Peter later meets Gwen in attempt to maintain a friendship which they establish some 'ground rules'. Though her father was both fond of Peter and supportive of his alter-ego Spider-Man, his death strained Peter's relationship with Gwen after he was killed by falling debris during a battle involving Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. Mary Jane, a close friend of Gwen Stacy, was deeply affected by Gwen's death. In 1966, Gwen discovers that Peter is Spider-Man when she sees his costume underneath Peter's shirt at the train station shortly after Flash was deployed to Vietnam. Spidey goes in back and catches Winkler in the process of brainwashing George Stacy, but before Spider-Man can stop him, he's grabbed by Winkler's employer the Kingpin. ", Spider-Man (whose six-arms mutation was permanent here) is able to prevent Gwen Stacy's death. Although Peter is not in the area when she dies, he still feels some responsibility for her death, as he allowed Dr. Connors to use his genetic material for experimentation. [12] Conway strongly objected since he felt any sort of resurrection would break the plausibility of the stories, but ultimately gave in under the condition that after reviving Gwen, he could write her out of the book as soon as he wanted. [43] Recently, Gwen began a close friendship with Carter Torino who is the grandson of the head of the Torino Gang. In 1966, Gwen discovers that Peter is Spider-Man when she sees his costume underneath Peter's shirt at the train station shortly after Flash was deployed to Vietnam. Peter still has a hard time believing she is the real Gwen given his other experiences with clones. She dated both Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn to make Peter jealous. Following her death, Warren grew increasingly insane and adopted the persona of the Jackal.

Gwen Stacy's personal history was exactly the same as Gwen Stacy of Earth-616 up until the point of temporal divergence caused by her encounter with Gwen Stacy of Earth-65. Gwen first met Peter Parker while they were undergraduates at Empire State University. [volume & issue needed], Later issues introduced Gwen's father, NYPD Captain George Stacy. When Peter's Aunt May lay sick, Peter gave everyone the cold shoulder including new classmates Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. In "What If Spider-Man Had Kept His Six Arms? [38], Gwen Stacy first appeared in Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #53 as a new student of Midtown High. Gabriel took the Green Goblin formula and briefly became a new Grey Goblin. [55] Gwen and Peter's relationship was now back on track, but this was short lived due to the on coming battle with Doctor Octopus. Peter told the twins the truth. However, circumstances involving the Chameleon made Gwen realize she made a mistake dating Peter.

She breaks up with him, but still lives with the Parkers due to Gwen and Aunt May has become close in a surrogate mother-daughter fashion. [90], The death of Gwen Stacy had enormous repercussions. Instead, she married Peter Parker, and the couple had a young son. As Caulkin and Jameson go after the monster, they run into Ka-Zar and his sabertooth tiger Zabu and enlist his aid in trying to find Gwen. He resolves to write a book to praise the heroes and what they should mean to humanity. A further Gwen clone appears in the "Sibling Rivalry" crossover storyline between Superior Spider-Man Team-Up and Scarlet Spider. As Electro reveals himself as Max, Gwen recognizes him and later tries to find his file at Oscorp, but the file has been erased. [5][6] Gwen blamed Spider-Man for his death, and left for Europe to cope with her loss. The character has been portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3 and by Emma Stone in the 2012 reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2. [53], Issue #1 of Spider-Man: Fairy Tales follows the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, reimagined with Mary Jane Watson as the titular character. [59] In her first appearance she gives a rousing speech on 'super powers'; in the next issue she pulls a knife on Kong, a classmate who was bullying Peter. She then came across the Spider-Gwen from the past and sent her to her past timeline, creating a time-loop. [volume & issue needed], In the alternate reality designated Earth-65, Gwen Stacy is the one bitten by the radioactive spider, and becomes a superhero going by the name of Spider-Woman. [80], Gwen goes to the Daily Bugle, to see if they've heard anything about Aunt May. In a twist, the powerless Peter (with a limb crippled from a spider bite) manages to save Gwen from falling to her death. The zombified Spider-Man travels to this earth and, despite his best intentions, turns the Sinister Six. They debuted their ‘fairy sisters’ Halloween costumes on Oct. 19, both of which included colorful feathers, false pointed ears… Gwen then agrees to keep his secret.

[68], Jameson figures this is the scoop that the Bugle needs to stay afloat and decide to bring some of his staff to the Savage Land in order to snap pictures of this illusive beast. George Stacy (father, deceased);Arthur Stacy (uncle);Nancy Stacy (aunt);Paul Stacy (cousin);Jill Stacy (cousin);Sarah Stacy (daughter);Gabriel Stacy (son);Abby-L (1st clone, deceased);Joyce Delaney (2nd clone, deceased);Various other clones (presumably deceased), Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy was the daughter of NYPD captain George Stacy and Helen Stacy.

Gwen witnesses Jackal order the cloned villains to kill Spider-Man and decides to help Peter. Sheldon's faith in the Marvels is shattered.[22]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [87], College educated, science major (incomplete). When the Lizard came, Gwen hid where she was later found but unharmed who took what Gwen had with her. [12] Lee, who had also found the character's death objectionable,[10] insisted that Conway write a story bringing her back. She woke up in a garbage dump in Deadtown, but soon integrated herself into the community. She rejects him because he's a kid with a goatee and mustache. [44], At Empire State University campus, Peter walks around in a complete daze and doesn't even notice Harry Osborn's new mustache. While elsewhere, Harry Osborn drives Mary Jane to the club where she dances as a go-go girl and they find that it's been abruptly closed. Peter is inspired by a recording of Gwen's graduation speech and makes his return as Spider-Man to fight Rhino to keep her memory and beliefs, including her love for him, alive. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. He also became completely obsessed with Gwen and created a clone of her.

Unfortunately Captain Stacy is hit full on with the bricks and Spider-Man goes down to save him. [3], Initially confused and worried that the new short-haired Gwen was a clone, Gwen-617 soon learned that her angsty short-haired counterpart was a superhero from another dimension, but before she could get more information out of her, Gwen-65 stormed off in a rage. Peter's relationship with Gwen is further complicated by her hatred of Spider-Man, whom she blames for her father's death. Pill Dependence: In order to avoid cellular degradation, Gwen has to ingest New U Pills daily. [34], Doctor Octopus pulls a switch that activates the Carrion Virus in all of the revived, including Gwen and George, and causes them to start rapidly decaying. Little did she realize that Peter's arrival would spark a riot among Oscorp's remaining cross-species specimens and her infection with the cross-species virus. He started working as a superhero, and Paige destroyed almost all of the hypermercury to prevent unworthy people from gaining his powers. The Stacy's fall for it, and "cover" for Peter by telling Spider-Man that he isn't there. Flash Thompson makes an off-color remark about Gwen's passing. [65], When Green Goblin escapes custody after S.H.I.E.L.D. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gwen's simple faith in heroes convinces Sheldon of the purpose of the "Marvels" (i.e., superheroes)—to protect innocents such as Gwen. After a subsequent altercation of Spider-Man and the Young Gods against the High Evolutionary's Purifiers, this woman is purged of the virus by the Young Goddess Daydreamer. Gwen Stacy is recast as Paige Embry in The Refrigerator Monologues. It infuriates MJ to the point where she physically attacks Flash. Initially, Peter's problems as Spider-Man made him ignore her advances, and in return, she felt insulted by his aloofness. Peter is there to support Gwen during this time, however he begins to consider what would happen if Gwen who blames Spider-Man for her fathers death ever found out that Peter is Spider-Man. After a series of tests, it is concluded that this Gwen is not a clone but consciously and genetically is the genuine article now reborn (though Gwen's original body died, the Carnage symbiote absorbed her being and they had bonded since her death).

She tries kissing him, to no avail which only pushes him to put the mask back on. She now visits Peter almost every day at his aunt's friend's apartment. She dated both Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn to make Peter jealous. However he does recruit her for a mission and they both agree to look out for each other. [2], Gwen with her alternate counterpart from Earth-65, Using her scientific knowledge and the Empire State University's supercomputer, Gwen located a weak-spot in the boundaries between realities; asking Tony Stark and Ant-Man for a second opinion. [40] Their relationship is complicated by the fact Gwen's father is still trying to take down Carter's criminal family. [99], Her corpse, along with others, was eventually dug up by Kindred in order to torment Spider-Man. She is the unofficial leader of the Hell Hath Club, a group of women in the afterlife trying to cope with the brutal termination of their plot lines, and provides connecting narration for each of their stories. After S.H.I.E.L.D. Following her death, Warren goes insane and adopts the persona of the Jackal.

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