The pair had divorced after Jocelyn reportedly found him in bed with a 19-year-old. Jocelyn Wildenstein had a drastic cosmetic surgery, where she spent over $4 million on plastic surgery. Yet the public, she admitted, sees her differently. The American socialite, Jocelyn's life change when she started dating a Swiss film producer, Cyril Piguet at the age of 17. Both her husband and a Russian model by the name Yelena who was only 19 years were in their matrimonial bedroom when she found them. Here are 10 facts about Jocelyn Wildenstein: Jocelyn Wildenstein has a net worth of 10 million as reported by the Celebrity Net Worth. She is also very famous for her extensive facial surgeries . Wildenstein is a mother of two. It didn't work — Kluge filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in June 2011. Holding the title of the second-largest Ponzi scheme in US history, the Stanford scam culminated in $7 billion in losses for investors. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) then performed an inspection of the company. A former heiress and model, Kluge met her second husband, John W. Kluge, on a trip to New York City. Jocelyn Wildenstein and Alec Nathan had one of the most expensive divorce settlement in the world. Many factors contributed to these wealthy people losing it all — economic downturns, bad investments, and even massive fraud cases that landed them in hot water, to name a few. According to BN Americas, a court still needs to validate the deal and the money gained from the fine will be used to fight against the coronavirus. His son dropped down the Forbes list and eventually dropped off completely. She told The New York Post that her trust was “guaranteed” by a Diego Velázquez painting that turned out to be a forgery, as well as a Cézanne artwork that was valued at less than expected. Our mission is to help people at any stage of life make smart financial decisions through research, reporting, reviews, recommendations, and tools. She listed assets of $16.39 million against $6.38 million in liabilities, and her holdings include a sprawling apartment valued at $11.75 million in the Trump World Tower in Manhattan, plus a 2006 Bentley now worth $35,000, according to her filing. 'She always looked like a cat, with the cat eyes,' says her current husband, 50-year-old fashion designer Lloyd Klein. In 2012, Batista was worth an estimated $30 billion, making him the seventh-richest man in the world. When the Securities and Exchange Commission raided Stanford Financial Group's Houston headquarters on February 17, 2009, they charged the magnate and his associates with running a "massive, ongoing fraud," CNBC reported. Those aspirations came crashing down, however, when his once-booming oil company, OGX, went bankrupt in 2013. Jocelyn Wildenstein Opinion About Feline Beauty. Her lavish purchases reportedly included a $350,000 Chanel dress and $10 million in jewelry. Jocelyn had one of the highest-paid divorce settlement in the entire world which lead her to spotlight. The leader of the second-biggest investor-fraud case in US history, Allen Stanford is notorious for his shady business dealings and for conning more than 18,000 customers out of their money. Her father worked in a sporting goods store. Before the scandal, he and his wife had a personal net worth between $823 million and $826 million. Wildenstein was previously married to Alec Nathan Wildenstein, who was an American billionaire art dealer and racehorse breeder. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Soon after, he was charged with contempt of court for attempting to hide his property assets from the bank in an effort to avoid paying back his debts. Before going to prison, Madoff relinquished most of his assets in a deal with the prosecutors. 'It makes me sad to see myself on the screen. The trial is set to begin in August 2020, with Holmes being charged separately from Balwani.

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