Why is it OK to eat one kind of animal but unspeakable to eat another? Polis' Mother Joins His Press Conference To Discuss Older Coloradans", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marlon_Reis&oldid=982702905, LGBT rights activists from the United States, Jewish American people in Colorado politics, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 20:02.

8033 Sunset Blvd, Suite 864 | And we are living in a time when information is easily accessible. But if we are talking about animals that need our help most desperately, I think those living on commercial feedlots take precedence. Though it has never been my style to be “in your face” with facts and figures about factory farming, there was definitely a time when I was more forceful in trying to convince friends to give up animal products. He never wants to compete with the governor, he said. While the amount of engagement Reis gets on the social media website is only about half of Polis’ average, his page far outpaces that of other statewide elected officials, such as the secretary of state, treasurer and attorney general, according to CrowdTangle, which tracks social media metrics. It doesn’t matter to me that people care about animals for different reasons; what matters is that they realize animals need our help and they are empowered to engage through public advocacy and their own personal spending choices. They are open-minded and want to make choices that improve their own health, as well as the health of our planet.

I highly recommend the vegan crab cake sandwich. Reis’s intent (being done with the full knowledge and approval of his husband) to drive rural Colorado residents to reside in cities. The nine-year-old son of Polis and partner Marlon Reis is a budding musician who contributed three songs to the production, including one that plays over the closing credits. In my hometown of Boulder, there is a wonderful restaurant called Leaf. [4] He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. “Jared is more mind, and Marlon is more heart,” said longtime friend Bob Morehouse, a Boulder small-business owner. But they want to learn a lot about whatever they’re doing. At the same time, I am heartened by the rise of documentary films and the publication of groundbreaking studies that dare to question old science or conventional thinking in favor of new findings. In my experience, the best persuasion is simply setting a good example.

I realized I was still being hypocritical, and I reasoned that I did not want to be an animal lover with exceptions.

“There has never been a time in my life when I didn’t have animals in my home,” he said. I’ve taken my daughter to work on take your kid to work day, and to things like openings of a museum—things that are fun for them. “Jared jokes with me that I have a fan club,” Reis said. Yes, he is. Marlon Reis watches as his partner and newly elected governor of Colorado Jared Polis speaks to supporters during the Democratic watch party in downtown Denver on Nov. 6, 2018. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and his partner Marlon Reis read their children, Caspian Julius and Cora Barucha, "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo" for a … Marlon Reis (born July 1981) is an American animal rights activist, writer, and de facto first gentleman of Colorado as the partner of 43rd governor of Colorado Jared Polis. As a same-sex couple, I like to think that Jared and I have pushed open the door to public service just a bit wider so that more people feel running for office is not merely possible but worth undertaking. Reis said in a social media post that the failure of the Humane Pet Act taught proponents of animal rights that groups opposed to such bills are organized and vocal. Photograph: Jocelyn Augustino/The Guardian …

While they may disagree about what “better off” means, I think most would concur that excellence in serving the people comes from a fundamental belief in the value of selflessness. When Reis joined Polis in Washington in 2009, not only was he younger than most lawmakers’ spouses, he was one of the first same-sex partners. Sign Up, Colorado Parent Magazine “When people say I look 12, I correct them and tell them I look 12 and a half,” he said during a meeting with a lawmaker.

One … “So the first difference that was immediately apparent to me (after the election) was that I had a profile — people actually knew who I was and they were interested in what my thoughts were.”. While election officials in Colorado are already reporting record turnout leading up to the Nov. 3 presidential election, they’re still expecting a last-minute push of voters on Tuesday. Reis also enjoys writing, his pieces having been published by. I want to serve as a go-between in bringing together the many diverse groups within the animal welfare movement, offering public education outreach so that Coloradans can better understand the important role they play in making life better for domestic, wild, and farmed animals.

First gentleman Marlon Reis kicks off animal welfare agenda with pet adoption event at Governor’s Mansion, What we can learn from 3 of the 5 bills Gov. Marlon Reis’ back-to-back meetings earlier this week are part of a calendar that has begun to fill since his partner of nearly 18 years, Jared Polis, was elected governor last fall. It sounds silly to say, but it starts when they notice that you are living happily and healthily. Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s husband Marlon Reis is heading up an effort in Colorado to, essentially, shut down animal agriculture in the state by bolstering animal rights legislation.

Just spending time, making time, is important. Reis: Mine isn’t necessarily advice, but when I was growing up, after homework was done, my parents and my sister and I would all sit together in the living room and just talk about the day. The more we know, the more we wonder about ways we can work to make life better. They’re very calm.”. It feels amazing and perhaps a little too good to be true. Los Angeles, CA 90046 | I’m spending more time in Denver these days, and I love Watercourse Foods. Jared Polis his first months in office, As Colorado voters cast final ballots, turnout exceeds 2016 presidential election numbers, Michael Bennet says he won’t be Joe Biden’s education secretary, 8 things Colorado voters need to know on Election Day, Aurora rebuffs proposal to increase minimum wage from $12 to $17 an hour by 2025, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. As Election Day 2020 arrives, Colorado voters flocked to the ballot boxes, motivated by the presidential election. Good or bad, government must acknowledge your presence, and it must adapt. The menu is seasonal and accommodates vegetarian and vegan diets. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We hope to expand preschool opportunities soon as well. As I work towards educating Coloradans, I will be thinking about the fact that different arguments work on different people and that we all bring value sets and perspectives to the table. Next, they’re ordering it for themselves. The bill excludes pet animals, livestock and alternative livestock, defined by statute as domesticated elk or fallow deer. Today, Reis recounts the numerous times he was mistaken as an intern or an aide whenever he would accompany Polis on official business.

And Marlon is really sensitive and feels more than just thinks.”. They love playing games that give them choice; they are sponges for information. Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s husband Marlon Reis is heading up an effort in Colorado to, essentially, shut down animal agriculture in the state by bolstering animal rights legislation.

You want to take your time and look around. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And our daughter is currently in love with all things Disney. “When I was in Washington, I had almost zero profile,” Reis said in an interview with The Denver Post — one of just a few he has given since the election. ", "Video: Gov.

I think it surprises people when I tell them that I want to help ALL animals, but that’s the truth.

“He’s willing to talk to everyone — at length,” said Mark Castleman, a volunteer at the farmers market who was also one of Reis’ high school teachers. The first gentleman’s outreach hasn’t been lost on Mardi Moore, executive director of Out Boulder, an LGBT advocacy organization that recently presented Reis with an award for his years of volunteer work, including a stint on the group’s board of directors. He is 5 feet, 10.5 inches tall, with a mop of brown hair, a wide smile and rosy cheeks. We are saying so because it is uncertain which day of July is his birthday. The time-honored institutions of government can’t ignore you if you hold your ground. Reis fiddles with sentences until the punctuation is just right. It’s not how many appearances you make, whether you are a good public speaker, or even how long you stay relevant.

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