Deleted. Burials and Burial grounds, cremation and Cremation grounds, including European cemeteries. 29. 13. Fees in respect of any of the matters in this list but not including fees taken in any court. (iv) all matters pertaining to grant of leave and to impose penalties as specified at serial numbers 1 and 2 of rule 6 of the Gujarat Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) rules, 1971 and to institute disciplinary proceedings for imposing penalties as specified at serial numbers 3 to 8 of the said rule 6 in respect of Class-II officers of the secretariat cadre under the administrative control of the Department (See also entry No.45 under GAD). Consumer's movement, education and protection.

Posts and telegraphs including telephones, but not including village telephone system, post office savings Bank(See also entry No. Industrial safety and health industrial accident; and the prevention of hazardous to the community arising from the handling manufacture and storage of materials and substances in existing industrial units (See also entries No. Documentation and Advocacy for women's empowerment.

We, however, have a request. (a) Cow breeding, [(a) to (f) ] (Date03/09/2005). Deleted.

7 under HD). 20. 8. 2.

(Date21/03/1997, Date25/06/1997), 5-L Deleted. In any other cases, the family will have to fill up the form no 14 and give away the witness of two other persons, which will be sufficient. 11. 6. Ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains other than those declared by parliament by law to be of national importance. Inquiries and statistics for purposes of any of the matters in this list.

Regular Price: Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Energy Inquiries and statistics for purposes of any of the matters in this list. 15 under the TDD and entry No. 14. (Date21/03/1997, Date05/08/1997). 1,25,000) per month. industry. (i) The summoning of the State Legislature, and the prorogation and dissolution thereof; (ii) Planning and Co-ordination of Legislative and other official business in the Legislature of the State; (iii) Allocation of government time in the Legislature of the State for discussion on motions notice of which given by members of the Legislature; (iv) Examination of vires of private members Bills and Resolutions; (v) Liaison with leaders of parties and chief whip; (vi) Lists of members for Select Committees on Bills; (vii) Appointments of Members of Legislature of the State on committee and bodies set up by Government; (viii) Information of Informal consultative committees of Members of the Legislature of the State for various departments; (ix) Implementation of assurance given by Ministers in the Legislature of the State; (x) Advice to departments on procedural and other parliamentary matters; (xi) Co-ordination of action by department on the recommendations of general application made by committees of the Legislature of the State; (xii) all other matters connected with Legislature of the State. Marine Ecology System and Pollution of Environment. Matters (Including establishment matters) pertaining to the former Civil Supplies Department. Welfare of labour including conditions of labour provident funds and amenities for labour. 8. (Date 17/06/1998), (Date 09/04/2002). (Date25/06/1997), 12-C. Juvenile delinquency and after-care for juveniles (see also entry No.

17. Proposal for legislation including the issue of ordinance under Article 213 of the Constitution. 3. 39. Marriage and divorce, infants and minors, adaptation (except) Registration of Marriage and the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929 (See also entry No.


Business Standard has always strived hard to provide up-to-date information and commentary on developments that are of interest to you and have wider political and economic implications for the country and the world. 3. Conditions of services etc.

17. If there are no spouses at all, but there are children below 25 years, or children above 25 years who are disabled, then the amount shall be granted to the unmarried, widowed or the divorce daughters who are above the age of 25. Any subject not mentioned elsewhere in the First Schedule. Khar lands (See also entry No. Copyrights © 2020 Business Standard Private Ltd. All rights reserved. 45 in the subject allotted to the GAD) and Non Gazetted government Servant under the administrative control of the departments. Multi Modal Transport and Logistics Systems including operation, integration and regulation of High Speed passenger Train, Freight Rail, Metro Rail Logistic Parks, Regional Rail and any other new form of Rail Based Transport in areas other than urban areas or covering a mix stretch of urban and rural areas including industrial areas. Newspapers, books and printing presses including the press and Registration of Books Act, 1967 and other legislation dealing with printed matters and censorship relating thereto (See also entry No. In simple terms, if the person is unable to earn any money due to disability, the pension shall be offered. Hello everyone. 11. 14. 5. Matter pertaining to the Gujarat State Women Commission. for login. The rate of stamps duty in respect of documents other than those specified in the provisions of list-I with regard to rates of stamps duty. 18. Co-ordination of welfare work relating to the backward classes including the schedule castes, nomadic tribe and other backward classes. Deleted. 10,00,000 except when such alienation, sale, grant or lease of Government property is in accordance with the rules or with a general scheme already approved by the Government (Date17/10/1994, Date04//02/2009). 5 and 8 under I & MD). Offences against, laws which respect to any of the matters in the list. Administration of the Bombay Relief Undertakings (Special Provisions) Act, 1958.


5. 7. Local Self Government its cantonment area, the regulation of houses, accommodation (including control of rents) in such areas and within, India, the delimitation of such areas (except appointment of Judicial Officers in Cantonments) (See also entry No. Rules/Regulations/Acts administrated by the Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare and Department of Personnel & Training Exclusive content, features, opinions and comment - hand-picked by our editors, just for you. when required to be done by Government agency for municipalities and local bodies and Government. 28under the R&BD, entry No. 11.

16. 36-A. 32(e) under A&CD. 25 under RD and entries Nos. The Gujarat Council of Bio-Technology. Download the application form by visiting the official NSAP website. 8. Co-ordination of social work activities. Taxes on the sale or purchase of goods. 5. 7 of 1980) (See also entry No. 33. Inquiries and statistics for the purpose of any of the matters in this list. 28. (Date05/08/1997). 2 under I & BD and entry No. in respect of all Gazetted Officers (Other than those covered under entry No. Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).

15 under L & ED). 9000 per month. (Date 17/06/1998), [D] Deleted. Administration of Notaries Act, 1952. Cases in which the attitude of the Government to any resolution or a bill to be moved in the Legislature is to be determined.

17, under the PRH & RDD, entry No. (Date05/08/1997), 6-C. Opium in respect of cultivation and manufacture for sale for export. 13. 10. 3.

Scheme, for providing employment to agricultural labour in rural areas during off season, (See also entry No. Port quarantine, seamen's and marine hospital connected with port quarantine. (Date20/05/1996). 17. Administration of the Hindu Places of Public Worship Entry (Authorisation) Act, 1956. (See also entry No. To develop new technology and suggest measures for mitigation of Green House Gases (Carbon Dioxide and Methane etc.) In case of any family pension the widow is actually eligible for attaining the pension on the death of her spouse. 12. 10 under RD and entry No. 45 in the subject allotted to the GAD) and Non-gazetted Government Servants under the administrative control of the Department; (ii) all matters pertaining to grant of pension in respect of Class-I and II Officers of the Secretariat Cadre under the administrative control of the Department; and.

10. Vehicles including mechanically propelled vehicles (See also entry No. 11. 12 under H & FWD). 30. 12. (Date18/05/2009), 9. 1 under ED and Entry No. 24 under RD). To keep the city and rural areas clean, to associate Sakhi-Mandals with activities such as awareness development among people, to remove filth and to create hygienic environment. Trade promotion, publicity and research (See also entry No.

34. The widow will be provided an amount of INR 700 till she gets married again. (1) Bombay General Provident Fund Rules. Manner and fertilizers including trading schemes. 33. (Date 14/06/1999, Date 03/09/2005), 1-A. Taxes of Minerals Rights of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Fields subject to any limitation imposed by Parliament by Law relating to crude oil and natural gas development. 15. 5. Fees in respect of any of the matters in this list but not including fees taken in any court. (i) All matters pertaining to appointments, posting, transfers, promotions, conduct, grant of leave, pensions, etc, in respect of all gazetted officers (Other than those covered under entry No. Housing including industrial housing and grant of assistance of Co-operative Societies under the low income group and slum clearance; schemes grant of assistance to local bodies under the low income group. 6 under R & BD). To act as nodal department for the purpose of maximum utilization of Green Technology and to create new employment opportunities so as to convert green technology into a new vehicle to boost economy. 12. 27 under the A& CD entry No. 5 under A & CD). 34. 4. Submit it your nearest Social Welfare Department office. 8.

(iv) All matters pertaining to grant of leave and to impose penalties as specified at serial numbers 1 and 2 of rule 6 of the Gujarat Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1971, and to institute disciplinary proceedings for imposing penalties as specified at serial numbers 3 to 8 of the said rule 6 in respect of Class-II Officers of the secretariat Cadre under the administrative control of the Department ( See also entry No.45 under GAD). 8.

11. 38.

18. (Date21/03/1997).

9 under A & CD and entry No. 63. (Date03/09/2005), 32. 45 under GAD). (Date25/06/1997), 12-B. Establishment of Ministers, Ministers of State Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries. Excise agreement with any other State of India so far as Gujarat State is concerned. The Gujarat Government on Wednesday decided to give four per cent dearness allowance — two instalments — to the employees of the state government, panchayats and pensioners from July 1, 2016. 31.

from member of the public, official correspondence. 8 and 12 under L & ED. Prisons and Persons detained therein, arrangement with other states for the use of prison, deportation of ex-military convicts. 1. Works, lands and buildings vested in or in possession of government for the purpose of the State and assigned to the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department.(Date21/03/1997). Even during these difficult times arising out of Covid-19, we continue to remain committed to keeping you informed and updated with credible news, authoritative views and incisive commentary on topical issues of relevance. 33 under the SJ & ED, entry No. Inquiries and statistics for 'the purposes of any of the matters in this list. Suits and summons including notices and execution of decrees etc. Lands development outside municipal limits.

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