What you need to know about owning an aquarium, 54 l / 60cm 112 l / 80cm 160 l / 100cm 240 l / 120cm 360 l / 140cm 600 l / 160cm 1000 l / 200cm 2000 l / 250cm 5000 l / 350cm, Asia: Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram & Samut Prakan, Dry food, frozen food & live food carnivorous, Males colored males with extended (anal and dorsal fin). Peaceful betta is very tolerant of water chemistry and thrives in almost any type of water as long as it is clean and well filtered. 1. The Peaceful Betta can be kept with other calm fish, To keep a pair of Peaceful Bettas or multiple pairs, you, They have a crescent-shaped tail fin, hence the nickname “crescent betta”, Peaceful Betta can sometimes be indistinguishable from the, They are comparably smaller in size often reaching only maximum about 5cm in length, They are less attractive with fewer color combination that mostly confined to green, grey and black with patches of pale red plus blue, The body coloration of the males of Betta imbellis ranges from dark blue to deep black, The fins of the males are larger than those of the females, The scale edges, parts of the gill covers and the fins of the males are colored bright aquamarine blue. Yes, she (the opaline) is huge! In this video we wi read more, ปลากัดป่ามหาชัย (Betta mahachaiensis) แหล่งนี้ขึ้นชื่อว่าสวยแทบไ� read more, Name : Blue Mahachaiensis #WILD2810 and #WILD2811 Type : Betta Mahachaiensis Hybrid Buy it now :
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