Iain Banks lives with his wife in a house. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. His zodiac sign is Taurus. [23] Most liked, -1) ? 'My career with Marillion was over and I was well into my solo career by the time she was born so she never really experienced that with me. Until last year he'd been running his own record label and recording studio for five years, and having to deal with all the incumbent hassles. "Katie found my baggage difficult to handle.

ROCKER Fish opened his heart yesterday to reveal his second divorce and vow: "I've had it with women.". What I find really disgusting is that the most powerful comment on the Falklands War. The only job opportunities were in London. He then went on to appear in two episodes of Snoddy, a short-lived Scottish television sitcom. I went to Vietnam for a month on my own. It was a very tough time.". The entrance to the property, in the town's Holmscroft Street, was taped off, with a uniformed officer and a squad car protecting the cordon.

You still have to promote it in the big world. His science-fiction novels include 'Consider Phlebas' and 'Excession'. He admitted the quiet countryside drove Katie "stir crazy" and she yearned to return to the bright lights of London and her career as an occupational therapist. I decided to seek a divorce. Are you sure you want to submit this vote? It was very scary but I just had to deal with it.". "To say the timing of her story was deliberate is an understatement.

Luckily, the problem was a cyst and he has had two operations to remove it. I thought it was all going to work again. In fact they were fascinated by her and she is going to the Gun N' Roses concert backstage and I haven't even been asked. "We were only two miles from Haddington but when it's freezing and thick with snow, that's a big two miles.

In 2005, Fish won a Celebrity Music edition of The Weakest Link, beating Eggsy of Goldie Lookin Chain in the final round, sharing £18,750 with Eggsy's charity and his own. Mark Colbert Kelly (born 9 April 1961) is an Irish keyboardist and member of the neo-progressive rock band Marillion. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi to divorce after 21 years. According to Fish, Marillion owe it all to Terry Wogan. The last thing I need right now is another relationship," he said. I'd like to write novels or screenplays. I’m talking to Fish, for seven years the towering front-man of Marillion and for the last 32, an acclaimed solo artist. She wasn't fulfilled. The difficulty is getting your music heard and promoting your material into the wider world. IAIN BANKS: When I created Weird, the rock star in my novel Espedair Street, I think Fish was at the back of my mind as a wee subliminal influence. Husband says he's 'lost' after cyclist wife dies in horror Edinburgh lorry crash. [3], Fish became widely known as the lead singer and lyricist of the neo-progressive rock band Marillion from 1981 until 1988. [on Scottish independence] I've got my own personal feelings on it but I live up here and I've lived up here since 1988, so sometimes I'll object a little bit to some of the celebrities that are going all out, "Better Together" - it's like, "You don't live up here". Newest first, -1) ? In 2001, he auditioned (unsuccessfully) for the James Bond film Die Another Day. Now he's gone back to doing what he's really good at: being a singer. [2] Peter Hammill of Van der Graaf Generator was also a major influence on his songwriting and vocal delivery, which is especially notable on the first two Marillion albums.[3]. "I was annoyed.

It's been really good to see Iain's profile developing over the years, but I envy the fact that his face does not have to be attached to his work, whereas with what I do that's unavoidable.

Iain Banks, 45, was born in Fife.

In 1980, he quit and started a musical career. We both like to show off, I suppose. Fish, 62, no longer indulges in liquor or cocaine and has been happily married to his third wife Simone Rosler for three years. His first acting role was as a guest star in an episode of "Zorro" called "The Newcomers" (aired 10 February 1991) but a more prominent role was as the thug "Ferguson" alongside John Sessions in Jute City, a four-part 1991 BBC drama based on a group of Masonic ruffians. Since going solo in 1988 he has released 10 more albums. Because Misplaced Childhood was a big album. My wife and I don't have children and I'm constantly amazed at how Fish manages such intensity alongside his family life. Fish joined Marillion in 1981.

I love "Misplaced Childhood" because it brought us success, but the album also signaled the end of the band as it brought a lot of collisions and conflict. Fish joined Marillion in 1981.

I mean obviously you take an interest in what other people are doing but you just chart your own path.

In the latest Record Celtic podcast, Sutton explained his confusion on the response to Rangers compared to Celtic and Aberdeen.

Spice Girls star Melanie B has reportedly asked her ex Eddie Murphy to up his child support for their daughter Angel from the £21,000 a month he pays at the moment. Heyday: Fish pictured in 1984 in concert with Marillion 'I'm extremely nervous but I'm really looking forward to it.

He says it was one of the most romantic days of his life. Following a legal dispute with EMI Records and an unsuccessful contract with Polydor, Fish established the Dick Bros Record Company in Haddington in 1993. 'I took her to see Queen when she was about 16, we were sat around a table with Brian May and Roger Taylor and she wasn't fazed at all. On 25 July 1987, Fish married his first wife, Tamara Nowy, a German model who appeared in the music videos for "Kayleigh", "Lady Nina", and "A Gentleman's Excuse Me". Fish was the first rock insider I met and the stories he's told me - most of them unrepeatable - make the music business sound even worse than I'd imagined. Een dubbelalbum dat zich met verschillende vocalisten begeeft op het raakvlak van progressieve rock, conceptalbum en opera/musical. I never wanted to be a rock star, but I still harbour a really vague ambition to write music and find out if the tunes in my head are as good as I think.

Later she also appeared in the video of his solo single, "A Gentlemen's Excuse Me". I've got used to signing autographs for 13 year old Kayleighs.

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