Rear Stabilizer Jacks Various cargo track options are available for cargo securement and can be overlaid or recessed at various heights on the sidewall. 2x3 Main Frame Great Dane Floors Inc. Quality hardwood floor installation and repair. Cobra Lined Tongues and Bumpers Composite sills lessen the chance of weld breaks caused when wood sills are crushed or deteriorate due to moisture. LIGHT - TAILLIGHT - SLIMLINE - LED - 12V - RED... 2021 Bravo 8.5 x 24 SCOUT Car / Racing Trailer 16" oc floors Antimicrobial Protection A new feature, Everest reefers come standard with Microban®. Cobra Lined Tongues and Bumpers 18" Wedge Heavy-Duty Concentrated Reefer Cargo Safety-Grip Floor. Heavy-duty concentrated reefer cargo Safety-Grip floor is the highest forklift-rated floor in the industry and is a popular option for many grocery and foodservice applications. Great Dane offers a variety of wheel selections to help increase payload and fuel savings: CorroGuard offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance as well as superior impact resistance to withstand the harshest conditions on today's highway. 5200# TANDEM AXLES 3/4 High Performance floor (Extended aftermarket warranty requires specified preventative maintenance. CROSS MEMBERS - WALL - RS - 16" O/C - 1" X 1.5" Multiple tire inflation systems are available as options.

© 1998-2020 Great Dane : A Division of Great Dane Limited Partnership Products shown may contain optional equipment, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65753&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105857&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105867&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65708&t=1604443810736, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105862&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65728&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65758&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106773&t=1604443810752, Hendrickson HKANT-40K Air-Ride Suspension, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105851&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=168615&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106329&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106306&t=1604443810752, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66046&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105762&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105772&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=105757&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=65743&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=106278&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66058&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66016&t=1604443810768, /image/image_gallery?img_id=66011&t=1604443810783, /image/image_gallery?img_id=67063&t=1604443810783, /image/image_gallery?uuid=166a10d8-1ac0-4cbe-ae0c-7c3bd725c1f0&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, /image/image_gallery?uuid=bccd90c3-d09b-44b5-a0e2-ba7ef2bb5a9a&groupId=10162&t=1369081541032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=358212a7-4f88-4e40-9a3d-1ad81bc3aadc&groupId=10162&t=1369083508032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=000c6db8-2fc8-4a87-ada9-7200f638a9cf&groupId=10162&t=1369085041032, Ensures high foam quality for maximum thermal performance, superior lining adhesion and flat, smooth walls, /image/image_gallery?uuid=6423447c-105f-4e0c-b7c9-bb51b251df7e&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, /image/image_gallery?uuid=166a10d8-1ac0-4cbe-ae0c-7c3bd725c1f0&groupId=10162&t=1369085041047, /image/image_gallery?uuid=34fe0daf-6e5b-4d44-a106-e1c443b2ec3d&groupId=10162&t=1369082181327, /image/image_gallery?uuid=45acdd8d-041b-4b4c-8f0a-ee5458d61b59&groupId=10162&t=1369079775040, PunctureGuard - Premium Reefer Lining Standard, /image/image_gallery?uuid=a31b7733-b931-414a-8079-e60d5e50fdb9&groupId=10162&t=1369085041032, /image/image_gallery?uuid=c29409a6-ffe6-4199-ad9d-bcab5a7fa49d&groupId=10162&t=1369085041047, Heavy-Duty reefer floor with 16,000lb floor rating, /image/image_gallery?uuid=476740c8-ae05-4bd6-9661-f1c67b5fce3f&groupId=10162&t=1369079775055, Composite sills, magni-coated screws, and thermoplastic sub pan, /image/image_gallery?uuid=ce49823e-92a7-4589-afe0-1c24444c4819&groupId=10162&t=1369082181327.

Fully insulated panels are then assembled using modular construction resulting in the consistent product, ease of replacement of an equally durable panel. AXLE SPACING - SPREAD AXLE 42" SPREAD 2-5/16 coupler Z-Tech Undercoating Rear Stabilizer Jacks We live in southern Arizona, so it also provides a cool place for them to lay. 16" On Center Floor We have cherry hardwood floors and it is waaaay too slick. (1) 12V LED Dome Lights w/Switch C/S Door... 2021 Darkhorse Cargo 6 x 12 V-Nose 78" Interior Enclosed Cargo Trailer 2x3 Main Frame FULL PERIMETER ALUMINUM FRAME Automatic tire inflation systems help extend tire life and increase fuel efficiency by using compressed air from the trailer to maintain tire pressure settings during operation. Hendrickson HKANT-40K Air Ride Suspension.

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