She has a degree in journalism from Emerson College and published her first book, 50 Hikes in Eastern Massachusetts, in August 2019. ; they wanted to make sure I was in the right bed for me. Learn more, shop and get the latest coupon for the Helix Moonlight Mattress HERE and the Helix Moonlight Luxe Mattress HERE! However, these hybrids do have several features that set them apart giving you two amazing hybrid style mattress options. Madeline Bilis is a writer and editor with a soft spot for brutalist buildings. Most back sleepers should enjoy solid lumbar support and a neutral spine. We really love both of these beds, but if you are going to make an investment into your sleep we would have to say the the Helix Luxe is worth the added price. This period starts the day your mattress is delivered. As a side-sleeper with a tendency to toss and turn, and chronic back pain, I discovered that given my desire for a not-too-firm-but-not-too-fluffy mattress, the Midnight Luxe model was the slumber vessel (for lack of a better term) for me. This should provide a neutral spine and enhanced pressure relief. You are smaller to average sized and sleep on your side. Last but not least, they ask you if you often wake up with back pain; and the truth is, in the 18 months prior, I definitely was feeling back discomfort. It is tight to the mattress but is still breathable for great air flow. © 2020 Mattress Advisor. Sounds dreamy, no? Note: The company does not provide full specifications on their website. Once the packing is unwrapped, allow your new mattress to expand and off-gas, both of which should happen in a few hours. As well as save big with the latest coupons. Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see? I slept on a crummy, five-year-old mattress from Sleepy’s (RIP) in my last sublet. Read full, is Helix’s most popular bed because it works for most types of sleepers. The cover is a Tencel fabric that is very breathable and cool, as well as super soft. *Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Additionally, Helix donates lightly used mattresses to charities and housing facilities. It’s built to relieve pressure at the pain points to keep you comfortable, support your body for proper alignment, and help you wake up feeling more restored. have a mattress that will easily adjust as they move, so they can get comfortable quickly. When we brought the Helix into our Lab for testing, we were impressed with how well the Helix performs in this area. The original Helix is less expensive, but doesn’t have the luxury feel that the Luxe does. . Helix does require a minimum of 30 days before you can return your mattress but after the 30 days, you can return your. Secret Service Agents Took Pics of Trump Grandson, What It's Really Like to Sleep in the Ice Hotel. By using a coil system that has individually wrapped coils you get a solid and precision support system that also reduces partner disturbance. But UPS does reserve the right to obtain a signature if they believe they cannot safely deliver your package. It’s comprehensive. With the original Helix you get a 10 year warranty. The Helix standard mattress is also a good option for sleeping cool. Helix does offer in-home setup at a fee of $149 for one mattress and $199 for two items or more. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Tour Kate Middleton's Decorator's Country Home, What to Bid on at the Waldorf Astoria Auction, Wendy Goodman on Why New York is Far From Dead, Shop Tory Burch and Robert Kime's Home Collection, The Mysterious History of a French Design House. Once the packing is unwrapped, allow your. Check out or Helix Mattress Reviews to find the best Helix bed for you. Just after a few nights sleep I was feeling better in my lower back and hip now a month in I wake with no pain. This works well for all positions. Perhaps you see where I’m going with this. Interested in purchasing a Helix mattress? Once your Helix mattress is delivered, you have 100 nights to try it out. With so many options you may think that it could make it confusing. The biggest difference won’t be in the firmness, but in the actual build of the mattress. The Helix Dusk and Helix Dusk Luxe is the bed for you if…. Making for great sleep and a fully usable mattress. Included in this price is also 2 FREE pillows. benefit from the medium firmness as well as the pressure relieving foam. This hybrid mattress might not have some of the bells and whistles that the Luxe version has. Buy: Helix Midnight LUXE, $1,599 for Queen. Jump over to our Helix Luxe Mattress Review for all the details. It provides great pressure relief with just enough balanced support to work for so many sleepers needs. This content is imported from Instagram. Meaning that the Helix Luxe does offer a thicker, more plush feel overall while the Helix standard will be a little less plush and slightly less substantial feeling. While we’d categorized Helix as a great value option, it’s not the best choice for people on a tight budget. There is a very slim chance that you won’t find a, Yes, there is a 30-day break-in period for your. We will wrap up with some of the basics that come with buying any bed from When we performed our spine alignment test, the spines of our subjects were nearly straight which indicates a good night of sleep. To help you find the most ideal option they have a quick and simple sleep quiz that gives you their recommendation. Maybe it’s my genes or my unconscious desire to radiate a well-rested glow, but as soon as I hit the pillow (and stop scrolling Twitter), I’m out cold. Helix does offer white glove delivery service for a $149 fee. If the mattress is proven to have a defect, Helix will reimburse you $100 for shipping costs. Couples should care about having a bed that minimizes motions transfer; otherwise, you’ll both wake up to each other’s movements or middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks. The mattress’s quilted pillow top is the icing on the cake, if you will. This warranty covers any defects or physical flaws in the mattress like splits or cracks in the foam of the mattress or any flaw found in the mattress cover. Just like with the cooling aspect of this mattress, Helix has taken plenty of steps to make sure their beds have a proper amount of edge support. Plus, if you sleep with a partner, that is taken into consideration as well. Courtesy of Helix I have to admit, continuing to sleep on a mattress that I knew was wrong for me for two more weeks was difficult. helps the mattress stay cool to the touch months after opening. Your Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is covered by a 15 year limited warranty. To give you a better understanding of each style side by side. Read on to find out important purchasing information like how long the mattress’s warranty is good for and how long the mattress takes to be delivered. Which is why their philosophy focuses on the fact that people sleep differently. ? This mattress is fitting for you if you are more average to smaller framed. You should notice a gentle cradle as you sink into the pillow top cover. All rights reserved. warranty lasts for 10 years and covers indentations greater than one inch and physical flaws due to manufacturing. Still unsure? A representative will walk you through the return process which includes scheduling a time for your bed to be picked up, donated, or recycled. Helix mattresses also work well on adjustable bases. By naturally having less foam you will have less space for heat to be retained as well as sink in. Please note, we are proudly … We recommend making this a partner project because the coil system makes this bed a little heavy. Ultimately, the one that felt juuuust right was in between the two: The Helix Midnight, a medium-feel mattress and the company’s most popular model. It also has a layer of lofty quilting sewn right into the cover to add extra plushness that never gets too hot and gives this mattress a hotel like feel. It’s a little hard to choose between the Helix and Helix Luxe since they are made by the same great company. The side panels of the Luxe are extra durable and even have handles to make rotating or moving this bed that much easier. Now when it comes down to choosing between the Helix or Helix Luxe which is for you?

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