Tray Unicorn Aluminium Medium Duty (2.4m standard length) (Extra Cab 2.4m option) - Isuzu D-max Single Cab 01-02-0057M Unicorn , Aluminium, Medium duty Tray.
* 3.5T braked tow rating applies to Isuzu D-Max variants, with the exception of the LX Double Cab low ride which has a 2.5T braked tow rating. D-Max Configurations (Cab/Tray setup) The DMax single cab comes with a 2500 mm long tray, which is ideal for a Trayon and some space on the headboard for extra storage like secondary spare tires, jerry cans or even a dog box style storage box.. HANDWASH UNIT QHW 15 BLACK POLY 340L x 300H x 250D ROPE BOX QTB 40 ALUMINIUM CHECKER PLATE 400L x 400H x 270D TOOLBOXES TRUNDLE TRAYS UNDER BODY BOXES
Please refer to 2019 warranty T&C’s contained in Isuzu Utes NZ Service and Warranty Booklet (found in Isuzu vehicles). Tradesman Tray Isuzu D-Max - Crew Cab Note: Tip Top Equipment reserves the right to change specifications, materials used, and prices at any time. Rating 1.5 Tonne.

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