By I’m being real, not rude you prick Jaykae has dropped himself in the middle of Wiley and Dot Rotten's beef by sending for both rappers on new diss track "SHUSH". Come to the cage Chill at Nando’s but I’ll gun but him Who told you I ain’t, who told you I ain’t But today I weren’t in the mood you prick Coming like skepta on Kosher cash

Yo what’s under there Dot? And the godfather? Wiley and Dot Rotten have been dropping diss tracks aimed at each other over the past week after Dot Rotten, aka Zeph Ellis, was called out by Jay1 for a financial issue surrounding Ellis' producing work. Don’t know who you been, don’t know who you been Force man buj like sample it Ghetto Dot? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Don’t know who you been listening too Oi Dot Rotten you’re losing again Who told you I ain’t, who told you I ain’t
In fact I, said Wiley I’ll dust him as well Dot Rotten makes me fuckin’ sick The past two years you’ve been Banglez bitch Shush, shush, shush him as well

Has nightmares when he sees my name Fuck you and your Insta fans You cat, you dude, you prick Sucked off looking like ninja man You snake, you rat, you dog, you twat, you fraud Think you’re a animal?

Jaykae – SHUSH Lyrics [DOT ROTTEN & WILEY SEND], Alright then try, no one can’t tell if he’s ninja man Hes not a bad boy, man are not ill, Looks like a crackhead that’ll robs tills, you nitty

Yo dot Rotten you hit, yo Jaykae has dropped himself in the middle of Wiley and Dot Rotten's beef by sending for both rappers on new diss track "SHUSH". I’m sick in the head, you both’ll get smacked I am not Wiley, I am not Will Bigger than Ben, Put this prick on the news at 10 Make man cry then sample it He wrote, "I won't lie I feel kinda complimented in many ways... A man went studio quietly devised a plan and said I'm sending for him stayed quiet and went blam with a cap gun at me.. he even paid a director for he's school project.. five gold stars Jaykae I won't watch it but I'll smoke u. I’ll put him in hell

Stop Scoffing your face and man don't hide lol, Terms of Service / Privacy Policy / All Rights Reserved, called out by Jay1 for a financial issue surrounding Ellis' producing work, Kanye West says he’s voting for the first time in his life today, Donald Trump calls out Lady Gaga for Biden support, introduces Lil Pump as ‘Little Pimp’ at rally, Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye serenade New York voters with performance of “People Have The Power”, Grammys rename World Music Album category to move away from “connotations of colonialism”, Jordan Rakei launches Patreon account with Jeff Buckley and Radiohead covers, Big Red Machine share cover of Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” to encourage voting, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame permanently changes annual event dates due to COVID-19, Exit Kid announce new EP with lead song “Working Stiff”, Famous’ new single “Nice While It Lasted” is the sound of a band on collision course with itself, Lauren Aquilina delivers a sombre eulogy to a friendship gone awry on “Best Friend”, Dalliance Recordings’ newest signing Ailsa Tully delivers a feathery snippet of beauty on “Drive”, Katie Wood melds electro-pop sparkle with windswept power balladry on “Where Have You Been?”, Guitar-pop sensation DEVON hates getting out of bed on “WHY DO WE WAKE UP? Ain’t spent twenty minutes tryna bust in ya girl You are the fool I pitty The ones on meds the others on crack Got a safe in the wall where the picture hangs

Get slapped if you’re with your gang

Bad him up there nah bad him up still Spent twenty years tryna bust yourself Everybody knows you’re cunt and a waste Try hype up and then he got killed And if you don’t learn I’ll do this again Last night (31 January), Birmingham rapper Jaykae decided to get right in the middle of their online beef, and dropped "SHUSH", a diss track aimed at both rappers. this is what @Jaykae10 is upset about everyone... man tried to talk smokey I sent him this and he didn't send back.. he knew what time what is was. Snakey, no-ones rooting for them don’t know who you been listening to. Jump on stage you’ll get booed you prick Where’s my brother? Dot Rotten has replied to Jaykae's diss track on Twitter. Talking shit for the last how long?

You’re stingy never bought nappies or milk Kenneally / 01 January 2020, 13:25 GMT. You’re stingy, never bought lunch for your mates Stop chattin’ wass when you’re using a pen Shush Lyrics: Swifta Production / Alright then try, no one can’t tell if he’s ninja man / Sucked off looking like ninja man / It’s GBH if I injure man / You’d probably cry if I pinch your hand Dusts in the way He hit rock bottom, oi Dot Rotten (BEFORE THE GOOD BIT)”, Rose Gray courts 90s liberation in new single “Save Your Tears”. I don’t know who you been, don’t know who you been, And I fear Wiley’s tooting again Still wants smiths back fam he can’t chill You’d probably cry if I pinch your hand You little Randall snitch But don’t shush, shush, shush him as well Cerys

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