Arcturis tamed at 12:40 Realm Time, right when poped up, got karoma on hakkar server at 11;50 central time after 5 hours of searching. All in all, I’d say I’m a VERY happy girl & it’s been one hell of a last 24+ hrs as well as 2 weeks . At least on our server there are literally queues for Arcturis, Gondria and Skoll. Interesting…, but so far I haven’t seen any other confirmed spawn locations apart from the ones I’ve listed. Must be 110+ BM to summon it. Help please! Since 2008, I have looked for Loque’nahak whenever I am in Sholazar, and those two places have been far and away the most popular spots – for me, anyway. I tamed him 4:30 am and when i wrote this its 12:23 (+8 gmt) i also saw banthalos but because i was level 100 (wow 7.2) i 1 shot him with concussion shot. Got Skoll and magria in a matter of minutes. The trickiest parts are when you’ll likely need to turn around at the monastery to head back the way you came, along with the moment when you actually go to tame him. so ether get out of group befor tame or have them strip too. The Spectral Feather is only visible to Beast Mastery hunters, and when clicked, will summon the Lost Spectral Gryphon. Hope these times help… . So I used that info and came back 6 hours later. Have to say my last 3 were Gumi. I probably only spent about 30 minutes camping out for him. Also note that Ankha is immune to Freezing Trap, as well as all forms of crowd control, so don’t even try. Tamed arcturis and gondria easily but still i needed more of these beautiful pets. I love camping for rares, this shouldn't be a secret to anyone who has been following this blog for the past few years. . The random musings of a casual World of Warcraft hunter who randomly raids, PvPs, and tracks pets. I saw skoll lying there dead, my heart broke and i experienced rage like no other. The programmers at Blizzard re-used old code. Ghostcrawler respawns approximately every 10-12 hours. I been on the hunt for these beasts for a while now as i type im camping out in sholazar basin, my experience with the other 3 spirit beasts has been the same with me and busses when they come they come all together. . Ban’thalos And, I checked this site for Gondria spawn points, this is on Dawnbringer realm if you’d like to know. I’m sure this bad luck will turn around, so hang in there. The first step in the tame is to get his attention. I know the cunning type is better and I already have spider to fight with me but I want to hear some other opinions. 2 different specs for raiding, another for farming, and yet another for PvP. Loque’nahak is an easy tame, requiring no special approach. Pull him with Serpent Sting and Disengage back towards the road. Very good Guide, congrats and thank you for that. :(, Got mine 10 mins ago....had some help from my hubby :D. How did you manage to get Binding Shot with BM Spec? If Spirit Beasts were the best BM pet, then every single BM loyalist hunter would be out there farming for those elusive pets. Pwnicidals my hunters name PST if you see her and have her or achieve already, Thank you for the help! Grats Kaylissia! I was camping Arcturis when I decided to go looking for some other spirit beasts. Level: 90 Found in: The Burial Fields, Shadowmoon Valley He’s a neutral mob and will not attack you unless you either hit him first or begin taming. Loque’nahak – got him @ 11:00pm up north in borean tundra! Yesterday morning i logged my Hunter which was camping / flying upon Brunnhildar Village and there is was the blue dog walking around there all alone. Hands down my favorite all-around PvP pet. I am now proud owner of 2/4! , Got the gondria and the wolf 2 day epic nessss thankyou so much. They just adjust the percentages. . Thrill of the Hunt – A great talent for long sustained focus, which you’ll need in order to get off all those Arcane Shots. Information and advice on how to find and tame them is also very important, both of which I hope to present to you with in this guide. There are a total of eleven rares on the Isle of Thunder. Loque’nahak But for I was unable to do it around the log, I walked her on a longer path, first along the riverside, then uphill close to the 3 pandaren NPC's, then downstairs and back to the log, and that during almost three turns. Soloing this at 90 or 91 would grant you this cool new pet skin early on, plus you’d have some bragging rights over the hunters who tackled it at level 100. So insted I went to Twillight and found koroma instantly. He’s purple and flamboyant, but with an alien menace. my first spirit beast. or continue flying back in forth spamming my macro for the next few hours like i have for the past 7. Like the Spirit Beasts introduced in Cataclysm, Hutia is another in the tradition of Spirit Beast taming Challenges; however, Hutia is the easiest to tame of the 3 new SBs in MoP. while camping this spot I literally just read every comment to pass time and look for tips, I may have to invest in one of those amulets, it sounds powerful!!! Keep up as many dots up as you can while trying to keep as much distance as possible. I have been patrolling the area where ghostcrawler is for a few days and know hits. For what it’s worth, using the macro you suggested, I beat two other hunters out after Arcturis. Alright… well let’s go on a Spirit Beast Safari, shall we…, Let’s go tamin’ now…Garwulf here will show ya how, come on tame some SB’s with me…. He’s tag reads “Mate of Har’koa”, and Har’koa is female. Required fields are marked *, so be sure to remove any and all pieces of gear that provide armor. I’ve been looking for the spirit beast in sholazar basin with no luck in the past 3 weeks. Once you get Degu’s health down within taming range (again…20%) and you see Kill Shot is ready, start taming. Who knows i might also get magria on the way back coz they both have same spawn time. Along with all of the new Mists of Pandaria Spirit Beasts, Gumi has a respawn rate of about 10 minutes. , Been looking for multiple beasts in both cata and northrend for 2 weeks and havent seen one. This spot if you position yourself can be covered while you cover the spot overlooking the vicking chicks camp. Então, o que você está esperando? Now let's talk about the tame itself, and the spells you should be using the most to make this work. I guess I had a lot of luck. It was probably 8:00 am, Laughing Skull server. These things can make the kiting a bit more of a challenge by screwing with your camera angle, not to mention the obstacles you have to skirt around. Between the wee little one, holiday orders for the ... Who doesn't love having the rarest of rare mounts, and on top of that, a good challenge getting one? It … I started the same day (yesterday) flying around Sholazar Basin for half an hour , observed there were 3 more hunters one was spamming the chat if anyone has seen a spirit beast and a reward for giving him the coords;p ok i just picked up Loque sweet found him at the bottom left of Base camp he is now part of my Spirit tames beast woot woot all i need is Skoll………… i have Gondria, Arctuis, and now Loque, and while looking for Gondria i fount Terror Spinner as my PVP pet spiderk………… Hunters need more room in there Stables, as of the new patch hunters have alot more space XD

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