I’ve been asked many times if the White Zombie logo on the headstock is a custom inlay. It’s very difficult. Simple technology came in a large, heavy, value-for-the-money container, with lots of empty space around it to sink off heat.

auch als gewerblicher Händler von hochwertigen Gitarren tätig. Als gewerblicher Händler habe ich ordentlich Kosten (alleine mein Video-Mann kostet mich monatlich 1000,- Euro - was aber im Endeffekt ein super Service ist, wenn man als Kunde bereits erste Klangeindrücke von der Gitarre bekommt. in that tuning as well, all of which were done with the same blue Machete. Okaaayyyyyy, I thought — I got Russian-made EH 5U4’s, EH ‘yellow logo’ 12AX7’s, and I found a matched set of Winged C 6L6’s ( also Russian ) on eBay. This was before all the modern reverb and delay devices became available, and we had to be creative to get special effects. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Custom, and the neck’s a Duncan 59 – my standard setup at that time. Basically a made-in-Japan version of a Jackson soloist. I took the head apart, got all the grime off of it ( it cleaned up pretty nicely, although the transformers are a little rusty ), checked all the solder points, tightened everything up. I built a basic lighting system for some friends in a local band. More by Greg Hawkes. What kind of Amplifiers does Greg Hawkes use? In early 1990, the cracking of the Firebird’s headstock forced me to get serious about finding a spare. ?--Benjamin (MoogMeister81) Hello, In an article ("Power Of One") penned by Mitchell Sigman, he states that the single-oscillator lines played by Hawkes on The Cars and Candy-O were from a Roland SH-1000; the same one he's seen playing in The Cars Live-Musikladen 1979 dvd. For real – if you play music and you’re over, say, 30, I’m betting that at some point you had one of these. It was an amazing time, but the downside was that Roy always monitored in the control room at ear-splitting volumes, and I’m sad to say my ears haven’t stood the test of time. We both dropped out of school at the same time. Charvel 6 : known to fans as the STP guitar, or, 666 guitar. This month, I turned my attention to overhauling one of my old Mesa Triple Rectifiers. In fact, one of the very first things I bought myself when White Zombie started to do well was a Technics SL-1200MKII turntable, which cost me something like $399. I had all of my guitars wired with push/ pull coil-tap pots.

Is this the comedy equivalent of a sped-up martial arts sequence? They used our gear because their stuff was somewhere else, and Darrell couldn’t do any of his signature whammy-squeal-harmonic tricks with my guitar, which I’m sure seemed like a toy to him. In 2010, Hawkes reunited with the surviving original members of The Cars to record their first album in 24 years, titled Move Like This, which was released on May 10, 2011. Andere unterliegen der Differenzbesteuerung (§25A USTG) (im Zweifelsfall bitte eben nachfragen) - in jedem Fall gibt es natürlich eine ordentliche Rechnung zum Absetzen.

What kind of Studio Equipment does Greg Hawkes use? "On Hold" heißt hingegen, dass eine feste Reservierung/Bestellung vorliegt. In 2017, Hawkes toured with Todd Rundgren on his White Knights: The Chivalrock Tour, playing keyboards and saxophone. Holding with early 20th century design philosophy, the simple circuit boards are always tiny compared to their big, clunky die-cast boxes. Weird, right? I love the smell of ink burning off of new tubes. The key to doubling guitars is that they must be alike enough to fool the brain into perceiving the two parts as one big one, but with enough tiny, human differences to where the sound is perceived as stereo.

Before The Cars reunited in 2010, Hawkes played with The Turtles (starring Flo and Eddie) and Todd Rundgren.[7]. I earned this!! Mir macht es Spaß, ständig neue Instrumente auszuprobieren, und habe natürlich auch selbst bereits eine ganz ordentliche Sammlung - (siehe auch "My Personal"). Note #2 : Rob and I both showed up that day wearing old Sam Hain t-shirts. How widespread was this practice?

” .. and it did sound really good, and I just smiled and thought, ” Well, who cares? Ric Ocasek of the Cars on band's high-gear new wave sound in 1979 Rolling Stone cover story by Jon Pareles. All the boys and girls who want to be in bands still do the same thing) and it looked great, triggering a collective ooooh every time I took it out. ehrlich! ”. Sean and I went up there together and I bought one, and she bought the matching Charvel bass. In 2008, Hawkes released The Beatles Uke CD on Solid Air Records. Hawkes, a native of Fulton, Maryland, United States, attended Atholton High School where he played in a band called Teeth. This is not easy, as the technique only works if those 2 guitar tracks are as exactly identical as humanly possible — but the paradoxical thing is that you can’t just take one guitar part and duplicate it on another track and try to shift it with a little delay or by a tiny increment of pitch. The Top 11 Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Edition, 7 Best Chorus Pedals: 2020 Top Picks and Reviews, Follow artists like Greg Hawkes and get inspired by their gear. Wenn an einem Tag mehrere Leute jeweils ihre 20 MB-Fotos gemailt haben, und ich die Post nicht abrufen konnte weil ich z: B. gerade auf Tour bin, ist so ein E-Mail-Postfach voll, und andere, mitunter wichtige Mails können nicht mehr zugestellt werden!! Am liebsten Gibson-, Fender-, Guild-, Gretsch-Gitarren, Vintage, auch Parts. A large percentage of the noise-feedback-mayhem on Astro-Creep : 2000 and assorted one-off WZ tracks was created with this pedal. He got me a job at the photo lab where he worked (the contraband-containing metal Kodak film can, see it? Lent to the Hard Rock Cafe in the 1990s, finally purchased by them in the 2000s.

Ein Grund dafür, dass mein Online-Shop so gut läuft - und seit Jahrzehnten von Gitarristen aus ganz Europa frequentiert wird -  liegt wohl daran, dass ich ausschließlich Instrumente verkaufe, die mir selbst gefallen, und mit denen ich persönlich auch auf die Bühne gehen würde!! Okay, now I’m going to take a moment to answer a question I get asked constantly : how did I get that cool sound on, Anyway, so, I wanted to use my MXR Phase 90 ( block logo, therefore manufactured sometime between 1977 and 1984 – I bought it for ten bucks from a kid in the building WZ lived in when we first moved to L.A. ), which I managed to set so that the rate and tone of the phase-sweep ( yes, I know the Phase 90 has only one knob, but there is an internal control as well ) accented the guitar riff in a cool way .. the trouble was, one guitar track wasn’t going to cut it, so the guitar needed to be doubled. A live album with three new studio tracks, It's Alive!, was released in June 2006.

One day, Glenn asked if I could go with him to the studio to help set up his kit. It would need to be a metal guitar, with a Floyd, but being able to afford something like that, used, even, was out of the question. Let’s move on to the amps in the middle.

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