Pull the ice maker clear of the bracket after the harness is disconnected, and set it aside. Even if you're attached to your ice maker, it's good to know how to remove it in case something goes wrong and you need to replace it. Consult your manual for these details. Insert the screws and tighten them just past hand tight. Unscrew the bolts or screws holding the bracket, using a socket wrench or screwdriver, and remove the bracket. We're open and continuing to ship packages. Answer Hello James. Disconnect the water supply tub from the back of the refrigerator at the “John Guest” disconnect fitting. Important Notice: Set the screw and plastic cover aside. Remove the door and set it aside. Find out about the new refrigerator sounds you might not be aware of. Position the new ice maker in the bottom plastic mounting plate and push the plastic wire harness plug into the side of the mounting plate until the plastic locking tabs snap into place. Removing the dispenser housing worked on my Jennair jfc2290vemb refrigerator worked with a 12 or 14 inch bladed screwdriver starting from the bottom of the dispensor and also used another bladed screw to gently pry up the dispenser side as it separated from the main panel. Replaced icemaker and shutoff arm. Is the dispenser lock button on? Push in on the tab to the left of the ice maker to release the ice maker and slide the ice maker forward, off its rails. You will feel some resistance from the water fill tube at the top of the ice maker, but fear not it’s flexible and will give. Good Luck and Thanks Just put a piece of white duck tape over the hole. This will allow the door to close more quickly, for a slightly stronger seal there will also be slightly more noise as the door is closing. Pull the wire harness plug out of the base mounting plate to release the ice maker module. Tape the flipper shut. I have a problem with the chute on the ice delivery from the ice maker icing up. Replace the ice maker assembly using the manufacturer-approved replacement part if it stops working. Open the water supply shut-off valve to restore the water supply to the refrigerator. Whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others. You may also see a cylinder looking device attached to the dispenser door. All came in one box and were the correct parts in factory condition. I've had the fridge for 12 years now and have replaced the caps 3 times because they break all the time. Before you do this, though, you have to do a couple of important things first: Unplug the refrigerator or -- if it's easier -- turn off the breaker in the main panel that controls the outlet into which the refrigerator is plugged. Replace the water valve that feeds water to the ice maker and water dispenser if it no longer controls the flow of water.

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