EVANGELISTA: It’s those colors you always mixed together to put on my face—the colors that you used on me. ThaT’S rEaLLy onE of my main TaLEnTS: ThaT i’VE aLwayS known whaT i’VE wanTEd. NARS: Of course, I love it then. EVANGELISTA: Do you still pay attention to all of the fashion magazines? EVANGELISTA: I just have so many great—and very blurry—memories of those days when we started working together. I did a couple of issues for Egoïste. . . It was the late ’80s . . . EVANGELISTA: Do you go to the South of France? All rights reserved. . [laughs] As much as there are good things today, talking about models now . . They’re saying, ‘When she smiles, we can see her gums.’ ” And I’m like, I’m gonna get thrown out of here because of my knees. NARS: I like all of it. NARS: Still is today—especially for a brick. The New York story is very easy: I was working on a job for American Vogue with Polly Mellen, and she was the person who said to me, “You have to come to the United States.”.

Of course, sometimes you have a preference, but when it comes to the Orgasm blush, I really didn’t design it in a special way. I mean, you used to create these lips that I didn’t have. There are so many. [sings] Honey, where’d you get those eyes? So it was a dream. EVANGELISTA: I can only do Honolulu Honey. You feel that they are really out there.

It was so fun. I need a professional to do it—somebody I can trust, who will not duplicate them or sell them or put them on the internet. Speaking of video cameras, do you remember the video camera we bought together on the street? Drunk Elephant Got the Big Fancy Exit. It’s not peach. EVANGELISTA: You got to work with some of them. They tell me because they like to tell me, but I never think about numbers or money. [2], François Nars was born in Tarbes in the South of France[3] and grew up influenced by his mother Claudette and her collection of designer clothes. That’s why I never went forward with transferring them. We didn’t take a minute off. I love going there in the summer. It was like working with John Lennon or something. EVANGELISTA: I think I might know someone who can do it. I went crazy for Polly. The line began with 12 lipsticks, sold exclusively at Barneys New York in sleek black packaging designed by They remember every single color and they’ll go, “Please, can you bring back this color that got discontinued?”. That’s why, if I had to choose, I probably would love to work with him at that time. Tell me one picture you see of her now. You have to be so careful. . I don’t know why, but I loved painting her and I loved the attitude. She also helped him acquire his first job as an assistant to some of Paris' top makeup artists. [9] In 2017 NARS announced that, despite being against animal testing, it was a requirement for selling products in the China market. His father is François Pinault, the honorary chairman and the founder of Kering. François Nars Beauty has been a lifelong obsession for François Nars. By Geoffrey Monte s. June 17, 2016. François-Henri Pinault started dating actress Salma Hayek in 2006, and the couple got married in 2006.

.” they start saying, “You cannot be nostalgic.” Well, you know what? Neither, it seems, do conventional ideas of beauty. There are makeup artists, and then there is François Nars. Linda Evangelista, who has known Nars since the late ’80s—and has frequently served as a canvas for some of his most iconic work—recently met up with him at the Star Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel off Central Park in Manhattan. Ad Choices, Cosmetic mogul François Nars’s 10-acre island, which includes a home that sleeps 20 people, is on the market for $50 million. NARS Cosmetics is a French cosmetics and skin care company founded by make-up artist and photographer François Nars in 1994. EVANGELISTA: Oh, I forgot about that Egoïste moment. EVANGELISTA: We weren’t allowed. Fabien Baron NARS: It actually ended up that Stephanie gave me one of her prints. I have no idea who she is. EVANGELISTA: Do you like doing those kinds of things—appearances and whatnot? Those were models who will stay forever. Perhaps you know a thing or two about François-Henri Pinault, however, how well do you know about him? $1.4 Million François Lis Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family François Lis is an actor, known for La pietra del paragone (2007), Hippolyte et … [laughs]. EVANGELISTA: What do you think my favorite lipstick is? In 1897, Henri became the manager of the buying department at PPR and later in 1990; he became the head manager of the Pinault Distribution. EVANGELISTA: I know. When cosmetics mogul François Nars purchased the South Pacific island of Motu Tane, 16 years ago, there wasn’t even any electricity or running water on the property. EVANGELISTA: She’s all over the blogs, all over the Daily Mail.

I mean, I had to hold my hands over my boobs when you did my makeup. It was a print from Worlds in a Small Room—you know, the project with tribes that he had photographed. To me, that’s not necessarily a model. Be choosey – if you find the perfect blush from NARS that you can’t get anywhere else then maybe it is worth the cash. But a good photographer and a good makeup artist could not rely on retouching. NARS: Well, now it’s getting quite big. He went on to become the President of CFAO, and in 1997 he was appointed the CEO of Fnac.

NARS: I know. But the fun part of doing makeup is really mixing things—you know, mixing two colors to get another color. .” And he said, “Yeah, somebody from her agency told me I should see her.” So I was one of the ones who actually told Steven, “You have to see this girl.

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