What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba? Mysterious Map Emerges at the Dawn of the Egyptian Civilization and Depicts Antarctica Without Ice – Who Made it? The legendary story attributed to Cormac mac Culennain, king bishop of Cashel (d.908), published in the Leabhar Laignech c. 12th century AD explains this tale. At the Beltane Festival (Beltane means “bright fire”, referring to the Sun) the return of the summer is still celebrated today. Do you dare enter a fairy ring? Are Children Human? Ceridwen is a Celtic shape-shifting goddess of poetic inspiration. The slender sidhe-folk disliked this invasion of their land; they used to destroy the grass every Samhain – no story to equal this! 10. A Slothful Seeking of the Divine by Cynthia Garrity-Bond, Child of the Earth by Elizabeth Cunningham, When Life Hands You Lemons… by John Erickson, Poem: In These United States- The Court Supreme By Marie Cartier, FAR Project Intern Applications Due Sept. 15, 2019, A Story to Inspire Hope by Elizabeth Chloe Erdmann, Did You Know…? You can order your deck on Judith’s website. 150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China: Out of Place in Time? The earliest fragments of the elopement tale date from the tenth century. It says: ''1. … This story is “archetypal” but only under the conditions of patriarchy. She sliced off his right ear from the head bent over her, so that afterwards he was called Ailill Bare-ear. Grainne gave a sleeping draught to everyone with the exception of Diarmaid and three of his friends. Her cult is still strong in and around Limerick, but with the continued growth of the religion called Wicca, her story is also spreading. The elopement story of Grainne and Diarmaid, which of course comes to us after the patriarchy was taking hold, is really long and has lots of magical events (shape-shifting, super- powers, etc). Elements sacred to Étaín are the sun, dawn, the sea, rain, water, butterflies, apple blossoms, and swans. This lout was the King of Munster called Ailill Aulom. As well, in Limerick County, there is a hill named for Grian, located about seven miles from the hill named for Aine. As a goddess of the moon, she also became a deity of agriculture and cared for the crops. Of what wood is the poisonous, handsome tree – subject of such treachery? At the pre-wedding feast, Grainne began to doubt Her decision to marry the elderly Finn. One of the unpleasant legends speaks of a man who didn't want to learn the meaning of love, but was only driven by his sexual desires. Let one of you ask me the history of the wonderful yew: why is it alone called the Yew of the Disputing Sons? He always left raw meat at their stone beds as a token of his abstinence. Aine is also known as the goddess who taught humans the meaning of love. She continues to be inspired by the Divine Feminine in all of Her manifestations. In the ancient Celtic world the Goddess was the One who expressed Herself through the many. Diarmaid, though loath to betray Finn, could not violate his geis. I guess if we dig deep enough in time we almost always find that the Goddess/woman had autonomy. Étaín is another Celtic goddess considered to be associated with the Sun. Not long after graduating from SFAI, while living in Greece, Judith began exploring the Goddess in her artwork. ’If they are singing the music of the sidhe,’ said Ferchess mac Comman, ’let us go no nearer until we melt some wax for our ears!’  9. Personal observation…. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This similarity of names is another link indicating Grainne’s more ancient association with Donn. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. But Finn remembered Diarmaid’s betrayal and lingered too long with aide. King Ailill and Aine by John Duncan. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Aine is also part of the Triple Goddess group with her two sisters - Fenne and Grianne. The Celts were one of those cultures that recognised the importance of the Sun. Great bonfires, sometimes with sweet smelling Juniper, are built to achieve purification and rejuvenation. It was here, according to some Welsh traditions, the dead souls waited for the Goddess and her female attendants to decide their fate before being reincarnated. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained. Grainne and Diarmaid were able to settle down and raise their family. But interestingly the proto-Celtic story does not involve violence or rape like the Greek myth does. Among his symbols were ravens and specifically a white stag in Wales. Top image: Illustration of Aine. The Tuatha Dé Danann as depicted in John Duncan's "Riders of the Sidhe." By chrisdonia | Flickr | CC BY-NC- SA-2.0-NC. Some identify her as a brighter side of the famous goddess Morrigan. We’re the only Pop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives. Finn could have saved him. The similarities are so close that I simply have to come to the conclusion that they are one and the same. Although,  according to scholar P. MacCana, the elopement of Grainne and Diarmaid echoes the earlier proto-Celtic story in which Grainne, the bright Sun Goddess, embraced the darkness with her love of Donn, God of the Underworld, bringing together the duality of opposites through love. 2. Áine is the goddess of wealth, with power over crops and animals and she is sometimes represented by a red horse. There are countless stories about her escapades with human lovers. Thanks for the link to the music – will check it out. (1911) ( Public Domain ). She is currently hard at work on a deck of Goddess cards. The Celtic Goddesses page concentrates on names and qualities of the deities from Britain and Ireland. In this situation the love affairs of young women with young men (especially when one is poor) are often thwarted. This enraged Ailill then; he thrust his spear into Aine; he did her no honour, he left her dead.''. Trust that your soul choices, though sometimes difficult, will bring abundance. With the rising popularity of Brigid, Morrigan, and several other ancient goddesses, the cult of Aine appears to be expanding once again. According to the traditional story, he raped Aine, so she bit off his ear - which made people call him ‘One-eared Aulom.’ In Old Irish law, kings needed to have a perfect appearance and a complete body.

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