[1], When the Imperial Legion arrived to restore the rule of law, Ulfric allegedly refused them entry into the city until they also agreed free worship of Talos would be allowed. And indeed, there are many that call us heroes. who will determine Skyrim's future? Whoever we replace them with will need the support of our armies." [12] Attempts on her life were planned prior to the Great War, but she was recalled before these could take place. Secretly, they have been using the conflict between the Empire and the rebel Stormcloaks as means to an end, remaining only indirectly involved while the war continues and interfering only in certain instances to keep the war ongoing, such as during Ulfric's capture and near execution. Something that seems to be in short supply these days." During his time with the Dominion, he was brainwashed/conditioned into believing that he must act against the Empire and the WGC, causing the Markarth incident and beginning the civil war in Skyrim. Ulfric asked only one promise as payment - agreement to permit the free worship of Talos in Markarth. Upon completing a personal task for Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, the Dragonborn is offered a place in his court as Thane of Eastmarch. So we shall all call you thus. Not yet. Imagine how humanity will be crippled then! And find a bit of luck." Community content is available under. It was you who fought the Thalmor and their puppets who would have us deny our gods and our heritage. Follow the Captain, prisoner." Galmar: "Give the word, my lord, and Whiterun is yours." We've still much work to do. What should we do? The Aldmeri Dominion may have defeated the Empire, but it has not defeated Skyrim!" And so are you." Ulfric: "I'm fairly sure that the dragons don't care about our matters one way or the other." I truly believe Ulfric wants Skyrim for the Nords again without any Thalmor presence. Gender So while the war does help the Thalmor for now, if Ulfric wins quickly it hurts them. You can serve to put a lot of pressure on Ulfric. Base ID The Dragonborn freed Etienne Rarnis, returning to Delphine with the news. If such a scenario is to unfold, than the most logical step is of course internal consolidation of power, followed then by a series of campaigns to restore the greater Nordic Kingdom, and the triggering of a new War of Bend'r-mahk, with Ulfric seeking to annex the states of Jehenna, Elinhir, Dragonstar and Solstheim. [18] Dialogue with Niranye—an Altmer who lives within the city—actually suggests that it is the Dunmer who chose to live in the Gray Quarter due to being "too proud and naive to understand the way things truly are. Even so, Ulfric feels he must see his quest for Skyrim's independence to its final conclusion as he sees the Empire as an inept parasite that continues to bleed Skyrim dry to recoup their losses from the Great War that they chose to surrender in. He and General Tullius hint at aggression with the Dominion. If the Empire wins quickly and decisively, the Empire retains the land, men and resources of Skyrim and can focus that towards fighting the Dominion, much weakening the Dominion's position in a second great war and making the Empire -- and the Cyrodiil province -- a much more difficult target. Galmar: "Again?" He says that the throne he sits on is Ysgramor's and his father's, rather than his, and that he only hopes he can do both of them proud. After Ulfric is dead, Rikke will whisper: Rikke: "Talos be with you..." Jorleif: "A reasonable strategy." Lokir: "No, I'm not a rebel. I'm guessing Bethesda cut out this exchange from the final game to make the whole 'Ulfric-is-a-Thalmor-puppet' thing more ambiguous, but if you needed the proof, this is probably as good as it's going to get. Heck, I bet the Thalmor have a dossier on General Tullius that describes him as an asset too. I want to watch the soldiers." "I'd like to offer you a place in my court, as a Thane. The gods are watching. But I've had some disturbing reports of you... seen talking to General Tullius in Castle Dour, for example. A great darkness is growing, and soon we will be called to fight it, on these shores or abroad. ", Ulfric: "Secure the door." The day the Empire signed that damn treaty was the day the Empire died." They don't all support you." In addition to his qualms about how the Empire's politics are affecting his homeland, he also resents the Empire for what he sees as unjustly criminalizing the Nord people for desiring to rule themselves and disregarding the sacrifices of all the soldiers who fought in the Great War by appeasing the oppressive demands of the Aldmeri Dominion. SkyrimNorthwatch KeepSolstheimAbandoned LodgeNorthshore Landing After Ulfric was released and his rebellion broke out, the Thalmor have had their agents, the Thalmor Justiciars, hunt down Talos worshipers and imprison them for violating the worship ban. Ulfric: "It will work if we can pull Hran's men from the south. ", "We've driven the Imperials out of Whiterun. Tullius: "You started this war, plunged Skyrim into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace. Ulfric: "Send the word. Move it!" [14], After Torygg's death, Ulfric fled back to Windhelm. Ralof: "I don't know where we're going, but Sovngarde awaits." Galmar: "That Empire is dead. Ulfric is more of a 'useful idiot' to the Thalmor than a Manchurian-candidate style sleeper agent; he is mostly just following his own ambitions and in doing so, weakening the otherwise traditionally strong ties between the Empire and Skyrim. They'll continue to strike out at us, whenever and wherever they can." Well he is not a Thalmor agent, but they consider him an "uncoopretive asset" in that while he hates them and would willing fight them once he takes over Skyrim his war against the Imperials will weaken the Empire which are the Thalmors primary enemies. It was only a couple days ago that I started thinking to myself while venturing in the lands of Skyrim. [2] They claim sole responsibility for closing the Oblivion Gates in the Dominion (much like the An-Xileel). Well?" [25] Surprisingly, he does not expatriate Elisif the Fair from Solitude after the battle is won, despite her support for the Empire; she swears fealty to him and continues to live in the city even after the war has ended. FormID [2] Some describe Ulfric as a hero,[3] while others label him an opportunist. Ulfric agreed and marched his militia to the gates of Markarth and retook the city, supposedly using the power of his Thu'um. Rikke: "You're a damn fool." [13] Including the Falinesti Incident and the breach of the Blue River Prison. [2], Furthermore, Ulfric's dialogue with Galmar Stone-Fist reveals that he does not relish the lives that will be lost in his rebellion and is considerate of the Nord families who will lose loved ones in his civil war. The signing of the White-Gold Concordat, which effectively ended the Third Aldmeri Dominion's war with the Empire of Cyrodiil, gave the Thalmor legal authority to eradicate Talos worship; although many devout believers either openly revolted or tried to circumvent their ban by worshipping in secret. With the Dragonborn's aid, she hoped to halt the resurrection of the Dragons. If I side with the empire they will just continue being Thalmor patsies, and If I side with the stormcloaks I'm basically giving the Thalmor skyrim and a prime opportunity to decimate the empire. Ulfric: "He's a true Nord. By the terms of the White-Gold Concordat, I operate with full Imperial authority!". But then what does that make you?" I hold you responsible for this situation. But neither is every man able to give that order when he must. Community content is available under. Convince Ulfric that Skyrim cannot allow the Empire to fall. The only reason he would be in Sovngarde is if his cause was actually worthy. It's a powerful position. It matters little to me. ", The Jarl of Whiterun returns your axe. Unless playing a darker character, in which case I've been known to stalk down a line of Thalmor escorting a prisoner, slitting throats before they know I'm there. Ulfric supports Skyrim's independence from the Empire, which he believes has been corrupted by the Aldmeri Dominion and too weak to protect its citizens. Ulfric's first appearance in the game—sitting alongside the Dragonborn in a wagon to be executed Helgen. You don't have to do this." His apparel is comprised of Ulfric's Clothes, Ulfric's Boots, and Ulfric's Bracers. I fight so that all the fighting I've already done hasn't been for nothing. Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak (SPOILERS). Stormcloak: "We just need to move some of these rocks to clear the way!". One at a time." [2], During the Great War, he fought alongside Galmar Stone-Fist and Legate Rikke;[7] however, he was captured by the Aldmeri Dominion during the Dominion's campaign for the Imperial City.[6]. But if not..." We now control the center. I know many think Ulfric might be complicent with the Thalmor for a variety of reasons (and decent ones, at that), but I think this would be the reason he wouldn't. Perhaps, they want it more." Ulfric: "Yes, what about the Lady Elisif? Imperial Soldier: "Shut up back there!" Pleas from Dunmer citizens often fall on deaf ears, leading them to believe he has nothing but disdain for them. You ending it before its time already messes with their plans, you are the wrench in the machine. xD is this true? Ulfric: "I'm not seeking advice right now, friend. Tullius' dialogue is missing, but it's obvious from Elenwen's lines that Tullius does know that Ulfric's survival is what the Thalmor want, so he's putting his foot down and demanding the Stormcloaks' executions. Ulfric: "And it is for these reasons that I cannot accept the mantle of "High King." Ulfric: "I'm not saying it wouldn't be useful. [2] Others in Skyrim, such as General Tullius, denounced the act as murder and an attempt to usurp the throne. Tullius: "Ulfric Stormcloak. [4] The Thalmor sought to unify the land, even before, along with parts of Hammerfell, to align it against seafaring threats that plagued the isles for centuries. The most likely scenario is that someone in the Stormcloak organization is working under Ulfric's nose for the Thalmor, passing along information so the Civil War can be manipulated in … Ulfric: "I'll think on this, but I make no promises." ", "Why are you still here? ", "I'm proud we liberated Falkreath from the Empire. Ulfric: "Let the Dragonborn be the one to do it. Wonder if Vilod is still making that mead with juniper berries mixed in. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Step forward. After the war, contact was established and he has proven his worth as an asset. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Shouldn't keep the gods waiting for us." Ralof: "A Nord's last thoughts should be of home." When defeated, Ulfric requests that the Dragonborn kill him, as "it will make for a better song." If left before answering Ulfric's first question: "As you can see, I have much that requires my attention. Ulfric: "I'm in no mood to joke." The Jarl will continue to rule Solitude, I will garrison armies here to ward off Imperial attempts to reclaim the city. The citizens were said to have been calling out for justice and war against the Aldmeri Dominion. ", "Well, Dragonborn. He goes to Sovngarde. Galmar: "Not while I'm still breathing, it's not." Galmar: "If he's not with us, he's against us." Ulfric: "I am indeed Ulfric Stormcloak, and at my side the man/woman we know as Stormblade, and the world knows as the Dragonborn. If it's not Ulfric, the Thalmor would still seek to stir up other voices of discontent and provoke conflict, forcing the Imperials to concentrate on internal security opposed to building resources for the true threat (the Dominion). and i said yes, cause i think Ulfric is right, but then, he told me that Ulfric is in fact a traitor, an Thalmor agent, and i hate the thalmor more than i hate the impire! Ulfric escapes his execution and survives the dragon attack with the help of his men, and returns to Windhelm to resume his office of Jarl. Ref ID It is possible, after completing the Legion questline, to obtain Ulfric's apparel after his death.

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