MO are soaring in popularity this month, playing many variations of Overwhelming Hunger. Additionally, we’re now officially in the non-competitive seasons and most of the competitive players have practically vanished, leaving more difficult decks in the hands of slightly subpar players, eventually creating an environment where pointslam decks can succeed, which explains the high winrates of these factions as well to an extent. Dark Horses: Commendable decks that are decent options and can be used to climb or used in tournaments, but aren’t currently favoured by the metagame. The faction is effectively running rampant.

-Wusubi, - Improved proactivity and Round 1 power with the soldier package, - The deck sends the opposing engines to the shadow realm, Imposter and Invocation enhance this trait by making the opponent’s cards work against them, - Can struggle with defending the bleed in Round 2, especially if you miss some cards, - You don’t have any row punish, so Swarm decks like Firesworn are your Achilles’ heel, A long-forgotten soldier archetype has recently seen some new experimentation. It is important to keep in mind that the Snapshot is not a definitive answer to the meta. The main problem is that Shieldwall can answer your key threats and Non-Devotion decks always pack a Heatwave or even several forms of tall punish. Northern Realms is in a surprisingly good place thanks to a few key cards. You can join our Discord if you have any questions. You can expect MO’s winrate to drop once NR’s playrate starts to rise.

The inclusion of Ramon, Crossbowmen and Impera Brigades improves your Round 1, while the recently buffed Shilard can find decent value, especially against Precision Strike. The common denominator between all of these factions is that they all have a strong pointslam deck (even for ST, Nature’s Gift is more prevalent than Precision Strike) which, due to its ease of piloting, would explain their high playrates. With Rage of the Sea nerfed and the Season 2 of Gwent Masters nearing its conclusion, we’re seeing a lot of variety in pro rank.

), In a meta full of control decks and with the absence of row punish, NR Swarm makes its return. Playing a deck which one can pilot to its highest level is almost always more effective than playing a stock or meta list poorly. Video Database Updates: Ethereal Fruits, Schirru, Midrange Warriors, Crimes, NR Devotion, Passiflora Meta Reports: TLG, Elder Blood Tournament Decklists: Gwent Open 4 Qualifier #1 (Season of Griffin Top 16) The post-hotfix meta has an emerged as a balanced one. Moreover, Vissegerd has lost Zeal, which makes this deck much weaker overall and unreliable in a short Round 3. When given round control, feel free to play Haunt and bleed your opponent, then win the short round with Ozzrel.

SK Warriors are still playable, however Lippy and Gedyneith both made a comeback. You’ll always have to be careful about going last, however, as that’s a huge advantage.

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