstage to demonstrate how SNL is a wholesome, family show, — I love the banjo music randomly playing when Alec is going on about how what makes SNL important is the people who put the show together. STARS: **½, DRESSING ROOM STARS: **½, WONG & OWENS, EX-PORN STARS A huge rarity for SNL to go from the final sketch to the goodnights without cutting to commercial. Shouldn’t Alec’s DeNiro have waited until the #1 entry of the list to say “Live from New York”, instead of saying it as the fifth entry?

First Friend of Brasky: Make that four. Took place at "McKay Funeral Home", a reference to the sketch's writer. That work has earned him nine Emmys and thirteen nominations. They appear to be coming from a business conference, and are already very drunk. "I'm wearing a diaper"). — I like Alec’s “Don is very old” aside to the camera after the only thing Don Pardo responds to Alec’s questions with is “It’s Saturday Night Live!” There’s no scotch in that glass. It was also awfully heavy on recurring sketches (Sentimental Yard Sale was literally the ONLY non-recurring sketch all night), which itself isn’t too big of a problem with me, as I’ve gotten used to season 22’s heavy reliance on recurring sketches, but the problem I have is that a lot of tonight’s installments of said recurring sketches were a step down from preceding installments (including the Letterman cold opening, even though it still worked). — They’re even having Alec play the same columnist (Rex Reed) that Phil Hartman played in the last installment of this sketch, and Alec is being given the same type of harsh dialogue towards celebrities. — I feel the New York accents premise kinda pales in comparison to the funnier Australian and Michigan accents premises of the previous iterations of this sketch, but it’s still providing laughs. They appear to be coming from a business conference, and are already very drunk. Fourth: Bill Brasky? Fourth Friend of Brasky: ‘At a boy, Hank. — Tonight’s heavy usage of recurring sketches continues. It’s still not doing much to stop my gradual slowburn towards this recurring sketch as a whole, though. — A good laugh from Cheri’s cramps bit. The buddies then exchange several shorter claims about Brasky. After a rough day on Wall Street, Bill Brasky's buddies tell more outlandish tales of Bill Brasky. — I’m getting a big laugh from Stern detailing his dark and tasteless rejected sketch about Elizabeth Taylor’s tumor. Long Island phone sex operators are aroused by callers, not vice versa, — The third and final edition of this era’s series of accent-based phone sex line sketches. (as seen in the second-to-last above screencap for this cartoon) Or do I not wanna know? I know Bill Brasky!" Third: He does! "I'm wearing a diaper"). The cycle will then repeat, starting with the second Brasky Buddy, getting more outrageous each time around. He’s a human.”. He's a hell of a salesman! First Friend of Brasky: His favorite TV movie is “The Boy In The Plastic Bubble” starring John Travolta. — This premise kinda feels like the reverse of the Sentimental Value Pawn Shop sketch that Phil Hartman did in the late 80s. During the rehearsal, Farley's large fake teeth fall out twice and he later stumbles over his lines. You know uh, You know how I like to steal lose change and valuable from your houses whenever I’m over?

In addition to the Bill Brasky sketches, a sketch that followed a very similar format called "Mr. Willoughby" appeared on the January 14, 2006 episode of SNL.

Framed as a trailer for a movie based on a lost Jane Austen novel of the same title, the sketch featured Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey and host Scarlett Johansson as a trio of Victorian sisters rhapsodizing about one Mr. Willoughby, "the most eligible bachelor in all of Upper Cornholeshire." 2) "One time I was with Brasky in … musical guest performs “In Your Wildest Dreams”, LONG ISLAND GIRLS During the rehearsal, Farley's large fake teeth fall out twice and he later stumbles over his lines. — Great ending with Brasky’s drink-holding hand bursting through his coffin, demanding a refill of his drink. However, this is one sketch that I am always ecstatic to see. a slight step up, My full set of screencaps for this episode is here, February 22, 1997 – Alec Baldwin / Tina Turner (S22 E14), December 3, 2011 – Steve Buscemi / The Black Keys (S37 E8), November 19, 2011 – Jason Segel / Florence + The Machine (S37 E7), November 12, 2011 – Emma Stone / Coldplay (S37 E6), November 5, 2011 – Charlie Day / Maroon 5 (S37 E5), October 15, 2011 – Anna Faris / Drake (S37 E4), May 12, 1990 – Andrew Dice Clay / The Spanic Boys, Julee Cruise (S15 E19), May 16, 2009 – Will Ferrell / Green Day (S34 E22). We go on because it’s 11:30.” This oft-repeated bit of Saturday Night Live philosophy from the show’s creator and longtime executive producer, Lorne Michaels, elegantly sums up the immediate, ephemeral, and frequently hit-or-miss nature of the show. After the sketch ended, there was an impromptu 45-second shot of the SNL band to fill time, before the last commercial break and goodnights. — Feels a bit empty seeing this sketch without David Koechner, after I’ve gotten used to seeing him in these Bill Brasky sketches when recently reviewing the previous installments. Typically, the three cycle through the same genres of comment four or five times. — A good laugh from the “Irish Need Not Apply” sign. — A big laugh from Alec’s random aside “I’m a convicted sex offender!” — After the brief bit with Tracy randomly acting like an army general, I love Alec telling the camera in a deadpan manner “I have no idea who that man is.” STARS: ***, SENTIMENTAL YARD SALE He completed the screen capture of Broadway's Romeo & Juliet in 2013. — We at least get a new turn with Alec also turning out be a former 1970s porn star. while on-air, Chris Garnett has turf war with station newscaster (host), — I love the running gag with the increasingly urban-sounding black names Tim reads off during a report (e.g.

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