Map:Zanaris scan | RuneScape Wiki | Fandom. From the Wheat Field head north, then west when you reach the wall, heading into a room in the very north of the city. There is a bank in Zanaris, close to a general store. Even further south is a room full of a monster that can only be found in Zanaris, Otherworldly Beings. This silly choir may come out of no-where, and saying random goofy stuff, like "Are you making cosmic runes? The other shop in the market, owned by Irksol, only sells one item. The RuneScape Wiki. Catanai Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They don't do much other than groan and get in the way, but make the city special! There are also two yew trees for woodcutters, and a fairy who will pay 100 coins for cabbages. Once you've had enough of this room, you can head back north to the crossroad, turn left and start heading west. The first is using a Fairy Ring. The music which plays when inside Zanaris. When you use a Raw Chicken on this shrine, you will go to the Evil Chicken's Lair. You can pick the wheat to be used in a different area of the city. First is the Dragon Weapon Shop owned by Jakut where you can buy both the Dragon Longsword and the Dragon Dagger. All the normal items sold at a General Store can be found here. Once inside the altar you can craft your own Cosmic Runes out of Pure Essence! There are lots of different people or creatures which you can talk to within the city. The first one you come to requires 66 Agility to get through, while the second requires level 46. Zanaris, also known as Fairy City, is the home of the fairies and is the moon of Gielinor. Games Movies TV Video. This website and its contents are copyright © 2002 - 2014 Sal's Realm of RuneScape. Look around where these monsters should be and you will notice that there are level 94 Fungi that you can pick. To get to Zanaris all you need to do is find a Fairy Ring and use it.. Zanaris is the home of our Beloved Slayer master Chaeldar, She is the fourth hardest Slayer master, and requires a minimum combat level of 75 to begin assigning tasks to players.. Also the Cosmic altar can be entered via Zanaris. Mining rocks are also available. While in Zanaris there is a change that one of a number of things will happen to you. There are also other NPCs within this room who feature with quests like Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains and Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen, but aren't much use outside these quests. There are two methods that you can use to leave the city. This may sound great, but you can only take 27 Cabbages to sell at a time because she won't buy noted Cabbages, and you can't take sacks into the marketplace due to security risks. Chaeldar is a fairy; like others of her race, she hails from Zanaris. Register Start a Wiki. Talk to one of the Bankers to access your bank and deposit or withdraw items at your will. The fairy ring code for the main portal in Zanaris is BKS. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? There are two other NPCs within the market that don't own a shop. This is the Ruby Ring. To enter these ruins you must either have a Cosmic Talisman in your inventory, or be wearing a Cosmic Tiara. One of the first things that you should notice when walking in this direction are some cows. This time it is of a Bucket. In the northern parts of the market there are a number of shops that give the area the name "market". By going across the main corridor and carrying on south from where you appear, you will come to a room with one of the Slayer Masters in. If you wish to leave the marketplace, but not go to Al Kharid then you can go back through the door that you entered the market through without having to pay the price of another Diamond. Finally, the exit from the market is to the north-east of the market area; just enter the fairy ring, and you will find yourself behind Al-Kharid's bank. Ask Shamus how to get to Zanaris and he tells you that you need a dramen staff. Zanaris is the home of the Fairies. To the north of the bucket is another small room. Zanaris can also be accessed by wielding a dramen staff or lunar staff and entering the small hut in Lumbridge Swamp to the north-east of the mine. She gives out mid to high level Slayer tasks which may only be attempted by players with a combat level of at least 75. Once you have killed the Tanglefoot, you will still be able to enter, but the only monsters inside will be lots of level 82 Baby Tanglefoot. You may get wet from this cloud, so make sure you know where the nearest clothes press is to dry out everything you are carrying. Walk round the corner to the east and past a Yew Tree to get to this truly amazing building. To the north of you there will be an Egg that automatically spawns there. Website design by Fatalysm, Neo Avatars, and Salmoneus. You can't return back. The Cosmic Altar lies to the south of Zanaris. The second is called Fairy and can be found next to another Fairy Ring in the north-east corner of the market. The city, in all likeliness, is deep underground.[3]. Here, you can buy Dragon daggers for 30,000 coins, and Dragon longswords for 100,000 coins, from Jukat. She gives out mid-level Slayer tasks which may only be attempted by players with a combat level of at least 75. To get this, you need to chop down a tree inside of the Entrana Dungeon, and at the end of the conversation, he offers to teleport you to Port Sarim docks. If you already have soda ash, the furnace to the north may be useful for making molten glass at the same time as collecting sand. If you ask what the Diamonds are used for, you will be told that they are used to make Fairylights. You may be thinking why you want to go down a long passageway.

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