Cartilage or helix is furthest to the canal and can be said as the longest part of the ear. As previously mentioned, it is normal for piercings that are pierced or punctured by the cartilage to take a long time to heal.

You should be careful about the placement of the perforation. In some unfortunate cases it may also take up to 8 months. During the day, avoid pressures like sleeping on the ears, swimming and wearing ear cuffs.

Please do not use a cotton swab to clean, as it is too linty. Perhaps you can adopt alternate measures to deal with the pain. Be careful when combing, washing and grooming your hair. Do not allow anyone touch it as they may not only transfer the bacteria but may hurt your ear causing soreness.

Certainly piercing is not an issue, but what makes it a slightly difficult is the aftercare. Try twisting the jewelry while cleaning, but do it gently. Just by looking at the punctured area and tracking the progress for one two weeks will enable you to understand how fast the healing is happening.

Usually the price for the helix. Stinging pain. Apply Eyeliner: As a Beginner, Draw The Perfect Eyeline... Get Pierced Nipple Piercing: Pain, Cost, Care, What To Do If You Get Sunburned?

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Spread over the puncture points and the balls of the piercing jewelry or ring and wait about a minute so that the crust can soften a little. Long hair, for example, likes to hang on the ball of the stick and before you know it, you carelessly pull back individual strands of hair and tear at the freshly pierced piercing. Sometimes you may feel that the jewelry is glued through the puncture. If in case you get your ear entangled and pulled by mistake it may start bleeding if the puncture is fresh. Your email address will not be published. As soon as the needle is through, the plug or ring is inserted and you have your helix piercing. When piercing the cartilage, it usually takes a little longer for the piercing to heal.

Helix piercing may be less painful because helix is composed of cartilage which does not have any nerve endings, but some people may experience pain while undergoing the procedure because perforating the cartilage needs extra pressure and effort from the expert piercer.

This makes the outer layer heal first while the inner layers are still healing. These discs are simply attached to the piercing and on the one hand prevent the game meat from being created and on the other hand ensure that it goes away again.

Accordingly, the following applies to the healing phase: If you follow these tips and take good care of your piercing, it should heal easily. If you now come up with the idea of piercing your own ear piercing, I can only strongly advise against it. You can adopt some effective home remedies to avoid infection and speed up healing process. Using a pain killer daily is not suggested. First you will be allowed to sit in the chair; the piercer will mark the place where the helix is to be stung. Never allow anyone to touch the piercing because it can result in inflammation and infection. The helix is the outer part of the ear or the edge.

How long does alcohol stay in blood, urine, breath ? Is it normal for pain redness and whitish discharge like crusts. This is crucial because punctured cartilage is susceptible to infection. During the healing process you need to clean the perforation at least 2 times a day. It can help in reducing any bumps on your helix piercing. This would help you avoid infections.

Problems with healing can occur when ear piercing in the cartilage area and even a doctor does not have as much experience as a piercer, whose daily business is part of it.

You may want to get a better jewelry short after getting the piercing done and you may also try to speed the process. Never wear fake jewelry because they can also cause infection. It can help in effectively disinfecting and healing your piercing. Spray the puncture site with the disinfectant, but move the piercing as little as possible during the entire procedure. You should also use sanitized pillows, bed sheets, etc. It’s worth taking a look beforehand. As soon as the needle is through, the plug or ring is inserted and you have your helix piercing.

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