We have noticed that there are a number of accounts which have got banned in recent days. Attachments: you can add here the proofs we talked about above, like screenshots or links. Hence, it is a permanent ban on your PUBG Account. Last Updated On September 8, 2020 by Vijay Goutam. Temporary ban like 2-3 days are lifted automatically, keep calm and wait. Frankly speaking, there is very little to no chance of getting an account which has been banned. Open your dual space and run your game. Additionally, there are various levels endgame which keeps on increasing as you complete the weekly and monthly challenges. There is a small clear tutorial to create your ticket: 1- Go to the official PUBG Support team by clicking this link : https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us.

Fir aapne pubg account ko login kare 7 dino bad apka account unban ho jayega. The account will get worse even if this software is not related to hacking. Preferred support language: select the language suitable for you. How to Unban a Pubg Account? Here's how they can do so: Step 1: They must open PUBG Mobile, and the ban notification will appear on the screen. PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most downloaded games, with over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. You will find an error message while opening the game every time. What are the Reasons for PubG Account Ban? We provide best from us to make you happy. If you don't use dual space to hack pubg mobile then might this trick will not work in your device.

Appeal your suspension of the account by explaining your issue in the body of the e-mail. Uske bad apko waha se pubg account ko waha se remove kar dena hai.
All PUBG Mobile players know that PUBG Mobile is full of bugs. PUBG mobile now banning all the hackers account if they are on conqueror. However, as mentioned earlier, if you were caught hacking, the official team will simply reject your application.

READ MORE ABOUT THIS NEW RULE: PUBG new rule 10 years ban. Fir PUBG Team bhi apki madat nhi kar payega agar us wayakti me apke account ke sath kuch galat use kiya hoga to.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful mobile video games in the industry. Do not use any third-party application which promises to bypass certain services of the game. If you want to know more about things that can get you a ban     READ ALSO: 5 ways to get banned in PUBG. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. aur comments me galat sabdo ka use nhi karna apko nhi to website se permanent ban kar diya jayega.

Note: This article is for beginners. Any account guilty of foul play can be banned in PUBG Mobile. Now that you have all the necessary information about getting banned, without further ado let’s dive into our topic: In reality, there is no specific clear answer to this question, because we don’t know how the team of PUBG is viewing the ban cases, but after some researches, I believe that getting unbanned from PUBG depends on two major things, the reason of your ban, and how guilty are you; I mean the proofs you provide about your case, where and how are you going to deliver those proofs? If the team finds some illegal activity Linked to your account, it gets banned instantly. Ye trick bhi unhi friends ke liye hai jo hack use nhi kiya aur Id ban ho gya hai. Apne Setting me fir se jana hai aur Apps and website pe click karna hai. This only works with those who use dual space. Hence, the ground is instantly flagged as suspicious and you cannot play games on the account until and unless the review Team takes the decision. The account is is it possible to recover if it has been mentioned that permanent restriction has been imposed on the account. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. I need second chance … i have Cydia in my mobile phone but i swear i don’t use any hack and cheating. Aur apna password use kar ke username change kr lo. Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. All you have to do is raise a ticket with the PUBG support center. Google Search App to Suggest Related Content, 5 Strategies That Will Really Grow Your Instagram Audience, how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator, voice server connection timed out cod mobile, Server Timeout Reconnect Issue Fix for PUBG Mobile, Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile 2019, CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working, Download PUBG Mobile Free and How to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile. Don’t use any website unknown website.2. The PUBG accounts are very precious to some people because they have played for thousands of hours and have achieved various medals and rank.

So for making an Unban request or appeal, you need to contact the Official Support team on PUBG and create a ticket which is basically your message to the support team.

The developers will then review the same.

However, there will not be many details about the reason for being banned. Hence, the developers have brought in a lot of changes to ensure that players can enjoy a fair gameplay experience. Aapko apne account ko kisi sath share nhi karna hai na hi kisi ke bhi mobile login karna hai chahe aapka friend hi q na ho. As PUBG’s way to appeal a ban is a bit more confusing than most other games, we decided to write this article to make it easier for you. If the players were banned for using illicit tools, the appeals and claims would not be considered. Here are the steps to unban your PUBG Mobile account: After reviewing your application, PUBG Mobile will unban your account after a few days. The fields you need to fill are the following: You will need to put your email address; not any email address, the email address related to your PUBG account. You can delete your account by following the process below, if you have created PUBG account through our website or launcher. With a continuous increase in PUBG’s player base and popularity, naturally, the bans against players suspected of cheating have also increased directly proportional. Enter here the ID you use to log into the Steam platform. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Some bugs are just funny and do not affect the game while other bugs can make the game imbalance. Never use any kind of hacks and cheats in the game. We will guide you so that you never face the PUBG account Ban issue. How to acquire the Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile?

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