endobj Hub Foodbank Partners... We are providing food parcels, toiletries and sanitary products and are assisting with prescription collections as required. We welcome comments about our practice and the health services we provide. From Monday 2nd March 2020 our prescription team will be moving into the Hyndburn Central Prescribing Hub, 1st Floor, Acorn Primary Healthcare Centre, 421 … stream They will be safety nets for those without others to help them out or if those arrangements break down for whatever reason, including if the person helping them becomes unwell themselves. If your address not does appear in the search box, enter it manually below. **Please check your prescription printout for up-to-date instructions**.
[])). enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk 3 CONTENTS Shielding 4 Hub Food Support 6 Hyndburn Foodbank 6 Maundy Relief 8 Rishton Food Bank 8 FOOD SUPPLIERS Dinky Diner 10 Smiths 12 Wiltshire Farm Foods 14 Best Meat Uk 16 Ye Olde Sausage Shop 18 Oakhouse Foods 20 Mindful Chef 22 Gousto 24 Hello Fresh 26 Just Eat 28 Shelter 30 THE HUB E-Prescribing for DME. Colne: 01282 805838. BB5 1RT. Colne: 01282 805838. and sign up for alerts on the The ‘locality’ hubs have been set up in each district of Lancashire to help support the people who need it most during the Covid-19 outbreak. Hyndburn council thanked Hyndburn-based business Studio for the “very generous donation”.
Anyone needing practical help or emotional support should contact Hyndburn Hub on 01254 388111 or email enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk. %���� Ms Britcliffe posted on Facebook: “Food parcels are going out and the staff are working very hard to make sure those who are struggling in the community have access to the essential items that they need. The exempt telephone line is operational between 12:00 – 16:00. To ensure the continued safety of all our patients –and our staff there are now more options to order prescriptions during the Covid Outbreak. Hyndburn council thanked Hyndburn-based business Studio for the “very generous donation”. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. x��]s�6��3�x$;'�� �:���4�M����!�U�cNiʑ�����]��Y���d ���b�_�؋�Ӛ��Ë�/ߞ��Żi��E=y}��#;;�>���QZg,fI�D"aZ �,NO~��է'g��'/~�vyuz�M��q��(������]ޘF�?d�ӝ�}�'�^��|X�?v��ӓW������W�_2��# �L�(�GD�p��XeI���H��QʣL��#�#qF�XIu䬥ca$�#9;�8�TrFz$��\FG�(!GG�5�z#��HK�&ܑ��dq���&v�D��ǫP^�i�b���_�"�k����p�L[����9���T�v��|E��rR#*�b:>֖� All rights reserved. If you have any concerns one of the ways to contact us regarding your medication is email, please see Point 3. below for guidance on this.

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