She tried to steady her breathing, the close proximity of the two had really thrown her body into turmoil. Sunrise do. And God help those writers who unwittingly stoke the rage of those rabid fans who can’t tolerate anything less than a pitch perfect representation of their canonical character. In more ways than one, she found herself thinking. Natsuki's heart stammered in her chest at the sight before her.

As someone who has read a sickeningly large amount of fanfiction, I can say with good authority that in 99.9% of cases, most fanfiction does not benefit from the use of author insertion/wish-fulfillment characters.

Ignoring the action, Natsuki concentrated on voicing her thoughts. She couldn't feel the air on her ear any more. He's really friendly and nice; I think he's one of the few students who's making friends in all four houses. She couldn't turn to look at her, she couldn't see that look in her eyes any more. Then came the even sweeter scent of her breath as it brushed against her face, bringing every nerve under her skin to attention. I love the Wave Country arc–the heartbreaking tale of Zabuza and Haku was what suckered me into watching 400+ episodes of ramen-eating, orange clad ninja philosophizing. She's a pretty oriental with black hair and brown eyes, and her face looks familiar. Nähere Informationen dazu Du erhältst dafür keine Werbung mehr sowie ein paar kleine Erweiterungen für deinen Account. OOC, or out-of-character behavior is perhaps even more off putting than OC’s, because your audience knows those characters better than anyone else. "I haven't seen her, sorry. But, he's given a second chance at life. (Will there ever be enough?). She said cheerfully. Had I been brought here? ( Log Out /  spezieller Filter-Software (z.B. Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine, which is why I write in my spare time for free. Now that those people have left, lets get on with the lemon-y goodness! Artemis had to help everyone except Tessie escape their simulations. Natsuki's back arched and she rocked her hips back and forth in a mesmerising motion, setting the pace for her lover. Natsuki was sure she was going to pass out with the amount of blood that was rushing to her head.

She rested her head under Shizuru's chin and the beating of the other woman's heart resounded in her ear. No Trolling. Her heart fluttered in her chest at the words, elated that Shizuru wanted to be with her and saddened that she felt she had to suffer to do so.

She swallowed, her throat suddenly becoming dry. Different writers will offer different opinions but there’s a general consensus even among writers who take huge liberties with canon that good fanfiction is respectful of the original source material and pays homage to canon.

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