Afterwards, for every re-roll it costs 5,000 credits, 7,500 credits and 10,000 credits for silver, gold and legendary heroes respectively. You have a few ways to unlock this Earth-Two variant of Supergirl. XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. Here is the character screen you see when you select a Hero from your roster. Each hero comes with 5 pips per day, which is arena energy, so you can fight 5 battles with one hero at a time for 15 battles with three heroes, or you can fight 5 battles with three heroes at a time and blow out all 15 of their combined pips in one shot. Make sure that you log into the game as a guest, NOT on Game Center; if you have already logged in via Game Center, log out and log into a different account. At the moment, it’s just the Heroes starting at 1 star that can get shards in the Campaign mode. You’ll have an unlocked Grodd by the end of the challenge. You can buy this skin for 6,000 Source Crystals. Collecting shards Most Gold Heroes will unlock after obtaining 160 Hero Sha… For more on Injustice 2, be sure to check out our growing wiki. Easy. Consequently, once you have enough shards to unlock a rare locked hero, you’ll be able to unlock them. Hero chests give you a random hero, with a fairly decent chance at a three-star hero. Otherwise, you can use real money to get a legendary if it's in the store (though that'll be a really bad move spending a ton of money on this). In the store, you get the chance to buy 5 shards for a specific character for 100 Gems, then the price increases by 5 Gems per purchase. Use your gems to purchase hero chests, especially early on in the game. The probabilities given are, only for obtaining Legendary Heroes or Shards. Yeah, we didn’t think we would still be around either. Vixen’s popularity has been on the rise again recently thanks to appearances on Arrow, her own recent animated series, and DC Rebirth. It is possible to get the same talent after re-rolling. Unlike other skins and characters in Injustice 2, you can’t actually buy Grid. Here's the problem. She comes in the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Injustice 2 (they cost $80 and $100 respectively) already unlocked and ready to rumble. Later on, other shards for other characters will be rewarded when completing Achievements. I don’t have the requirements to fight in versus challenge. To be able to take part in each event, you will need to meet the requirements that are listed when a specific event is highlighted. If NetherRealm handles this like they did with Goro in Mortal Kombat X, you probably won’t be able to get this guy for some time. Every hero can have 1 talent purchased per star (star rating) for a maximum of 6. Every herocan have 1 talent purchasedper star (star rating) for a maximum of6. These are really good to getting you closer to unlocking some premium characters. 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You can spend real life money to purchase Gems or the special offers that are available in the Store. Though it's still sheer luck that'll get you a legendary. Considered by some to be the best Green Lantern, you can put on the summoned tights and stoic attitude of John Stewart as you take the fight to your opponents. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Injustice2MobileGame community, Continue browsing in r/Injustice2MobileGame, Press J to jump to the feed. Right from the beginning of the game, you’ll earn a random hero, but you can reroll for a different, random hero. Completing achievements rewards you with shards for the 4-star Armored Superman, so it’s worth working on them. Then delete the app, reinstall it, then roll again. Can get expensive, but do this and you can be sure of what you’re trying to unlock. Characters can also get special augments that allow for more experience to be gained as well as other buffs. Read on for some tips and tricks for earning rare, epic and legendary heroes in Injustice 2! Save up at least 50-150k of gem then spend them all on Platinum chest, I will i guess. 7 other Legendary Heroes have been added at different times in 2019 and 2020: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn: February 2020. This grants immediate access to the Reverse Flash premium skin in Injustice 2, changing the look, voice, and dialogue of the character. Legendary Heroes must be unlocked at a base Star Rating of 4 except for Black Manta, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad Enchantress and Justice League Superman. Tap on the Characters in the Roster menu to see what campaign level you must complete in order to get a shot at collecting some shards. Technically speaking, right now your best way to get a legendary character is the versus challenge for Braniac. And that is not easy. There are a couple of ways to unlock this evil speedster. Make the most out of your gems in Injustice 2 Mobile! That’s where you’ll be spending those gems. The highly anticipated Injustice 2 launched a few days ago, and we are giving out tips on getting free gems in this Injustice 2 Mobile guide. Injustice 2 has a base roster of 27 characters that you’re able to choose from right at the very beginning. On Android, change your settings for games so that they do not auto-log into the game when you play them before firing up Injustice 2 for the first time. Make sure to take advantage of these Challenges and always complete them! Injustice 2 Mobile: How to Unlock More Characters / Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide, Bit Heroes Tips & Cheats: Complete Strategy Guide for Beginners, Injustice 2 Mobile Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become a Top Player. There are much better uses for your gems if you’re a newer player, and you need to be focusing on your regular roster. Instead, you simply have to link your Injustice 2 Mobile account to the game. You can re-roll for a new talent if you want a different stat modified or a higher degree of modification for the same stat. They also require the same amount of Shards to unlock and/or promote them to a Star Rating of 5 and 6. During the weekends, you can complete the challenges for some extra Character shards. Even with the current numbers, there’s a lot to unlock. Upgrade them high and you’ll find yourself earning 30 gems from random short operations and 100 gems from random long operations. Reverse Flash. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That’s all you need to know to unlock all characters in Injustice 2. How Do You Get Legendary Gear in Injustice 2? The only way to modify talents is purchase and re-roll. Legendary is the highest and the rarest tier for a Hero and with just 8 Heroes as of February 13, 2020 (Update 3.6.0). the dlcs it charges me (both from the store and in game menu). Easy. Which Dark Pictures Game is Better: Little Hope or Man of Medan. There are three categories of talents based on their rarity, common, rare and epic. You’ll have an unlocked Grodd by the end of the challenge. The most common way to unlock and/or promote Legendary Heroes is by buying Chests. How do I get Arkhangelsk knight batman without spending real money? These include; Hero Chest* 0.34% Legendary Hero Platinum Chest* 0.75% Darkseid Hero 0.75% Arkham Knight Batman JL Superman Legendary Hero Chest* 3% Justice League Superman Hero Ultimate Brainiac Chest* 5% Brainiac Hero Shards Ultimate Arkham Knight Batman Chest* Then go all out refreshing energy and level 2 & 3. Gems are the premium currency of the game and are available for purchase, but you can also get plenty of them for free. It may be why she’s included as an alternate skin for Cheetah that you can purchase for 6,000 Source Crystals. We wrote a guide about the characters with best stats too , do drop by if you are interested! These methods will make it easier for you to unlock more Characters in the game, but it’s also pretty expensive. Just like other mobile games that deal with unlockable characters, Injustice 2 brings you a shards system to get all Heroes. Two-star heroes are easy to get, but three-stars are tough, while four- and five-stars are nearly impossible; however, they are doable. Unlike other skins and characters in Injustice 2, you can’t actually buy Grid. edited 1 year ago. Re-rolling is free once per day per hero. Below you’ll find how to unlock all characters available in the game so you have more options to beat up your friends (or enemies) with. This is obviously the easiest way out. So I havent played this game in a hot minute and now that college is over I wanted to get back to grinding. as close to 2,501 or 2,502 as possible without going below). Talents are modifications to statsthat you can unlock onheroes , each for 5,000 credits. This is an Injustice 2 Mobile Tutorial and tips on how to get Gold characters in the game as fast and as cheap as possible. What do you think is the best chest or way to get the legendary characters? Another way to go with the gems is to grind in the store for specific hero shards. Here is the number of shards needed, based on the character’s rarity type: – 1 star: 10 Shards Instead, you simply have to link your Injustice 2 Mobile account to the game. The first is to have bought the Ultimate Edition of the game ($100). Freeze can be purchased for 6,000 Source Crystals. Once you max out the shard count, you will be able to upgrade your hero’s star level. – 2 star: 30 Shards Similar to the normal Multiverse worlds, each world in the Legendary Multiverse will have 3 events that you can play. Be sure to use only one hero at a time and to round to the nearest 2,500 or as little above as possible (e.g. However, not only does the look of your character change, but their stats do as well. Star Ratings Promote each of your heroes by collecting Hero Shards. You just have to equip her as a skin to Supergirl. Home » Guides » Injustice 2: How to Get All Characters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can increase this count by unlocking more characters, though things are slightly different this time around.

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