Anti-encryption drive to reduce Child Abuse: In the past few years, cases of online child exploitation images have increased from thousands per year to tens of millions. In this way, while using a specific service, customers are prompted to use additional services, with positive effects on the bottom line for the business. Google organizational culture is developed to attract, motivate and retain the most competent workforce. Disney SWOT analysis 2019 | SWOT Analysis of Disney, Walmart SWOT analysis 2019 | SWOT Analysis of Walmart. Google’s revenue from cloud computing has grown a lot in the last year. At the core of … Available at:, Facebook, Inc. (2018). In the coming years too and after the arrival of 5G, the number of mobile users will continue to rise and so will the revenue being generated from mobile advertising. Available at:, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (2016). In the U.S., the company was recently sued for colluding with Apple to make it the default search engine for Apple’s browser. According to Strategic Management Insight (2013), Google is currently working … Explore Our Work. Starting from its search engine to google maps, Gmail, google news, chrome browser, Google has brought a large range of products that serve the needs of billions of users on the planet. Using PESTLE, this report discusses how trade tensions between China and USA will impact the company. Available at:, Fast Company (2018). Competition from Facebook on search segment, 4. Google maintains a leadership position in online advertising segment. To some extent, Google can use its dominant market share as a source of power over its customers, competitors and suppliers. Massive amount of information. Strong brand recognition has also led to higher growth, sales, and revenue. Benefiting from shift from desktop to mobile computing, 2. However, apart from its online products and services, the company has also brought some hardware products like Pixel smartphones as well as Android OS to the market. All the information is supported with data from the most trusted sources. Google with the introduction of the Google Chrome book Pixel Touch Screen Digitizer, Google Nexus One and HDMI Streaming Media Player have given indication of its intension to capture the electronic industry. We generate revenues primarily by delivering both performance advertising and brand advertising. Employee protests inside Google grew stronger towards the end of 2018. One of the major political issues likely to further hinder Google is continued trade tensions between USA and China. He likes to blog and share his knowledge and research in business management, marketing, literature and other areas with his readers. Patenting by Organizations 2014. Facebook is also a leading competitor of Google in the area of digital advertising as well as mobile advertising. In fiscal 2019, the revenue of Google from nonadvertising sources reached $25.93 billion which includes Google’s revenue form Cloud and other sources. While on the one hand regulatory barriers are to stop large businesses from establishing their monopoly, on the other they can drive operational costs higher for businesses and create pressures that can make it difficult to expand market share. Often, the company acquires already finished products that grow into successful businesses, like YouTube. Apart from the leading and fastest search engine, Google has also brought a large range of other products and services used by individuals and businesses worldwide including cloud-based services. Further, Google is also known for its work in organizing information in a concise and … To access your Dasboard please click the dashboard button in the Main Menu. In 2018, google’s revenue from advertising was $$116,318 million which was around $21 billion higher than the previous year. Dominance in web search, video content sharing, online advertising, mobile OS, browser usage and many other markets. Google has brought a very large range of online products and services used worldwide by individuals as well as business users. . Also, the company has one of the worlds most valuable brands. Available at:, Crunch Base (2018). Available at:, Interbrand (2018). SWOT Analysis of Google. We report all non-Google businesses collectively as Other Bets. However, a macro environmental analysis of Google’s business environment using Pestel reveals several factors that may hinder future growth of the tech giant. Google’s recent increase in its advertising and other revenue sources has been fueled by the huge adoption of its Android mobile OS. Available at:, IDC (2018). Apple Acquisitions. Not all products and services within Alphabet portfolio are making profits at the moment.

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