Professionalism is an overall rating for a nation's land forces, while Drill level is specific to each regiment. Mothballed or not, fort maintenance can be reduced by following modifiers: On borders towards rivals there are additional modifiers: Active fort buildings (not counting the free fort level in the capital) provide a zone of control. The option to conduct an artillery barrage becomes available when a siege has at least one full artillery regiment per fort level. The army can be detached at any time except in battle. However, if they gain more soldiers monthly than they lose to attrition, there is no extra cost beyond base army maintenance, so reinforcement speed modifiers can save you a lot of money - even so, beware of heavy attrition. All the while, the system retreats destroyed or low-morale units and deploys reinforcements and reserves as well. Example army relying on above information: (On plain terrain, with 11 combat width from technology and 15 base, 50% insufficient support limit), + 8 infantry, 5 cavalry reserves potentially not fielded if combat width too small. At 0% funding, regiments will not reinforce, and maximum morale will be reduced by 100% (additive with other percentage modifiers) to a minimum of 0.51 (the minimum required for an army to move). by hovering over the total number of individual unit type. boards a transport ship that moves into a sea zone or is currently in one. As the combatants are temporarily neutral to the newly arrived army, some of their supply weight will still be added to this armies' and may cause attrition. Deploy all artillery in the second row. 100 army tradition gives the following bonuses, which scale linearly to 0% at 0 tradition. Therefore, if you are playing Anatolian, Muslim or Nomadic factions and seek only combat effectiveness, field as many cavalry as the insufficient support limit allows. Each army can be led by a general or conquistador. To understand why, consider that infantry begins with 1 flanking range and cavalry 2. This is further modified by the following: Forts are used to protect a nation from invading armies. Yeah artillery is what kills late game, but if you don't protect it with infantry it's pretty much as good as dead. Combat ability is a value that is multiplied with the units' damage dealt (both for casualties and morale), making it work similarly like discipline, but only for a specific type of unit while discipline affects infantry, cavalry and artillery alike. The result is used to determine the morale damage and casualties inflicted to the opponents each day in the three-day-phase. Note that the leader skill bracket cannot be negative. Marines are a special unit type available for recruitment to any country as a percentage of its force-limit. Award. It is also multiplied by discipline. I plan on making a guide similar on this one for the late game, so stay tuned! The army can then be immediately re-engaged, often with very low to even no morale, if a monthly tick has not yet completed. If space is left in the second row, deploy as much infantry in the second row besides the artillery as there are positions available behind the infantry in the first row. This increases devastation in the province by 5 and gives the province modifier “Scorched Earth”, lasting for 60 months with the following effects:[4]. By splitting forces, it is possible to lure an enemy into an unfavorable position without exceeding supply limits. If there are more units in the second row than the first, then it will redeploy artillery to the first row until both rows are even. Here, in this point of your nation's military history, marks the beginning of the mid game of warfare, in which the fire combat phase has become very important. If all infantry units of the attacker are killed before the defenders are defeated, the remaining cavalry and artillery will continue the siege normally. The amount of banners raised per 16 primary-culture development is modified by: For example, Mongol Empire in Age of Revolutions gets +150% possible banners. Mercenary recruitment cost is computed as follows: Recruitment cost of mercenaries is not affected by regiment cost modifiers, but is affected by the following: Some ideas and bonuses increase the discipline of mercenary regiments: There are also modifiers from decisions, events and missions that affect mercenary discipline. Deploy all infantry in the first row that can be positioned to attack enemy units in the first row, except for X. Early game fire damage should not be underestimated, as theoretically fire damage could be equivalent to shock damage from military technology 7 onwards. The player will lose income in the meantime, but if they were going to lose control of them anyway it could be a good idea to make them less valuable for the enemy. Please help with verifying or updating this section. (20 + 1 - 17)*10/17 = 2.35% attrition. Some questions though: You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Banners are a special unit category available to nations that have Manchu or Jurchen as their primary culture and are available to the Mongol Empire. This is more effective than simply stationing troops for a single area, but less effective (but usually still more efficient in manpower) across multiple areas. Phases alternate between Fire and Shock, with the Fire phase happening first. Deploy all cavalry in the first row that can be positioned to attack the enemy units in the first row. It also provides a higher chance of getting land leaders with a high fire/shock/maneuver/siege value. The attacker loses roughly 5 times as many troops as defender do and assaults on fully-manned forts are highly discouraged. Additionally, there are ideas that give a malus to attrition to enemies on a nation's territory: Army regiments that have taken casualties will gradually reinforce up to their full strength according to available manpower, or if they are mercenaries - usually at a significant cost. Best thing to do is have enough artillery for 3-4 siege pips and don't exceed that. The player can loot provinces they occupy or those which they are besieging, but troops must be present to do so.

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