“I always tell people I’m not the smartest person at Y-Tech by far. In 1998, she was starred in the movie “Ride.”. Williamson started her career as a fashion model. In 1994, Williams received the DC’s “Timmie Award” that was given to honor her accomplishments and commitment towards academic and philanthropic projects. That was their time for peace and quiet in the home. Kellie Shanygne Williams was born in Washington D.C. on 22 March 1976. How many children does Kellie Shanygne Williams have ? Greg also urged him to do business under a different name, and they came up with Y-Tech. In fact, at Y-Tech, everything we do is based on a strategy. Leadership is about providing other people with the same opportunities somebody else provided to me.”, “I think leadership is about serving,” Hannibal says. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I typically work every day until 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning and then I start again around 4:30 to 5:00 AM. “In some ways that was hard,” Hannibal says, “because as soon as you made new friends it was time to say goodbye, but it also allowed me to travel the world, experience different cultures and customs and see how people live outside of the United States. Her support and willingness to sacrifice tell me what kind of woman she really is. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Rosetta LeNoire, who played grandma of Winslow, died in the series at the age of 90 from diabetes. Since then, she has been active in various campaign appearances, as well as in various charities. Hannibal S. Being born on March 22, 1976, Kellie Shanygne Williams is 44 years old as of today’s date 4th November 2020. In the early stages of building his company’s infrastructure, Hannibal incurred approximately $200,000 in debt (credit cards, personal loans, savings, etc.) Online estimates of Al Jackson’s net worth vary. So, she walked away from Hollywood.”. Well, he has maintained a net worth of $1 Million. My spiritual parents would laugh at me because I was always there before the church doors even opened—I was so eager to get there because it was something I had been yearning for. After college Hannibal went to work at an IT call center and set a personal goal of earning an annual salary of $100,000 before the age of 27. “And our chapter won Chapter of the Year, which was a big deal. Finally, in 2014, he re-connected with people he knew from church, entrepreneurs Greg and Kathy Freeland. When Hannibal reflects on his childhood he admits that growing up they didn’t have a lot of stuff, but they had each other. Continue to the next page to see Al Jackson net worth, estimated salary and earnings. His father was an American soldier from Washington D.C., and his mother was a young woman from Incheon, South Korea. “My dad told me the one thing they can never take from you is knowledge.”. That itinerant lifestyle ended when Hannibal’s parents divorced, and his mother Myong Hui, settled down in Woodbridge, Virginia, so Hannibal and his siblings could grow up near their father’s extended family in D.C. and Maryland. The agreement had always been that when I turned 18, I would leave the house, either for college or for the military, or for some place of my own. “The name comes from Hannibal Barca,” he explains, “the great African general from Carthage who is considered the father of military strategy, and one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Williams is fond of singing, roller-skating, and dancing. It wasn’t until he was older that he learned both of his parents cleaned government buildings and restrooms in the evening to make ends meet. “I don’t care which one,” he says, “but somebody in the next generation has to advance that standard of excellence to the next level.”, Perseverance and persistence is a family trait. He now says that it’s incumbent upon one of his children to earn a doctorate. More joyfully, the couple shares two children, one son and one daughter from their marital relationship. She is married to her longterm husband, Hannibal Jackson, whom she shares two children. “I’d say, ‘I’m a young guy, educated, hard-working, and I just want to ask you a few questions.’ No one responded,” Hannibal says. Jackson. He told Hannibal that he had to build an infrastructure. We don’t go after something by happenstance. Check Reputation Score for Hannibal Jackson in Brandywine, MD - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Number | Personal Review | $100 - $149,999 Income & Net Worth Yes, I’ve worked hard, taken risks, made plenty of sacrifices but I am who I am today because of them. Hannibal didn’t realize it at the time, but his Army Reserve training in Counter Intelligence had earned him a Top-Secret clearance. She also managed an R&B group named Amari. What is the height of Kellie Shanygne Williams? In 1993, she was honored into the “Hall of Stars” for her brilliant academic performance and achievements. Following that honor, Hannibal was voted Top Student Leader of the Year at George Mason. But you hire your weakness; you hire people to do the things that you might not be good at, so you can address any deficiencies and close the gaps. Her height is 5 ft 6 inches tall, and her weight is 60 kg. The $1,500 signing bonus was more appealing in theory than in reality, since it was paid out over the 8-year enlistment (and taxed), and the monies he received through the GI Bill did not cover a full-year of his college tuition. What’s more, these friends introduced Hannibal to Kellie Williams, who would later become his wife. She has also appeared in Steppin as Cee Cee: The Movie. She said, ‘I believe this is what God has called us to do.’ And in the last few years, Y-Tech has been rated one of the fastest growing companies.”. Similarly, as an actress, she earned the average salary of actress around $57,06 0 in a pear. The couple is blessed with a daughter, ‘Hannah Belle Jackson’ (born in 2010) and a son John Ervin Jackson (born in 2012). She is married to her longterm husband, Hannibal Jackson, whom she shares two children. She also appeared on the hit American reality show, Celebrity Wife Swap. What is Kellie Shanygne Williams marital status ? When people ask Hannibal, what is the best decision you’ve made in business, he always says, “The best decision I’ve made to date was marrying the woman that I married.” “I told her there would be some tough times while building the business,” Hannibal says. Most people say that’s too late, and then I know they’re not serious. They did, and I wound up joining their church and accepting salvation. I’m not the most experienced person, but I am the hardest worker. So now when I say my name is Hannibal, I say it with pride. For me as a CEO, our success has been based on our strategy.”. “Growing up I was often teased or asked, ‘what kind of name is that?’” he says.

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