The acceleration from standstill is amazing as no gear changes are needed. I have bought a used SW 2009 model with 18.000 km on clock, today as I was going to visit a customer and the road was empty I decided to check top speed, the speedometer showed 190km/h and still had some to go, anyone know how much off is the speedometer? It's extremely comfortable too even for a passenger. Twist and go really does accelerate well for a heavy bike. And I know we haven't got the restyled model here like on the European mainland (exactly the same underneath). There are very well supported forums and Youtube videos that cover all the essentials. This can save some brake pad wear in the long run. I love the convenience this bike offers. I looked at a Bergman, but they were too expensive. Lots of pillion space, too. Fitting lighter Dr Pulley sliders improve matters further adding more 'scamper' to the mix. The only possible downside really is the image but as an older bloke I no longer give a rats about that! I know it's faster than my Super Cub was and a lot slower than the Mooney. I also had the Givi Adjustable on it. I like the engine braking that occurs when you ease off the throttle, in fact if you ride carefully and anticipate, you can slow down enough not to always need the brakes. they over-read by about 10%. However, reports on the forums of reliability and smoothness coupled with Honda reputation sold it for me. VAT no 918 5617 01 I for one dought it. That was before adding the t-box. I think it's overpriced new but used ones seem reasonable. Glad it has ABS. - Visit the forum on this site to chat about your scoot. I marked it down slightly on ride quality but I am being picky. Normally only need to pay for petrol, but here it is a bit thirsty, £15 every 2 weeks fill up, and that's only for average commute of 135 miles a week. Indeed but the title of the thread is 'Silverwings Top speed' and the OP asked how fast it was possible to make the Silverwing go not 'How fast have you made your Silverwing go?' I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike. Additionally, Honda has provided dual lockable cubby holes in the dash for holding your wallet, insurance slips and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. Don't need no accessories really , but I have a Satnav arrangement using the 1inch ball and stem. The seat is very comfortable for the driver and reasonably comfy for a passenger. Seems to be well-built, like a Honda should be. I'm not really interested in your Silver Wing but I noticed you're wearing an Icon Mil-Spec Vest (complete with secret St Christopher medallion hidden away in the inside pocket) I wear one too! Had the Regulator burn out twice, but this was caused by a loose wire shorting out both times. My C650GT is a bit faster at top speed than the Silverwing. My top speed 165kph, the swing was still accelerating but my nerve was decelerating. The CVT found the Silver Wing was also impressive in that it has 3 difference acceleration modes that it uses depending on how far the throttle is pressed. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned. I did it myself and will wear the risk of any issues arising but it is very off putting. As for twisties: the Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is huge fun, offering great grip, top (linked) brakes and remarkable lean angles. I passed a Harley at 140 km/h. I ride fairly conservatively but not slowly and the bike usually does long enough runs to get properly warmed up. I have done 90 mph easy.kinda stupid and unsafe to go any faster with a little bike like this; did 125 on my 1500 Gold Wing a few yrs ago and 135 mph on my 73 Triumph Hurricaine ..that was kinda stupid too. Thanks for the info onf the LT, I'd read it should do 130mph, I haven't pushed it over a ton yet and that's by speedo which seems to be off about 5-10%. He could have gone faster, but so could I. Job done. There is site that is geared for all scooters and motorcycles. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned. Stainless exhaust has rust??? The rear seat backrest is adjustable for the passenger and works well for its size. That's my top speed so far, I don't know what the SWing can do. Its not a sports bike, but it can shift if you need to get a move on. Now I understand why all the Europeans ride them. The rest of my luggage fitted into the large top box and a few items packed in vacuum bags attached to the pillion seat. All in all- very happy, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 I sold my CBF 1000 and another older BT1100 on eBay and this covered the cost of the Silverwing.

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