This really is very strange and is indeed a deep and unsettling mystery. Oranmiyan decide to avenge the death of his grandfather Lamurudu in Mecca and the shameful exit of Oduduwa and his siblings from Mecca. Oduduwa was the first divine king of the Yoruba people, and Obatala fashioned the first human beings out of clay. They have been enjoying for centuries a well-organized pattern of society, a pattern which persists basically in spite of all the changes resulting from modern contacts with the western world. This group of different kingdom states with a common ancient root were collectively known as the ''Yoruba'' and the fact of the matter is that the word ''Yoruba'' has NO meaning in our language or any other language that is known to man. They are, and they appear in some ways to be detrimentally over-conscious of their great ancestry and long, noble traditions.....the Yoruba are one of the most researched races in the world. These vast amounts of works are quite substantial and unrivalled in sub-Saharan Africa. The history of the Sudanese Nigerians is far more entrenched and better aquainted with the running and administration of extreemly large and powerful, culturally diverse, cosmopolitan and sophisticated empires that stretched across thousands of miles of different territories and civilisations and that have conquered many lesser peoples in the past than that of the Bantus whose only experience and knowledge of ancient empire is limited to a few relatively small yet notable kingdoms and coastal settlements in what is presently known as Nigeria’s Niger-Delta area. As argument, fight occurred between Oranmiyan and his siblings at Igangan over a pot of wine; therefore they went on their ways. The examples and perspective in this article. Their character of dignity and integrity is an ancient one. 1901; Johnson, O. Yoruba like most ethnicities is an amalgamation of ethnic groups. Gat, Azar. It was when the British colonialists arrived in the east that they appointed ''warrant chiefs'' amongst and for them. Many remained there but the bulk of them eventually migrated to what is now known as the north-eastern zone of Nigeria and once again mingled and bred with the Shuwa Arabs and the Kanuris of the Borno people. Another question that is often asked is why did our forefathers indulge in all the mass migrations from first Mecca and Medina, then to Egypt, then to Borno and then finally to the plains and forests of what was to become, thousands of years later, the western region of modern-day Nigeria in sub-saharan west Africa west? They were not Arabs but they were there as settlers for thousands of years and they constituted an industrious, prosperous, powerful, large and respected minority within the larger Middle Eastern, Jewish and Arab community. That is why, till today, it is very rare to find a yoruba family that does not have christians, muslims and adherents of the more traditional and ancient tribal faiths in their ranks. Oyo developed in the 17th century and become one of the largest Yoruba kingdoms, while Ile-Ife remained as a religiously significant rival to its power at the site of the divine creation of the earth in Yoruba mythology.

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