Dwarfs It takes me three to four days to adjust them. seahorses like them, especially the babies (the rotifers are less than half the size That makes their maximum lifespan about 1-1.5 years in their natural habitat. I like to use the Azoo palm filter with a Poly filter in it instead of As I described them in the June 2002 issue of Freshwater And Marine Aquarium: “Of all the seahorses, these exquisite animals were my first love. Could I simply put a tank divider in a 10 gallon and keep the copepods on one side and the seahorses on the other? Remember that seahorses do not have scales, and the likeliness of a bacterial infection is increased if a horse’s hide is scraped. I think my successes with them are due to the fact that I listen & took advice from the people on http://www.seahorse.org & http://www.syngnathid.org. In other words, the height of your aquarium is just as important as its footprint. 1958. saw bit and drill) to allow more heat to escape since I use a 50/50 I actaully kept 2 dwarf seahorses in a fluval edge, which is a 6 gallon tank. out the sponge once a week in clean salt water to remove the junk. 2000. I had to set up a hatchery to feed them adn hatching the bineshrimp was the most annoying and difficult part of keeping them. It was poor water quality. prior posts or email me if you would like details). Along with the tiny decorative shrimp mentioned above, assorted snails can serve as the cornerstones of the clean-up crew for dwarf seahorse tanks. I rinse the sponge filter weekly (It is SO FULL of gunk.) You will find that they are not very active during the first Keeping your dwarf seahorses in a smaller aquarium will help keep the live baby brine shrimp food concentrated. Another way is to have all your outgoing water go through an under gravel First Seahorses have individualized patterns on their hides called “saddle markings,” which do not usually change when a seahorse changes camouflage coloration, though they may become more pronounced or fade slightly. You can use whatever containers suit you. living, tell me there was a time when you could see dwarf seahorses by the They eat the same food and get along Simply immerse them in a bucket of saltwater and gently squeeze out the sponge until it’s clean and releases no more sediment or debris. 2002). Eminently well suited for the easy rearing method. 4. Thesis, University of Florida, 1953. This premixed salt water. ”Unguarded airstones disrupted many courtships. These tiny seahorses are tough as nails, a legacy of their shallow, inshore environment in which the water conditions typically range from 43 F to 98 F (6 C – 37 C) and from marine to brackish (40% fresh water) during the seasons. We recommend having an aquarium in the 3-10 gallon range. Recent years, however, have revealed a breakthrough with seahorse keeping: captive-bred seahorses. Dwarf seahorses can be extremely variable in coloration. alive they drop their eggs, and within a couple of weeks the culture is back. Gorgonians are excellent for this behavior, as are many faux corals and kelp. thousands. hardy these seahorses are. 2002). In the third phase, the male begins to echo the female’s Points by Pointing in return (Masonjones and Lewis 1996). Crabs of many types, Arrow, Spider, and Blue Claw for the most part. couple of weeks. Dwarf seahorses can be kept in small tanks and actually should be kept in small tanks. Some of the algae prosper in the aquarium and provides excellent purchase for the seahorses. In short, I think you have outlined a good plan for a dwarf seahorse tank, Richard, so all you have to do now is get really good at decapsulating brine shrimp eggs and hatching them out in large quantities on a daily basis. So if someone tells you your getting a mated pair it is not true. There are a couple of other types of small, colorful shrimp that can also be kept safely with dwarf seahorses — the beautifully marked Bumblebee Shrimp and Sexy Shrimp. I will scrap the star and featherduster and still treat just as precautions. I believe that Christmas and there have never been hydroids. It is VERY BAD KARMA to ask for money on something you got for free. pH = 8.2 – 8.4 amount that I found in the water. I feel that varying their diet & taking better care of the brine/artemia helped with the birth rate. Also on occasion I will buy Present your shrimp in front of the seahorse by releasing one or two from the turkey baster in front of its snout. Both these polyps and the little jellyfish they produce compete with the seahorses for brine shrimp. have never tried them, but a number of books explain how to make them yourself. I was thinking Lorabell did but I haven't seen her in a bit. As for the refugium. Seahorses are happier if they are not kept singularly. They live in even higher salinities and the lagoons along the dry coast of northern Mexico and lower Texas where evaporation frequently raises the salinity above that of the Gulf Stream at Key West. the years, both with the seahorse tanks and my study of the dwarfs in the wild. The tiny size of these pigmy ponies precludes that possibility. Hey Everyone!!!!!!! I actaully kept 2 dwarf seahorses in a fluval edge, which is a 6 gallon tank. Tisbe: Are cultured in a 6 liter vase with greenwater with an airflow rate of two to three bubbles per second. noticed this in both my tanks and in the wild. To cover the basics, however, remember that though they are so visually different, seahorses will still occasionally come down with the most common of marine parasites: ich. Strawn, Kirk. Neptune City, NJ: TFH Publications. So good to see Ray and vlangel hitting home runs! every waking hour watching the little guys. Most specimens I have seen are between 1/4″ and 3/4″ in length, which means that large seahorses such as Hippocampus erectus may regard the little bumblebee shrimp as potential prey, although they make good companions for pigmy ponies. You can post now and register later. You will use very little eggs. Brine shrimp eggs should not be placed in a seahorse tank because they tend to foul the water. over. Susan, PS. At feeding time, the pipes go blasting around the tank like little guided missiles. At the lower dosage recommended for nursery tanks and dwarf seahorse tanks with fry (1/16 tsp. That means a male that delivers his first brood in mid-February can easily produce a dozen broods or more during the breeding season, and may become a great-great-grandfather by the end of the season in October. (On the other hand, both the simple air-operated undergravel filters and basic air-operated sponge filters provide efficient biological filtration and are completely safe to use for your seahorses as is with no modification whatsoever.).

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