Michael Myers was beaten by Tommy Doyle with a metal pipe after being injected with a corrosive chemical.

Phil also admitted that he couldn't fit his finger into the ring that was associated with the Knights of the Iron Dagger.

He returns to normal when Dylan casts the reversal spell to undo his transformation. Dylan is sarcastic and frequently teases his sisters, especially Marnie. She died in December 2016, just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died. Along with her precognitive abilities, it appears that Sophie is telekinetic. Disney and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images. She owned a Leyland Olympian with an AL unit. When they discover that someone is trying to steal their magic by failing Marnie's project, Gwen teleports herself to Halloweentown to find proof for the Halloweentown Council. In Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Sophie can sense Kal's presence, which her grandmother, mother, sister and brother can't (although Gwen later can and Dylan indicates he senses something is wrong), but has a hard time controlling her flying abilities because Aggie hadn't taught her how to fly yet. In the first two movies, he has a crush on Marnie. Both their fates are left up to speculation, though the most common theory is that Michael survived and killed Dr. Loomis. Return to Halloweentown kept the cast and story of its predecessors, with the exception of the movies' lead actress. Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode, https://halloweenmovie.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_deaths?oldid=53650, Briefly choked and lifted before being stabbed, Hit by car, rammed into van, burned to death in explosion, Head burned in 200 degree temp hot tub, drowned. He constantly tries to ask Marnie out but never gets the chance to succeed as she is always distracted. She also is very resilient and quick at problem-solving. Aneesa is the only one that can remember and pronounce his name. At first, he's a little freaked out but learns to accept it and gets everyone else to accept it in the end.

dating her "Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge" co-star, Why Keira Knightley banned her 3-year-old daughter from watching 'Cinderella' and 'The Little Mermaid'. Like her grandmother and her sister, she has a sixth sense or precognition power as well as being an expert broomstick flyer. In the end, Gwen rescues Cassie from her prison and returns to the mortal world in time to help stop the plot. Even after he shows his real identity in front of everyone, they accept him for who he is.

After Edgar was defeated and Gwen shows the Cromwell Family proving their worth by having the students be accepted for who they are, the Halloweentown Council returns the magic to the Cromwell Family. Because his name is hard to remember, the Sinister sisters call him "Snot Boy". He also falls for the evil Sinister sisters but they use him to get the gift - his family heirloom, so they can try to take over Halloweentown. The character is only seen in Halloweentown in a family photo.
Ethan Dalloway/Ethan the Warlock (portrayed by Lucas Grabeel) is the son of the third movie villain Edgar Dalloway. Because Chester is fond of stamps, he joins a club thanks to Marnie's advice. According to Professor Periwinkle, she and Aggie have been friends since the beginning times of Halloweentown, although this may be that as Marnie looked exactly like Aggie she may have only met Marnie, and as they became friends as Periwinkle helped Marnie get up to her grandmother's room.

Here's what the cast has been up to since.

She agrees but is having a very hard time not using her magic. She is the character who uses magic as much as she can but also cares about it and tries very much to save Halloweentown and her magic. Later, he becomes the wielder of the gift but decides to hide it in a book. He hates cleaning and everyone he encounters. Like what you see here? William Piper (uncredited) is a mortal that Gwen fell in love with and the father of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie. Principal Phil Flannigan (portrayed by Clifton Davis) is the principal of Marnie's school. Chester's father was an ogre while his mother was a forest giant making him a cross-breed of both species. In Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Gwen meets a handsome single father named Alex but doesn't know that he is actually a golem created to lure her into a trap.

Well, for any Halloweentown fanatics still looking for the real reason behind the switch, let's look at why Halloweentown's lead witch looks so different in the final film. In a 2015 interview with Bustle, he said he was married and ran a sales floor for a financial services company. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She along with the rest of the Dominion were stripped of their powers by Professor Periwinkle and arrested for treason upon being placed in a Witch's Glass. He nearly succeeds but is stopped when Marnie proves that humans really have changed and Gwen returns with Cassie whom she rescued from where Edgar trapped her. Sophie was able to scare him off by attracting a nearby dog to him. She is the mother of Marnie, Dylan, Sophie Piper. Dylan is somewhat of a book nerd as he likes to study more than anything. He went to the mortal world as a transferred student from "Canada" (a cover-up for Halloweentown) to learn how to live among mortals.

She gave up her magical heritage for William Piper (a mortal) and married him. ", She reprised her role in all of the Disney movies and went on to star on "Big Love" and "Nashville." Debbie Reynolds in "Halloweentown" and in 2015. When Kalabar is vanquished and his magic is reversed, Benny is returned to normal. since. The Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) premiered 20 years ago and introduced Marnie (Kimberly J. The Cromwell witches retake their powers from Edgar. Disney and Ethan Miller/Getty Images. In Return to Halloweentown, Dylan attends Witch University with his sister and confesses that he used his powers to study rapidly in high school, which is the reason to why he skipped a grade and can attend college with his sister.

The Halloweentown Council is the highest-ranking authority in Halloweentown. [citation needed] Unlike the other foreign exchange students, she is fascinated with human behavior and likes to study them. Punched through stomach, wires ripped out, Head turned to vermin nest from Silver Shamrock mask, Collapsed and swarmed by snakes and insects, Impaled through chest with shotgun, pinned to wall, Stabbed in stomach through back, entrails slashed, Head bashed 9 times against car steering wheel, Hung with rope noose from 2nd floor window, Impaled and ripped apart on corn thresher through back and stomach, Shot in the temple with silenced pistol by, Pinned to fuse box, head explodes due to electrocution, Debatable, as it is unknown if she was there, Debatable, as it is unknown whether they were all there, Head slammed against and pushed through metal bars, Leg crushed and amputated by dumbwaiter, stabbed 4 times in back, Beaten 10 times, head bashed 4 times with tree branch, blood loss, Throat slit, stabbed repeatedly in chest and face off-screen, Head bashed 11 times with aluminum baseball bat, Stabbed in stomach, back 4 times, 12 more times off-screen, Head bashed against wall, thrown into desk, Head shoved 3 times in sink, TV smashed on head, Slammed 14 times against bathroom stall, stomach stabbed twice, Slammed into a glass table, head pulled back and neck snapped, Nose and lip cut, stabbed in back 10 times and head once, Stabbed in stomach, impaled in stomach through back on deer antlers on hood of truck, Chokeslam, face stomped 5 times, hung by holiday lights, Thrown into walls and shelves, beaten, stabbed, Slashed 6 and stabbed 9 times in chest and face, Head bashed against bathroom wall and stall door, Shoulder slashed, stabbed twice in back with, Stabbed in back, head impaled on gate spike, Stabbed in neck, stabbed repeatedly with pen-knife, Throat cut and stabbed in head with pen knife, Impaled through neck and out of mantlepiece with pole, Hands broken, tongue cut out, face shot with handgun, Stabbed, face contorted to twisted smile with barbed wire, The exact amount of personnel killed by Michael in, The exact number of people killed by Michael in, The exact number of children killed by the, The exact number of police officers killed by Michael in the Haddonfield Police Station in, The exact number of people killed by Michael in the, The exact members of Thorn killed by Michael in the Smith's Grove Sanitarium in.

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