So what is a good trolling speed for lake trout? Plugs are one of my favorite things to pull. This tactic works on lakes where trout feed on everything from bugs to krill to shad. When rigging a diver with a cowbell this attractor is attached directly to the back of the diver and terminated like before with a 12 to 18 inch leader and a spoon, or spin-n-glo. A fast rod will give you more time to respond to a fish biting and more give to fight them with. Jigging is a good and useful technique especially in areas where there are large numbers of trout available. Water color, time of year, and so on, all affect what does the trick for putting fish in the boat. Personally, I prefer a baitcasting reel for trolling, particularly one with a line counter built in. The thicker heavier spoons are better for casting so I tend to not use those as much unless I am using a tiny spoon then I don’t think it matters as much. Discover cedar groves, pebble beaches, and waterfall views along Lake Superior. Rigging an attractor to a diving planer gets a little confusing as there are countless options available. There are a variety of ways to get your lures down to where the fish are holding. The downrigger is put at the depth you want and it takes your lure with it. Lake trout can grow to nearly a metre in length and weigh more than 20 kilograms, but they average 38 to 51 centimetres and 4.5 kilograms. Used in much the same way as a dodger, the most common way to use lake trolls is by attaching them directly to a downrigger rod and then adding a 12 to 18 inch leader and terminating the rig with a trolling spoon or Yakima spin-n-glo. Mark Romanack is an outdoor writer, book author, fishing educator and host of Fishing 411 TV. If trout are suspended 30 feet deep eating whatever sinks down there, a flashy grub can wave hi just in time to get bit! Divers are also a bit more accurate when it comes to targeting your depth. After trapping their prey, the lake trout feed on … Braided line has no stretch which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. Depending on the side that you get a strike you know if you need to speed up or slow down. We were going to be trolling for kokanee and lake trout all day and all I could think about was catching a monster lake trout. Lake trout, or gray trout as many call them, aren't trout at all! Thick, meaty, and flaily grubs are the best. The cons, of course, are that boats are expensive and logistically more tough than casting from the from the bank. This rig is set back behind the boat 10 to 20 feet, attached to the downrigger line release and lowered until the downrigger weight is just skipping on the bottom. Closing thoughts on fishing for Rainbow Trout with dodgers. While a downrigger is the most common tool used to present dodgers, lake trolls and Fish Flash, all three of these attractors can also be fished in combination with diving planers like the Lurk Disco Diver (formerly called the Deeper Diver) which are used to get these rigs down and also a little out to the side of the boat. Because lake trout average 10 pound in size and often grow to 20, 30 and even 40 pounds it pays to gear up with tackle adequate for the job. Typically you will be able to target the top 5′ – 15′ feet of the water column with diving lures. Trolling speed with crankbaits for lake trout are between 2.2 – 2.8 mph. If you are serious about trolling for trout, you really need some sort of fish finder. If I have a dodger on I can’t troll the same speed as I can with just a spoon or swimbait. In general, using lead weights, you can target fish in the top 50′ of the water column. There is nothing "The Art of Lake Trout Fishing." It’s adjacent to the Saskat… Interestingly, one of the most productive lake trout trolling attractors is a set up that literally throws the kitchen sink at the fish. endobj This is a chunk of lead formed around a length of bead chain or with simple eyes to tie onto. On the upside, if you need to set a hook, that lack of stretch transfers energy much faster from your rod to the point of the hook. Explore these hiking trails and experience stunning views of the fall landscape. these can range from foot line groups of plastic spinners on up to 5′ long arrangements of large metal blades, often times referred to ‘pop gear’. You can study maps all you want, but being able to accurately see what is down there is a whole different thing all together. Trolling for lake trout with spoons is my favorite way to fish for them and it is also one of the most effective ways to catch lake trout. The term "trolling attractors" is a generic way of organizing a host of trolling hardware designed to get the attention of trout and other species. Every lake is a little different and even the same species of trout in different bodies of water. Using satellite images, you can find out a lot about a lake.

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